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--- Quote from: Pam-the-Lamb on July 26, 2020, 00:51 ---all I really need is a microphone, an external hard drive, and mainly a theme for my channel

--- End quote ---

Microphones and external hard drives aren't all that expensive. I happen to have both myself.
Speaking of Youtube channels, I've been waiting ages to get started with mine, as my family have been moving our stuff to our new house recently.


--- Quote from: Petzbreeder on July 26, 2020, 10:00 ---Microphones and external hard drives aren't all that expensive. I happen to have both myself.
--- End quote ---

 Yee, I was just going to get them at the end so that I'd have more time to research everything and figure out what I wanted to do with the channel.

 Completed The Last of Us 2 today and although the gameplay was fun, there's a lot of poor writing. It's like "Remember that guard you killed a few hours ago? SHE WAS A PERSON" and, like... you kill them in a cutscene in self-defence? I also saw something on Reddit about there being references to the Israeli/Palestine conflict in the game too?

 I dunno. The gameplay is great, the writing is poor, the story is messy, and it just feels like they relied too heavily on trying to make me feel bad for things that either happened in cutscenes or for things that I don't feel bad about.


My mum hates it when I label myself anything.

Me: Mum, I'm an alto. (My actual vocal range, as far as I can tell.)
Mum: You're not an alto.
Me: Ok then. I'm a contralto.
Mum: You're not a contralto.
Me: Fine. I'm a mezzo-soprano.
Mum: You're not a mezzo-soprano.
Me: The only other vocal range I can possibly have is soprano.
Mum: Your not a soprano.
Me: What am I then?
Mum: You're my daughter.

What kind of a response is that? My mum has recently made me feel like I'm nothing more to her than just a person she gave birth to.

I've recently seen evidence and have come to the conclusion that I may have autism or aspergers. When I told her and showed her the evidence, she didn't take kindly to that either.

 So I'm back in work and I already dislike it, ngl. Everything's different now but instead of just feeling different, it feels uncanny. Like, I'll probably try and leave in January. It's not even just the changes made due to the 'rona. People are still repeating the same mistakes that were annoying in a pre-covid society and that are dangerous in a society that's still afflicted with covid.

 So, yeah. Might try and leave in January.

My bad memories are resurfacing again.

I need to find an effective way to explain to my mum that my french teachers were impossible to learn from.

I've found one way to give her a japanese lesson in the same way my teachers taught french. I'm not sure how she will react.

Welcome to your very first japanese lesson. Understand this. Are you fluent yet?

If I did this to my french teachers, they would probably hate me, not that they didn't before.


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