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Zen main here with couple hundred hours. I don't know why, but I love playing as him... The bad thing about him though is, that he and his moveset hasn't changed much over the years compared to the other heroes

Jeff Kaplan quit Blizzard a few weeks ago, midway through Overwatch 2 development that's not a good sign, seems like most of the Blizz old guard are leaving.

As much as I'd love Overwatch 2 to pop off I think it's gonna flop. I've been playing Overwatch since release and after 900 hours or so I think I just want it to be over. I always return for the events to grab more skins but it's a drug I can't quit. I was a Mei main and got joy from freezing people, spamming the "Hi!" command when they expected the icicle to the face and then freezing them again when they thawed out - rinse and repeat until they slowly run out of health. Now it's become a chore, I don't think the game will ever reach 2016-2017 levels of hype again.


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