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When your parents say games are too expensive...

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...I have a solution for that!

I don't know about Mac and Linux, but I know Windows PCs and laptops come with games like Minesweeper and Solitaire
Runescape and Star Wars The Old Republic can be played for free, though people prefer to pay
Miniclip has free games
Steam and GOG when the free deals are on
iOS and Android phone games can be free too

Now, your parents can't complain!

What about parents who tell you that games are a waste of time?
Tell them to stop binge-watching their favourite tv shows and to do something productive themselves first!

The name master:
What do I do when I say to myself games are too expensive?

I have no money at all ever because I'm so poor.

 Doesn't EA's Origin occasionally give out free games? Steam probably does too.

 There's also Club Peng- oh... wait...

I forgot about Origin.

The Shrub Dragon:
Here to confirm the Origin - they usually have a period of time where a game will be 'on the house'.  The game itself changes so it's well worth checking every so often.

Additionally: Steam has certain games that are free to play.  Many Youtubers etc are also sponsored by games and will give out codes to make 'free' games more accessible. 


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