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Which Pokemon do YOU think should get a Mega Evolution?

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Captain Jigglypuff:
What about Mega Volcorona? Maybe make it an actual blazing ball of fire with Flame Body?

the bread dragon:
^make it pure fire to lose the 4x rock weakness too


--- Quote from: Chloe_ on March 22, 2014, 10:35 ---I don't know if anyone already mentioned Mega Lapras - it could be like ice fairy or something - ultimate dragon slayer.

--- End quote ---

And the ultimate nail to the steelers hammer. *Rimshot*

I'm still an advocate for a mega empoleon.

The name master:
MIGHTYENA! No questions asked!

EDIT: nidoqueen and nidoking

I think that either all of the starters should have gotten (Because it's fair), just the Kalos and Hoenn starters (Because gen 6 introduced megas and the gen 6 games are XY and ORAS), or none of them (Because it's also fair), of course, these aren't my only examples, they are just the ones who would make more sense to me lmao


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