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A Fanfic: The Wild Vanillish, Part 1


Barry B. Benson:
For some reason, whenever I use the Fanfic tool to make a fanfic, it never works. So how's 'bout a forum?
Thoughts can be replied
The Wild Vanillish
a story by DialgaTheTimeMaster

So you've heard of the world of Pokemon, right? A world filled with fun, adventure, and many Trainers looking to test their skills with creatures called Pokemon. It's always a delight to see when Pokemon get along with one another, no matter if one's more effective than the other or one's bigger. But one get-along involving Pokemon was absolutely extraordinary.

It was a regular day for Jenny, a Pokemon trainer. She set out to find new Pokemon to catch and always had Frillish on hand. She gave Frillish an Everstone because she wanted her Frillish to always stay the same and never evolve into a Jellicent.

That day, however, Jenny finds something extraordinary. There are ice crystals near her Frillish, even though it never learned any Ice-type moves. Then, a wild Vanillish came out of the sky and hovered down to Jenny and Frillish. It looked very sad and was on the verge of melting into nothing. Jenny looked very dismayed at this, so now it was the perfect time to get Vanillish back on track.

Jenny hurried to the Pokemon Center to heal the wild Vanillish. Nurse Joy looked at Jenny, Frillish, and Vanillish curiously.

"Oh, is there something wrong with this Vanillish? It looks melted.", Nurse Joy said.

Jenny replied, saying that "it was a wild Vanillish that got left in the sun".

Nurse Joy took Vanillish and said, "Please wait 10 minutes, your Vanillish will be back and healthy."


Jenny gladly took Vanillish from Nurse Joy. The Vanillish looked happy with Jenny, and Nurse Joy considered capturing it. Jenny reached into her bag and pulled out a Great Ball, then Vanillish happily went inside. Vanillish, once a lonely wild Pokemon, was now Jenny's.

Jenny hurried back to work at her ice cream shop, as she was running late, and decided to leave Vanillish in the freezer.

8 Hours Later

Jenny comes back to check on Vanillish after her day at work is done, but now it's gone. How did Vanillish escape? Who will help Jenny find Vanillish? Will she ever reunite with the Vanillish she only had for 8 hours so far?

Part 2 scheduled for May 26, 2017


Barry B. Benson:
Canceled Part 2, since I personally thought it was a piece of trash. If you thought so, I agree.

screw it frillish
screw you vanillish

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