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Gameboy Colour Edits


The name master:
I was just messing around with the colour, because black and white is boring! I'm able to change the background and sprite colours, using four colours (white, light gray, dark grey, black default)

Here's a couple from Donkey Kong (gameboy)

Spoiler: showZombies!

Mario and DK have risen from the dead and both want to eat the lady! Mario desperately wants to before DK!

Spoiler: showDark-skinned Mario

Why not?

Spoiler: showTETRIS!!! (With recreated green screen)

Techically, it's not black and white then!

I take requests!


Gameboy games ONLY (particually oones that don't have colour)

I'm not getting any games to do requests (I'll let you know if I've got any new games)

The games I have are: Donkey Kong, Dr Mario, Wario Land, Super Mario Land, Pokemon Blue

The colours I select apply to ALL sprites/backgrounds


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