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Private Delano Donut:
Hey everyone.
I'm currently looking for a ""foreign"" (ie french/japanese/korean/german/italian/spanish/whatever) ditto to do some SHINY MM'ING.
After I obtain one (which I'm also kind of asking for, haha) I'll be taking a maximum of three requests at a time.
Of which, I'll take those requests, trade with you to receive the Pokemon you want bred, and breed you out a shiny.

Things I WON'T DO:
* > take extra time to breed one with specific IVs
* > breed legendaries for you. if you have a legendary, you're already doing fine, you don't need a flipping shiny, yo.
* > breed ubers. same reasoning.Things I WILL DO:

* > breed for specific natures
* > breed for specific sexes
* > nickname upon request
* > refrain from nicknaming on request
* > FULLY EV train for you (via Supertraining, EV spread is up to you).
REMINDER THAT I NEED A DITTO FIRST. Wonderful Tumblr user Pixelleddoubt is trading me over one~
Afterwards, I can breed you whatever you'd like, provided it stays within those guidelines.


also this list thing. normally i'm good at bbcoding.
not with lists, evidently. orz.  >  [/list]

Do you have the Shiny Charm? It's going to be a lot harder without it.

Hello! Unfortunately, I do not have a foreign Ditto. BUT I will try and obtain one for you via GTS. It is very hard to obtain a foreign Ditto due to many people asking for legendaries. I will try my hardest to try and get that Ditto for you, but in return, if you are using X and Y, my friend wants a shiny Chespin, and since your doing requests, I figured that this could be the perfect time to get what he wanted. Any shiny Chespin is a deal. No specific traits or anything. I'll contact you once I get the foreign Ditto for you, then we can work something out   :yeswink:

Im currently looking for a shiny ralts. i can wonder trade for the foreign pokemon you need.


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