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Random Randomness / 10 years ladz
« on: August 08, 2016, 15:57 »
i havent been as active because i mean... like... 3 of us have? but its fun to reminisce

honestly i cant remember the exact date i joined, my old account was deleted in a tornado of salt... maybe it was 2007 and im jumping the gun. who cares. 9 years is basically the same as 10 years. but i think ive been here 10. i lurked a lot? its been 10 in spirit. lets not be pedantic.

um. these are usually emotional as hell probably but most of the people i could be emotional with are super Not Active, except on other sites where i can say hi anyway, so i feel Nothing for Any of you fools.

except maybe guilt? which is kinda weird, because its just a pokemon forum, but i do feel kinda bad for being as annoying as i have been throughout the years. yall have seen me at my worst and had to deal with me being the weird emo kid with no emotional outlets. i said some real mean things to members here, and just acted like a real chump. i guess this is just a kind of badly worded apology to people ive been a jerk to in the past? i dont have beef with anyone, i dont hate anyone, i just kind of acted like a dick because i could. it wasnt fair, especially when i had so many people holding my hand through some really horrible stuff happening in my life. rex, tim, and that one guy luke were really cool in particular. luke tried real hard to get me to stick to school but in the end i couldnt handle it, but i appreciate his effort. he didnt need to do anything, but he just tried. it was nice. a lot of people tried. this community was always trying real hard. i guess the knowledge of how tough it is growing up and being a nerd brings about a sense of empathy. gotta look out for your fellow virgins i suppose.

anyway you dont gotta forgive me, but i am sorry for how much of a fool i was. ive been told by mods many a time that id have been banned long ago but they could never find a reason for it, which is super funny, because im pretty sure i just told them to ban me once? tops.

anyway... youve all dealt with a lot from my autistic emotionally stunted ass, and i appreciate it. even if a lot of people here now werent around to see me at my worst, those who have are like goddamn war vets or something. youve seen my embarrassing emotionally charged teenage rants to the Feels Topics, seen me be a real embarrassment about what ~fandoms~ im in, seen me be kinda weird about my original characters and species and generally bad art, seen me make threads while absolutely drunk off my tits and getting too emotional about cartoon characters. its cool i guess. knowing people have known me that long. embarrassing, but cool. thanks for not being as awful as you could be to someone like me.

i dont really have shoutouts. ive already given my shoutouts in a sort of vague way and like i said the people who i would give shoutouts to are like, adults with lives now who never log in. upsetting! maybe one day we will cross paths once more and i can say, hey, i made a thread on after id been there Maybe 10 Years, and i was going to namedrop you, but you werent around! now i can embarrass you with memories from the forumsphere, so here goes!

im not good at words. this is embarrassing. why am i doing this. i love attention is why. please pay attention to me. like, thanks for all the memories and good times, but im here for validation, not your "feelings" and "emotions". dont touch me. thanks for reading, and watching me embarrass myself publicly once more.

Games General / new pokemon leaked
« on: August 02, 2015, 12:46 »
surprised nobodys mentioned this

visible in the trailer for the xy movie coming out in 2016 apparently
not much is really known

the video

theres also this weird silhouette thing

how do you feel

Gaming / what mmos do you play
« on: July 28, 2015, 22:32 »
thats it thats the thread

i play gw2
i used to play wow and ffxiv but im too poor now

if you play gw2 hmu sometime

Random Randomness / skypez
« on: July 22, 2015, 20:02 »
there was a thread like this like 2 years ago but its due a purging so whatever

post your skypes if youre comfortable with that, add people you like, all that.
the forums a bit barren but those who are still around are pretty ok so why not stay in touch i guess.

you dont need to use voice chat on skype if you dont want to. this was the main issue people had with it before. its pretty much the new msn which is unfortunate considering its so broken.

also lmk if
 - you want this first post edited with a masterlist of skype names
   - youd like your name added to it
 - youd like a group chat so we can all engage in mad bants

anyway. i moved skypes recently so if you had me added then catch me at lochnessbloggster.
my display name is zesty wizard nipple play if youre having trouble finding me. dont worry about it.

disclaimers aka things you should know before you add me:
i log in on mobile which has me listed as online at all times, and sometimes im online when im only interested in talking to very specific people. so if i dont respond its one or the other. sometimes im listed as away or busy when im really not. i rarely ignore people. ill go quiet and forget to reply at times because i have a weak attention span and memory. ill disappear and reappear randomly at times because my sleeping pattern and general mood swings are erratic and unpredictable. either way ill respond to you eventually.

otherwise im a riot.

have at it.

TV and Movies / stevin galaxie
« on: July 14, 2015, 13:24 »
steven universe thread bc we keep talking about it on rr and people are like shut up

stevenbomb 3.0 has episodes every night this week at 6pm (11pm for most people here)
theres no fillers, the series will take you ~2 days to get through, each ep is 10 minutes
its good and full of lesbians and you will cry and we will be here for you, also crying
peridot is best gem, pearl is most problematic lesbian, jasper did nothing wrong

do it for them

PKMN.NET / why dont my emojis show up on here
« on: March 22, 2015, 17:58 »
do you know how hard it is to express myself without emojis. i demand emoji support and perhaps a user title that says social justice warrior so people know im here to ruin their good times, but mostly emoji support in 2015. chop chop.

Random Randomness / do you feel guilty replacing technology?
« on: December 27, 2014, 16:27 »

i mentioned this in the how ya doin thread, but how do you feel when replacing technology with an upgraded version? a new phone, music player, television, computer?

i feel excited for the new thing, but extremely guilty for replacing anything at all. i keep the old technology if i can (i still have my first ipod because i love it so much) and continue to feel bad for replacing it whenever i remember i have.

all my technology gets its use, i wear it down to its last legs and make sure i cant get any more juice out of it before even considering a replacement, and even knowing "this just doesnt fit my needs any longer" doesnt help that i feel just so bloody awful for no longer needing something i once relied on. i feel attached to it in a way. i almost assaulted a guy helping us move house when he wasnt treating the box holding my computer with 100% care and now im replacing it with a new computer just a year later. i still love my old one, but...

i personally blame toy story.

Trades / lf my beautiful wife diancie
« on: December 02, 2014, 04:33 »

i couldnt get the code from game because both times i was too chicken to ask the cashier about them
my friend had a code and gave it to me but apparently its region locked and their wi fi doesnt work to just send it over after they use the code themselves

soooo i was wondering if anyones willing to pass me over a diancie for dex info (o-or if youre feeling generous this holiday season i wouldnt mind taking it off your hands f-forever)

i dont have much in return mostly pretty crappy bred pokemon. from what i remember i can breed any starter, but the ivs/nature/ability will probably be pretty abysmal if youre into that sort of thing. i mostly breed for The Aesthetique and dex info. also ive got some foreign language pokemon if youre into shiny breeding? i dunno, i barely have anything. try your luck i suppose. thats what im doing here.

Your Art / redraw something old
« on: October 11, 2014, 06:19 »
you dont really realise how cool your art is until you redraw old things you used to be proud of. even if its just doodling them to see how better youve got with colour or anatomy, redrawing old things can usually make you feel pretty good about yourself and your talents. i think could use a redraw thread to get its hopes up because yall talk bad about your own art too often i think.

hres something i drew in 2012 that i was super proud of, and it got about 2k notes on tumblr and its now my most popular deviantart submission. problem is i actually really hate it now because its pretty dated. i like the way i drew his hand? thats about it.

heres something i drew last week with the last image i drew in mind, it doesnt look exactly the same but i guess i changed a lot of headcanons and such in the last 2 years. it was pretty cool to draw with the same idea in mind and come up with something similar but not quite.

i want everyone on to redraw something they did a while back; doesnt matter how old it is, as long as they can post the original and the redrawn version then its good. it doesnt matter how much effort goes into the new one, but itd be cool if it wasnt just completely half assed. mine was admittedly pretty half assed itself, but im still pretty damn pleased with the turnout :O

i dont want to hear any of this "i havent improved at all!" tripe because ive been here long enough to see some of you start your art careers and come to where you are now and im impressed. i dont care whether or not you think youve improved, youre gonna redraw something old and see how much youve improved. hop to it.

Gaming / yall looking forward to the sims 4?
« on: September 03, 2014, 18:14 »
how about now? lmao

why did they even bother. how much money do you think went into this game. probably way more than theyll get from people actually buying it because its already turning out to be garbage tier.

Random Randomness / talk to me about pcs
« on: August 10, 2014, 14:29 »
im considering getting a new desktop because mine is slowly giving up on me which i dont want to admit because its my child

but i guess i should start looking at some for when the inevitable happens and i dont wanna get scammed or anything and i know you nerds know about computers

im looking for one i can game on mostly. nothing super hefty, just stuff like tera or gw2 and some steam games. i also need it for art and generally just dicking about online.

my budget right now is about £700, which probably isnt going to get me much in terms of Good Gaming PCs but what can i say

i know this is pretty vague but ill give further deets if needed

dunno how legit this news is since were being told from one source its worldwide on november 21st and the other is the 28th for europe, but if this is the case then what in the hell nintendo why would you do this to us. are yall racist now or what.

Random Randomness / help me with friend drama pls
« on: May 13, 2014, 05:50 »
fixed i guess

bunch of sources for this but heres one i have on hand

isnt it just dandy that this is said and done on the same day they announce hoenn remakes? im not saying they used hoenn as a cover up for this tripe, but you gotta admit its a pretty nice save on their part :^)

« on: October 31, 2013, 15:15 »
whats everyone going as or doing or w/e

im going as a unicorn witch. its a unicorn kigurumi and a witch hat hairband i got at tescos like 3 hours ago
my party trick is staying indoors drinking alone and eating the candy i bought "for the kids" and ignoring those kids (the candy was for me all along, surprise!)

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