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I wish I had a PS4 beside my Xbox One, I really want to try the new Spider-Man

I have Insomnia and I hate it!

The Insomnia is caused by my Anti-Epilepsy medication which, as well as stopping my Epilepsy, works as an Anti-Depressant.

I'd rather die of an Epileptic seizure (Is that even possible?) than have Insomnia. Clearly, the Anti-Depressant aspect of my medication isn't working!

My medication also lowers the amount of Melatonin my body produces, which explains the Insomnia.

Less Melatonin means less sleep.
Less sleep means less dreams.
Less dreams means I can't talk to my subconscious about everything that is bothering me.

I love having Star Wars dreams. I sometimes feel that Obi Wan understands me better than anyone else that I know in real life! Whenever I tell anyone in real life about the things that are bothering me, they just push me away and ignore me.

Captain Jigglypuff:
This site is pretty much dead....

I still post here whenever I can.

I want to catch every Pokemon in Sword and Shield that is available before the first gym. There are so many places available now, that I don't know where to start!


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