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Amazing Psyduck cake

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So, I made a cake.


It started sinking down before I even finished it... I had no idea this would be so hard. Obviously, I had no clue what I was doing with this, I had never done anything like this before, I can't even make regular cakes, I had just seen other pretty sculpture cakes on the Internet and assumed it couldn't be that hard.

Never assume cake art is easy.

I don't know what cake artists use to cover their cake, but I learned one thing: It's clearly not marzipan.
In my head, the marzipan would magically harden and keep the shape of the cake. It would be no problem for a soft cake to hold the weight of a heavy cake ball (the head) as long as it was covered in a thin layer of marzipan! I don't know what I was thinking.

If you take a closer look at the beak, you can see that I also did an amazing job at mixing the colors. :)

Oh, well. At least my boyfriend had a good laugh.
And enjoyed killing it.

Silverwing Bloodsplash:
Dammit! Why'dja kill that Psyduck? I was gonna catch it! Oh well... Blood-soaked duck cake for all of us! :3

Hahaha, this is amazing! And not bad at all for a first attempt, looks yummy :3

Did you wait til the cake was cool before covering it in marzipan? It looks like the marzipan melted somewhat. Fondant icing is the go-to for covering cakes usually. Buttercream provides a less sickly-sweet alternative and is easier to work with, but it won't give you the shiny smooth finish (I prefer it, though, it's much yummier!). I'd recommend using madeira cake in future, it's quite dense and will hold the weight better =] larger sculpted cakes will usually support their upper layers with tiny hidden cakeboards - bake the cakes separately, stick four cocktail sticks through the bottom cake, cut them down to sizr and rest a little cakeboard on top of them for the upper cake to sit on. Problem solved! (though you can't cut it without taking the head off, obviously).

But this definitely looks tasty and that's what really matters for cakes, I love his little sculpted hands! <3

Thank you so much for the advice, Kay! :D

It looks beautiful! When you stick the knife in it looks like you're about to do surgery to cure Psyduck's headache, so the way you're preparing it really complements the behavior of the Pokemon. It looks like an obese Psyduck with those folds, or it looks like Jabba. In the fifth one he looks like he's saying, "My head already hurts too much to cry."

In the third one it looks like, "Steel against water. It's not very effective..."

To be honest, although you imply that you think it's way off, it's kind of cute. It really looks like a Psyduck, and I'd fall for anything that looks like a Pokemon. Not as bad as you think. :nowink:

But Kay's way should help you with most of the other stuff.

I think you're caking skills are very Ēfi-ective. ;)


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