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In regards to the pkmn.net Gym Leader Challenge...

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--- Quote from: Richard and Blaziken on March 25, 2014, 07:41 ---I am making an effort to teach people competitive battling that want to learn, but I dunno if interest is still there.

--- End quote ---

I know about this, since I applied to be a mentor. I'm still learning, but i've come a long way thanks to you.

I now know that once fighting types are gone, Mega DD T-Tar is a monster. I'm thanking showdown for that one. Also thanking showdown for teaming me up with a CM Abusing Sylveon, which I learned is a headache to others. One more to thank, Showdown, for teaching me that serene grace air slash is a pain in the ***.

I'm not a mentor, but I can describe basic terminology like mixed sweeper, walls, and the like if someone asks. But that's unlikely.

the bread dragon:

--- Quote from: Delicious_Scout on March 25, 2014, 13:34 ---Since I am new (Rich knows that ;~;), I don't think I know about this. Basically, do we have to stay in a server in Showdown waiting for folks to defeat us? If that's the case, damn straight; I would like to be the Normal-type (or another) leader if that is possible. However, I prefer the real thing (X and Y).

--- End quote ---
uhm not even close m7 ;-;
here is the thread on it, read it so you will stop saying such dumb things for some information on it

Hahex and Oshawott:
If there's no-one coming in anyway, there's no point "resigning" or anything so dramatic. It makes more sense to leave it up on the offchance that some wanderer shows up who is interested in taking the challenge. That's my thought on the matter.

well if anyone jumps out i'd be v. happy jump in and scare you all by taking their place.

Chloe, if you want a bout, i can make a team.


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