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Getting That Perfect Torchic

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Richard and Blaziken:
So I'm resetting for a Speed Boost Torchic with Jolly (ideally) or Adamant nature with a perfect Attack and Speed IV, but having no luck so far. I'd even be willing to accept Hasty, Naive, Lonely or Naughty with perfect Attack and Speed, it's getting kind of ridiculous. If anyone out there hasn't gotten their Torchic yet and has beaten the Elite Four and wants to help, well that'd be fantastic!

But I'm not expecting you to do it for free or anything, I'm not a schmuck. If you wanna help me and actually manage this, I will personally hunt down any non-legendary Pokemon and capture or breed it for you, even IV breeding if you like (2-3 perfect IVs max). I also have items galore, as I've played through both X and Y, so you need Heart Scales? I got 'em. Want an extra Master Ball? Sure, I'll hand it over to ya. Want like... something else? I'll see what I can do for you.

I haven't touched my Torchic yet - I'll see what nature it is and if it's any of the ones listed above you can have it..

EDIT: Lonely Nature, Attack: 18, Speed: 15. It's best stat is Sp. Atk: 20.

It's yours if you want it.

Richard and Blaziken:
Are those stats or IVs? o:

Either way, if you don't want it, I'll certainly be happy to take it off your hands! Is there anything in specific you'd like in return?

Stats, I'm not really sure how you check IVs.

In return... hmmmmmm... I won't be pushy about it, it depends what you've got. Although Fennekin/Bulbasaur are the only two of the Kalos/Kanto starters I don't have so if you have either of them hatched (I'm not bothered about stats, IV's etc.) it would be great :-)

Richard and Blaziken:
I could easily get you a Bulbasaur, given that it's the starter I picked!

IVs can be checked post-game in Kiloude City's Pokemon Center, where a man will tell you the best IVs of any Pokemon you have. I'll PM you in a bit when I have Bulbasaur ready.

I'm still on the hunt for a perfect Torchic, for anyone else that wants to help!


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