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Your favourite region

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That Girl in the 'Roo Suit:
Johto Johto Johto Johto Johto Johto.....
 Just everything about Johto makes me happy.

Barry B. Benson:
Of course Hoenn. That's when I first discovered Pokemon. Everything about the region is just great; while the new OR/AS games are fun too, it just doesn't capture the nostalgia of the older Hoenn games.

The name master:
The Kalos region? Isn't that where Dragonites come from?

I'm stuck between the Kanto and Hoenn region!

Haven't seen all of Sinnoh. Haven't seen any of Unova, Kalos or Alola! Would like to, though (particularly the Kalos region!)

Hoenn and Unova, though Sinnoh is pretty nice too. I'd have to say those are the best generations Pokemon has ever had.

Makoto Niijima:
It has to be Hoenn, just love everything about the region. I do like Unova and Alola too


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