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When they say complicated, they mean that they won't ban one ability, they'll ban both when only one of them is threatening...


--- Quote from: Liam on July 26, 2011, 16:54 ---They say they don't want complicated bans, although I never saw what was so complicated about it. s.s

--- End quote ---

How difficult is it to understand? It's only one thing to remember O_O I never understand Smogon sometimes. Probably never will.

Lord Raven:
Because if we are allowed to have one Pokemon who is banned only with a specific ability, we can start banning other moves and abilities on Pokemon to make them legal.  Imagine Lugia in UU without any moves above 60 power and no non-damaging moves; it simply allows a double standard which makes bans extremely complicated.

Sirlin has a good description on how bans (should) work here.

fyi Smogon updates every so often and they have tools to detect matches over, I believe, multiple servers and much of the data is on its own server.  Pokemon is simplistic in design but in terms of tiers it's very complicated and difficult to create an objective tier list.

But they didn't have to ban moves, so how is lugia with banned moves relevant to a banned ability on Blaziken? Didn't they ban Shadow Tag Chandelure? Or did they just ban that altogether as well? I haven't had chance to check yet.

^They banned Shadow Tag, but you can use Flash Fire / Flame Body Chandelure.


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