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Did you know that catch ever Pokemon in FRLG, EV train them all to level 100, let them go except for Kakuna, and then beat the Elite Four a thousand times using no moves except Harden without saving thn Prof Oak will give you an egg! Play the Dodrio mini game a hundred times and it'll hatch into a shiny Celebi! Wow!  :o

That's not all! If you breed the Celebi with a Lugia, you'll get a baby Deoxys, which will take you to the magical Kingdom oh Hyrule where the Pope will give you the Triforce! WOW!

Gunbound WC:
Gold Glitch:

When you are solving the puzzle for Ho-oh, push the buttons: A,A,B,select,left,right,right,B,down,down,up. Ho-oh will let you ride on its wings to Hoenn. Greta will take you to the bat cave and meet batman. He will give you a shiny foo foo grass. =P


YOu sir are a bloody genius.

Gunbound WC:
That is what I am known for. ^^


Cheat for Ruby: Go to the warden's house with a nugget. Hand him the nugget, and he will say,"WHAT THE??!?!GOLD!! I WILL MOLD THIS INTO TEETH!! HERE IS A GIFT FOR YOUR ACHIEVEMENT!!!!" He gives you a super rod. Run to your house and fish at the TV. You will catch a red camel, and it will be named Googahiemer. =P

XDT|Cipher Stryker, the one in the MapleStory Craze! O_o:
Ha. Ha. This: Go to Lavender in RBY, and go to the gamer. Before it sees you, Fly to Cerulean, and defeat the guy with the Slowpoke. Go to Lavender now, and when the start menu comes up, fly to Cinnabar. Surf at the edge of the island (where you meet Missingno.) A wild Asteroid will appear. =P


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