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So, i recently acquired a Nintendo 3DS, and I'm just curious if any of you know any GOOD games for it, i went to my local game store yesterday and the 2 only games I saw that looked like they'd even be worth it are games that are remakes that I already have on the N64 (guess what games they are haha) and it really is irking me because i feel like i bought a game console that has no good games (like the PS3 :p)

The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA:
Depends on what kind of games you like. There are the standard Mario games (Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2) if you like those.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a great RPG. A bit of a learning curve, but still fun. I've heard good thing about Tales of the Abyss, and Kid Icarus: Uprising is a great game with very nice graphics and music. Fire Emblem is a good strategy game, but it can be tough at times (from what I hear).

That Girl in the 'Roo Suit:
Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion 2.

Also Rayman Origins is pretty funky in 3D, too. I don't have it, but Monster Hunter 3 does look amazing.

Or, hold out until next month and there's the new MD game out for it.

Richard and Blaziken:
^I would not waste my time with Gates to Infinity, to be entirely honest. If you love the PMD series, you're going to be sorely disappointed with it.

Here's a few I recommend:

Mario Kart 7
Tales of the Abyss
VVVVV (eShop)
HarmoKnight (eShop)
Cave Story (eShop)

In a few months, the new Animal Crossing is coming out. A sequel to A Link to the Past is coming to 3DS this holiday season, and obviously X/Y is coming in October. Hopefully the above titles will tide you over a bit. :>

Lord Raven:
I second Fire Emblem and Tales of the Abyss

Also everyone is forgetting Metal Gear Solid 3D:  Snake Eater.  You have not lived until you played through it.  MGS3 is phenomenal.


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