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I was hoping for something a bit more interesting, not as plain. At the very least a bit more of a background and a font that fits in more with what we use elsewhere. The 'PKMN.NET' is also unnecessary.
Posted on: 18/10/08 om 10:36:38Wonderful double post merging... I slightly updated the request for interface symbols to also include a 'Report errors' symbol, as suggested elsewhere.

All submissions still appreciated. To respond to a question elsewhere - yes, we do need a site artist, but never had anyone interested. If you hold interest in helping out the site in such a manner, sending in art here is a great way to allow us to determine who would be suitable for this position.

I've given a few symbols a shot. Don't know if they're of any use to you.


It works. Bit different from what I expected. Going for non-animated for now, easier to work with.

There is one comment though - the Dex icon uses pretty much the same red as our bars, and as you can imagine that makes the icon less clear. Not great for our default theme :) Other than that, however, this is the sort of thing I like to use here.


I feel all tingly right now.

I've lightened the colour of the 'Dex icon. That's here.

Yeah, that works better. Thanks


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