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What nicknames have you given your Pokemon? I'm planning out my team right now and I'm going with a music theme!

Talonflame - Rouge (male)
Comes from the Loveable Rogues, who I am a big fan of ;D

Mawile - Lorde (female)
Mawile is a fairy, but I have a feeling that she is a bit evil as well, which is the impression I get from Lorde. I have a feeling she's got a darker side which sometimes shows in her music.

Malamar - Nizlopi (male)
Malamar is an awesome Pokemon, but the typing is a bit strange. I wanted a name that reflected that in some way, and Nizlopi sounds equally cool and weird.

Blastoise - Bastille (male)
Bastille kind of sounds like Blastoise and I think it suits it. The 'stille' part reminds me of cannons for some reason too  :o

Gogoat - Lilygreen (male)
I listen to a lot of Lilygreen and Maguire and Lilygreen is my favourite singer from the duo. Lilygreen also suits Gogoat as it is a Grass type.

Mamoswine - McBusted
Okay, so I'm actually so excited that McFly and Busted are getting together, so I couldn't resist not naming one of my Pokemon McBusted! Mamoswine is a massive Pokemon, and McFly and Busted were both MASSIVE back in their day, so it just seems to fit  ^.^

My team (to be) have a Mythological Gods theme.

Heliolisk - Ra
Hydreigon - Iris
Typhlosion - Vulcan
Skarmory - Alecto
Alakazam - Odin
Dragalge - Mars

Meowstic Royalty:
Alakazam - Houdini
Hydreigon - I eat babies
Scrafty - Zeke
Chesnaught - Bombshell
Gengar - Oh crap he (Oh crap he used Shadow Ball! Yay for joke names.)
Garchomp - Reaper

That Girl in the 'Roo Suit:
I nickname /everything/. This game does not have a theme, although I may have to have a game with egypt as a theme... or an eventual team. My current team, however is:

Winnie - Crobat (A standard name on any of my teams)
Gary - Venusaur
Blaziken (because event. Boooo)
Skye - Lapras
Robin - Delphox
Lucy - Granbull

Mew King:
This is my second time I did a theme team.  The first time was in Black.  I nicknamed everyone off of Mega Man characters in that game.

This time it was Fire Emblem Awakening characters!

Greninja - Lon'qu (the closest thing to a ninja in both Pokemon and Fire Emblem)
Pidgeot - Stahl (Average flying type named after a character that was described by another as "Totally Average in all ways")
Raichu - Mariabelle (I caught a female Pikachu and decided to name it after the blonde troubadour since both CAN cast lightning...)
Blastoise - Kellam (Blastoise is a tank.  So is Kellam)
Florges - Sumia (Sumia does all sorts of flower petal fortunes so she gets associated with the Pokemon always holding a flower)
Aegislash - Chrom (Really, I named it after Chrom because they both wield swords in battle and I wanted someone to be named after the main character...)


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