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inferna's 123rd (estimated) art thread

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The name master:

--- Quote from: Inferna on November 07, 2016, 11:40 ---Here you go! Decided to go for a nice calm pose rather than an action one but yeah.
Hope you like it~

--- End quote ---
I love it!

Better than I could do anyway!

EDIT: You don't do sprite art, do you?

Inferna, your art is always so cute! Such a cute Dragonite! Your shading is so nice too. It has a really nice, kinda modeled feel, if that makes sense.

The name master:
Do you draw these by hand or do you use computers or whatever?

You should see my crap drawing abilities (I think you have!)

You don't mind if I use your Dragonite? I'll give credit if necessary!

sans the skeleton:
could i have one of those poke-shaming things for a female gastly please? (what she's done is up to you - go as silly as you want)

I'll just get in line behind Poison (so do hers first), but could I get a mage mega gallade. No that isn't a typo. i'd love to explain the joke to you guys but you wouldn't get it


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