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It wasn't today, but I managed to get 99 herblore on Runescape a couple of days ago.
I'm working on 99 fletching now, I'll probably get it in the next couple of weeks.

 I finally decided on doing something interesting, fun and engaging for my Key Skills presentation. I'm probably going to spend a little money but you only have one shot and this has to count.

 It's nice to see a sustainable thread after the last was locked.

i managed to shower despite my chest looking absolutely nasty post-surgery (y)
as gross as it is, ive been avoiding showering or going shirtless until its healed up a lot more. its bruised and scabby and swollen in some places as youd expect, and #tmi my right nip is ONE big scab. its so gross. but i set aside my weak stomach for a shower and got off most of the gross sticky stuff left over from the bandages without causing myself TOO much pain afterwards.

before that i woke up before 5pm.

I managed to sleep the entire night without waking up for a shot of inhaler. Must be getting warmer!

And I didn't scratch all my skin off in the night either. Hell yeah!

I managed to get some time to play Dragonball Xenoverse. I defeated Raditz and didn't have a single special attack. (I must be good despite just starting out in the game.) I accidently removed the skills before starting the battle.


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