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On lockdown.

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Just by watching and copying. The hardest part is remembering which sign goes with which word, as you have to talk as normal when you sign.

I probably know around 50-60 signs.

Mainly clearing my videogame and anime backlog. I'm trying to get to a point where I only play new games coming out and watch new anime series airing. The game backlog is going pretty well and there's less than 15 but the anime one is going to take some work, I've got hundreds and hundreds of series on that - many of which were added in 2008-2010.

Once I've done all that I can focus a lot of my time doing other things I've got lined up. As long as I get through stuff faster than I add it I should be able to gain on it.

 It just feels like I've done a stupid amount of painting. Mostly Warhammer Underworlds but I've painted up some Reaper Minis. Played a lot of Resident Evil too. Mostly Revelations 1 & 2 and then the remake of Resident Evil 2.

 I really enjoyed the Revelations games, they feel nice and creepy. There was something off about the second one though. It might be the enemies? They were more The Evil Within than Resident Evil.

Lord Raven:
admittedly, not being on this site... but i've been messing around on discord and doing a lot of weird traveling, life is weird and i can't believe i'm posting here again

Mainly doing stuff for school, been reading a lot and played some games...


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