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Made two and emailed them. How often is that list Halfwit linked to updated? I was surprised to find that the ones I've done hadn't been done yet. Also, I tried to go to http://pkmn.net/forums/index.php?topic=60897.0, but it says nonexistent or off limits.

Jolteon - had fun with this one

I'm currently officially on my holiday and have had a few busy days before, so am not available for uploading. The list relies on the images actually being added to the cards

Okay, thanks for telling me! Take as long as you want, I guess. :3

joeno, i just sent you a card art for the trainer card Blue in email 'cause it didn't have art.

let me know if it is the right size and what not. i made it 450X450 .png and i think i made a thumbnail for it.


Can i use my photography skills and take photo's of my Pokemon cards I own?  :???


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