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What Crossover would you like?


Mockery for One:
Personally, I'd like a mishmash between Mario, Kirby, Starfy, MLP, and this.

I actually have a Sword Art Online and Pokemon Crossover. I can just imagine if video gaming ends up getting as advanced as NervGear...so more SAO crossovers can happen!

Mockery for One:
Another one is Yoshi's Island DS and Zelda.

Captain Jigglypuff:
I've always wanted a game where Kirby ends up in the Pokemon world and the Pokemon come to his aid much like the animal friends from Kirby's Dreamland 2 and 3 and the Helpers from Superstar/Ultra. Also would like to see a double crossover where Mario and Link end up switching worlds and places. Basically Link has to rescue Peach from Ganon in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario has to save Zelda from Bowser in Hyrule.

Mockery for One:
Ah, Pokemon and Steven Universe.


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