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The name master:
Have you created your own character before? You can share it here. Make a profile for your character.
(Quote from your OC)
Name: (your character's name)
Age: (how old is your character? Doesn't have to be a specific age, can just say old or young. If your character doesn't age or have one just put N/A)
Gender: (Male, female, N/A, referred to as male/female)
Species: (Human, Pokemon, Robot, Alien or Other?)
Powers/Abilities: (What can your character do? Any weapons?)
Alignment: (Good, Evil ect)
Lives: (Where does your character live?)
Likes: (What does your character like?)
Dislikes: What does it dislike?)
Personality: (what is your character like? Happy, grumpy, violent ect)
Goal: (what does your character want?)
Additional info: (anything else you want to say about your character?)

only one worth talking about rn

name: suda saberhagen nerdkilla campesinos!
age: around 23 years old
gender: he/him pronouns, but his species isnt particularly interested in gender and have no real way of telling who is what gender, he just uses he/him because its familiar to him
species: hircwn (literally long dog. hes a longdog.)
powers/abilities: he can use magic. hes a powerful as hell wizard dog.
alignment: his moral compass is a bit of a mess. probably chaotic neutral.
personality: rude, narcissistic, neurotic, and an extreme handful. suda loves himself and believes everyone else should love him, and automatically assumes they do until they prove otherwise. he is standoffish and cold and hard to get close to, but he is possessive of those who do push past his walls and get to know him, and extremely loving and protective of his close friends to the point where he will ward others off if he feels theyre getting too close to his friends. hes extremely rude and abrasive, and sometimes takes banter a bit too far. he demands constant attention and will often force the limelight off of others if he feels he deserves it more. he bases a lot of his self worth around sex and tends to go off people if theyre not sexual enough for him, though keeps them around if theyre interesting and fun to mess with aside from that.
goal: kill his dad and become emperor of his fathers land
additional info: he has a mouth on his neck under all the fur, two extra arms hidden in his torso that he can pull out and in at will, and he can extend his spine as much as he wants. pic of that here

Aw man, a chance to talk about my OCs? Why would I pass that up? I have so many, I'd love to tell you all about them, but I'll start with one for now.
BTW,  Sylar, your oc looks really cool! I'd love to learn more about him!

I'll add a picture of my oc after but I'm on mobile atm. Plus the picture isn't done.

Name: No true name. Usually goes by Guardian, Forest, or combinations and variations of that. Sometimes goes by the name of the previous owner of her body
Age: Unknown, really old, she's immortal.
Gender: Female
Species: Spirit, a sort of forest guardian really.

Powers/Abilities: Able to shift between her true form (a small, white, deer like creature with a deer skull for a head and legs that end in a point rather then a hoof) and that of a body she stole from someone else, able to steal the body's of others, though can only keep one at a time, can use some form of magic. Some skill with swords.

Alignment: Neutral good. Would be lawful good, but, well, how lawful can stealing the bodies of other be.

Personality: Kind, protective, basically the biggest mom friend you could have. She protects not only the forest and those who live in and around it, but those traveling through as well. Her current body is that of a swordsman she had befriended while he was traveling through. He chose to settle there for a while, but nearly lost his life when the town near the forest was under attack. He was close to death when he begged the forest guardian to take his body for her own, as she did not have one because she didn't want to kill anyone for it, so she could help protect the people in the town. She reluctantly did so, and was barely able to protect the town. She still regrets taking her friends body, and his life, and thinks that he could have been saved, but she does like having a human body, as it makes humans easier to approach and help.

Goal: She wants to protect the forest and the people who live in and around it. She also wants to see the family of her friend, the one who's body she now occupies, and explain to them what happened, though this would require leaving her forest, which she is afraid to do.

Additional info: She is able to communicate with the spirit of her friend who's body she occupies.
She is a bit of a work in progress, so any of this information can change, but I like where she is now so I thought I'd share.

The name master:
Spoiler: show
^Worst edited image EVER!
Name: Metal Nidorina (Metal for short)
age: N/A
gender: N/A (referred to as female)
species: robot
powers/abilities: Water proof, artificial intelligence, laser fired from the mouth, ears can be detached from head and thrown as a weapon, hacking computers, flight, strength.
alignment: Evil
Lives: Kanto
Likes: Not much
Dislikes: Everyone
personality: Had no personality at first, but started to gain one. Metal is emotionless, evil and violent.

When Sandshrew and Nidorino are giving her instructions (through a computer, such as to turn herself off) she simply refuses by responding "MALFUNCTION. UNABLE. REFUSE." She then started saying things like "ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE ME?" and sarcastically says that she's scared of Nidorino's threat to disassemble her. She even makes fun of the size of Nidorino's ears.

goal: Roboticise every living thing, destroy all resistance
additional info: Metal was created by Nidorino with the purpose of destroying Mudkip. Metal was designed to be the "perfect robot" Metal became too smart and rebelled against Nidorino and start killing everything, including two of it's creators. When attacking or chasing a target, it will say the word "kill" multiple times. Metal can be temporarily deactivated with Hyper Beam or Thunderbolt. Metal adapted a porygoniser into a roboticiser, which turns pokemon into robots.

Allies: Porygons.
Enemies: Mudkip, Nidorina, Dragonite, Charizard, Nidorino, Sandshrew, Kanga (pretty much everyone!)

Spoiler: show
"Priority 1!"
Name: Porygon
age: N/A
gender: N/A
species: robot
powers/abilities: In built laser in nose, flight.
alignment: Evil
Lives: Kanto
Likes: Considers like and dislike to be unimportant
Dislikes: (See likes)
personality: Porygons have no personality at all. Nidorino installed a code called "priority 1" where if they see anyone under this code (Mudkip and Dragonite) they will stop whatever they are doing and try to capture or kill them.
goal: To achieve anything Nidorino orders them to do (usually to capture or kill Mudkip and Dragonite)

additional info: Porygons are robots created by Nidorino and were used during his take over of Kanto. Porygons are extremely ineffient, being weak to water (and milk) laser fire and a lot of pokemon attacks. There also have an easily accessed control panel in their backs that can turn them off. Poygons act as both military and police forces. Their wweakest points are it's "neck" and it's eyes. Porygons have a retractable claw at the end of it's nose which have two fingers for grabbing things or used as a weapon to strangle enemies.
Allies: Nidorino, Sandshrew, Kanga and other Porygons
Enemies: Mudkip, Nidorina, Dragonite and Charizard.

Spoiler: show
"You are under arrest!"
Name: (The) Porygonator
age: N/A
gender: N/A
species: robot
powers/abilities: Minigun in nose, flight.
alignment: Evil
Lives: Kanto
Likes: (See Porygon)
Dislikes: (See Porygon)
personality: Porygonators have no personality at all. Nidorino installed a code called "priority 1" where if they see anyone under this code (Mudkip and Dragonite) they will stop whatever they are doing and try to capture or kill them.
goal: To achieve anything Nidorino orders them to do (usually to capture or kill Mudkip and Dragonite)

additional info: Porygonators are a more heavily armored version of Porygon. Due to this, they cannot be destroyed as easily as regular Porygons. One once got directly hit by a Blastoise's cannons and only caused it to stagger backwards. Porygonators are also highly ranked (a commander) other than this, they are no different from regular Porygons. Porygonators are armed with Miniguns rather than the usual laser. Despite the word "the" in it's name there are more than one. They are generally portrayed as strong and particularly dangerous soldiers. Though they can resist some attack, they are completely weak to their own gunfire. Electric type attacking moves can temporally deactivate them. They are most vulnerable while reloading (though it doesn't take long) They also have the same weak points as regular Porygons ("neck" and eyes) They're also affected by the Pi virus.
Allies: Nidorino, Sandshrew, Kanga and other Porygons
Enemies: Mudkip, Nidorina, Dragonite and Charizard.

Spoiler: show
Name: The Predator
age: N/A
gender: N/A
species: Robot
powers/abilities: Various weapons
alignment: Evil
Lives: Kanto
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Mudkip
personality: None.
goal: Capture all Pokemon

additional info: The Predator is a robot in the shape of a Sandshrew built by Sandshrew. It was built to capture Pokemon using Pokeballs (which Sandshrew also invented) When trying to blend in, The Predator wears a mask that looks like a shiny Sandshrew. It also wear a black robe with a hood, covering it's entire body and the back of it's head. The Predator is unable to speak.
Allies: Sandshrew, Kanga (orginally) Porygons
Enemies: Everyone

Spoiler: show
Name: Bandit
age: Adult
gender: Male
species: Zigzagoon
powers/abilities: Pin Missile, Ice Beam, Rock Smash, Iron Tail
alignment: Good
Lives: Yoshi's Island
Likes: Diary Milk
Dislikes: Bowser
personality: Friendly. Loves Dairy Milk.
goal: Eat loads of Dairy Milk

additional info: Bandit is a Zigzagoon, who the pet of Koopa Troopa, Chargin' Chuck and Mechakoopa. He, like everyone else, orginally feared Mechakoopa, hoping he would not prank him. Once Mechakoopa changed his ways, theynow get along.
Allies: Koopa Troopa, Chargin' Chuck and Mechakoopa
Enemies: None known (Yet!)

Spoiler: show
"I have only one thing to say to you! Nidorino, you ****!"
Name: Dragonite
age: Adult
gender: Female
species: Dragonite
powers/abilities: Flight, Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt (learnt through TM originally Water Pulse) Dragon Pulse, Steel Wing
alignment: Good
Lives: Kanto (originally) in the sky
Likes: Mudkip, Charizard, destroying Porygons
Dislikes: Nidorino, Sandshrew, Kanga, Porygons, porygonisers, insects, being called fat, being overweight, thunder/lightening
personality: Friendly. Enraged when she sees Nidorino.
goal: Destroy Nidorino.

additional info: Dragonite is a very rare species because Nidorino killed most off her species because they were so powerful. She lived in Kanto, until Nidorino took over and she fled, where she arrived in the sky and became friends with Mudkip and Nidorina. Her mother was captured by Nidorino. While travelling to Kanto with Mudkip to save Nidorina from Nidorino, they met Charizard, who both fall in love with each other. Though she'll help Mudkip in anyway, she won't put herself at risk unnecessarily, so she won't fly over Kanto because of fear of being captured by Nidorino. She hates insects. She believes that her species is superior (and she's superior to Nidorino) Dragonite also has Astraphobia (a fear of thunder)
Allies: Mudkip, Nidorina, Charizard.
Enemies: Nidorino, Sandshrew, Kanga, Porygons.

Spoiler: show

"She's pretty!"
Name: Kanga
age: Physically young, mentally an adult
gender: Male
species: Kangaskhan
powers/abilities: Strength, Hyper Beam
alignment: Neutral (Later good)
Lives: Kanto (originally) in the sky
Likes: Dragonite
Dislikes: Nidorino, Sandshrew, Jelly Babies
personality: Kanga is stupid. He has a crush on Dragonite, who has no interest in him.
Goal: Be with Dragonite (maybe even to kiss her)
additional info: Kanga is a baby Kangaskhan, who's mother was killed by Porygons and found by Sandshrew. To avoid Kanga becoming a mindless slave, Sandshrew tried to age him, because Nidorino hated children, however it went wrong and Kanga ended up by mentally aged and left physically unchanged. Despite this, Kanga is considerably strong, rivalling Mudkip's strength. He has a dislike for Jelly Babies after choking on one, but Nidorina forcefully shoves them in his mouth unaware of his dislike.
Allies: Nidorino, Sandshrew and Porygons
Enemies: Mudkip, Nidorina, Dragonite and Charizard (Though he fails to, especially with Dragonite, remember this)

Well, here's my OCs! BRING ON THE CRITISM!!!

The name master:
Went past the max word limit!

Spoiler: show
"Give up, Dragonite! I can't believe I got you this time!"
Name: Sandshrew
age: Adult
gender: Male
species: Sandshrew
powers/abilities: Digging. Has a good knowledge of robotics. Sand Attack, Dig
alignment: Evil
Lives: Kanto
Likes: Deserts (the areas he is suited for living in) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (cut into triangles without crusts)
Dislikes: Nidorino, Kanga, Mudkip, Dragonite, Charizard
personality: Cruel, selfish, short tempered

additional info: Sandshrew works for Nidorino. He secretly has a hatred of Nidorino. He works with Kanga who he hates for his stupidity. He wishes to take control of Nidorino's empire.
Allies: Nidorino, Kanga and  Porygons
Enemies: Mudkip, Nidorina, Dragonite and Charizard (He secretly hates Nidorino)

Spoiler: show
"in every game, there are winners and there are losers! And as you know, in this game, losers... Get.... Porygonised!"
Name: Nidorino
age: Adult
gender: Male
species: Nidorino
powers/abilities: Various robots and machines. Thunderbolt, Horn Attack, Horn Drill, Poison Sting
alignment: Evil
Lives: Kanto
Likes: Technology, Porygons, porygonsers, porygonising pokemon, Star, Nidorina, Kanto
Dislikes: Nature, Music, Mudkip, Dragonite (as a species) Charizard, Charizard's tribe, his machines being destroyed, bad language
personality: Aggressive, violent
goal: Rule Kanto, Kill all Dragonites, Kill Mudkip, Marry Nidorina.

additional info: Nidorino took over Kanto using his technology. He originally built Porygons as guards and police, however, he rewrote their programming, so their only obey him. He also built the porygoniser (with good intentions) but pokmon that went through porygonisation lost their free will. Nidorino used this on many people during his take over and continued using it after. He also killed every Dragonite he could get his hands on, as the were so powerful and could stop him ruling Kanto. Years later, Nidorino met Nidorina, but unfortunatly, she already had Mudkip, beginning his hatred of him. He likes Kanto, as he claims to "miss it when he's out" He sees Dragonites as inferior and believes that they are superior in only one way: "they are better at dying" He doesn't like bad language, as he says that it was "unnesacary" that Dragonite called him a **** and told her to mind her language several times.
Allies: Sandshrew, Kanga, Porygons
Enemies: Mudkip, Dragonite and Charizard.

Spoiler: show
"Would you like a Jelly Baby?"
Name: Nidorina
age: Adult
gender: Female
species: Nidorina
powers/abilities: Armed with knife for protection. Poison Sting, Double Kick, Bite, Attract (learnt through TM)
alignment: Good
Lives: Johto (originally) in the sky
Likes: Jelly Babies, Mudkip
Dislikes: Nidorino, Sandshrew Porygons, sexism directed at her
personality: Friendly, slightly flirtatious
goal: Eat loads of Jelly Babies, be with Mudkip

additional info: Nidorina works in  cafe. As a child, her parents went missing and was soon found and raised by Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan had started Nidorina's love for Jelly Babies by giving her a bag of them every birthday (there wasn't much money)she also taught her how to fight. This also caused Nidorina to be able to stand up for herself if needed (Nidorino once asked Mudkip if she was actually a Nidorina after she shouted at an threatened him) She loves Jelly Babies and is always offering people one. She immediately fell in love with Mudkip (because of his "cuteness") Nidorina has a robotic version of herself called Metal Nidorina, who was built with the purpose of destroying Mudkip.
Allies: Mudkip, Dragonite, Charizard
Enemies: Rayquaza, Nidorino, Sandshrew, Kanga, Porygons, Metal Nidorina.

Spoiler: show
Going back to the good old days when I was a Mario fan!
Name: Bowser
age: Adult
gender: Male
species: Bowser
powers/abilities: Pokemon Trainer
alignment: Neutral/Bad
personality: Cruel, aggressive, a somewhat naive villian
goal: Get revenge on Mechakoopa

additional info: Bowser is a Pokemon trainer who doesn't treat his Pokemon with much love and care. After an accident, he wants revenge on Mechkoopa and his family.
Allies: Aggron, Absol (originally, untrustworthy) Knigler, Scyther Primape, Golbat
Enemies: Mechakoopa, Koopa Troopa, Chargin' Chuck, Bandit

Spoiler: show

"Fortunately for you, I don't like Porygons! I don't usually care about others! I am Zangoose!"
Name: Zangoose
age: Adult
gender: Male
species: Zangoose
powers/abilities: Sharp claws. Crush Claw, Slash, Rock Smash, Signal Beam
alignment: Neutral
Lives: Unknown
Likes: Money, making money
Dislikes: Geing no money
personality: Greedy, only cares about himself
goal: Get lots of money

additional info: Zangoose sells TMs for high prices. He sold Nidorina a TM containing Attract. He saves Mudkip and Dragonite from a Porygon ambush (because he doesn't like Porygons) and leads them to Charizard's tribe. He refuses to help save Nidorina, but is persuaded by Dragonite to help, so he gives Dragonite a TM containing Thunderbolt. He then told Sandshrew and Kanga information about their location as revenge for their treatment towards him and hoping to get at least £1000. However, Sandshrew tells him that he "should've been asked to been payed before he told im where Mudkip was" and has him porygonised. Mudkip, Dragonite and Charizard manageto temporalorily restore Zangoose's free will and he helps them get into Nidorino's place.
Allies: Depends on what is more beneficial for him.
Enemies: Again, depends.

Spoiler: show
Name: Skarias
age: Young
gender: Female
species: Skarmory/Latias hybrid
powers/abilities: Telepathy, Levitation, Teleportation, other psychic powers. Hidden Power, Psychic, Mist Ball, Dragonbreath.
alignment: Good
Lives: In the sky
Likes: Kanga
Dislikes: Nasty people, attacking
personality: Shy, speaks to very few people other than her parents.
goal: Be with Kanga.

additional info: Skarias is the child of Skarmory and Latias. She has many psychic powers. She cannot speak, but can communicate through telepathy. She has a crush on Kanga, who doesn't feel the same way.
Allies: Mudkip, Dragonite, Charizard, Kanga, Latias, Skarmory.
Enemies: Sandshrew, Porygons.

Spoiler: show

Name: SWATgons
age: N/A
gender: N/A
species: robot
powers/abilities: Rocket launcher in nose, flight.
alignment: Evil
Lives: Kanto
Likes: (See Porygon)
Dislikes: (See Porygon)
personality: SWATgons have no personality at all. Nidorino installed a code called "priority 1" where if they see anyone under this code (Mudkip and Dragonite) they will stop whatever they are doing and try to capture or kill them.
goal: To achieve anything Nidorino orders them to do (usually to capture or kill Mudkip and Dragonite)

additional info: SWATgons are a special type of Porygon who are aimed with rocket launcers. They are not as common as regular Porygons. They are usually are used for blowing up strong, armoured enemies (they can take out a tank) Though they have the most dangerous weapon, they are as weak as regular Porygons. Their name originates from the abbrieviation SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) SWATgons don't walk like other types of Porygons, instead, their legs act as wheels (similar to caterpillar tracks on a tank) Their one problem is that, if damaged enough, they will lose control and spin all over the place and fire wildly before exploding, which may cause it to destroy it's own allies. They can be destroyed by the Pi virus.
Allies: Nidorino, Sandshrew, Kanga and other Porygons
Enemies: Mudkip, Nidorina, Dragonite and Charizard.


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