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DrampardonMe's Fakemon Collection
« on: June 03, 2024, 16:09 »
Pretty sure this goes here. Anyway:

Snoyew and Luchilldor!

My attempt at Gen 1 sprites, though obviously all the stats herein are for more modern games. My sprite work needs... work, or I'd have done upwards of Game Boy graphics.

Not much else to say not already in the image. I remember having fun designing these, though!

Any advice on the sprites, stats, etc.? Lemme know!

EDIT: I'm hoping someone out there recognizes these, because they're my favorite I've ever made, a play on "Making a Mountain out of a Molehill". Here:

These drawings are from a couple years ago. I still have trouble drawing Mountole, especially its arms, eheh.

I think I have their base stats in a text file somewhere, but I'm mostly posting for their designs/info.

I should really make a Water/Fighting Fakemon at some point, since those are my two favorite types. I had a starter line to that effect years ago, but nothing I'd consider presentable today.

EDIT: Oh yeah. I love Trubbish, but Garbodor is kinda "meh" to me, so I made a split-evo:

I didn't want to make it too different stat-wise, but what's the usual rule of thumb for split evolutions? Same base stats, but shuffled around? Should I swap out Aftermath for Wind Rider? I feel, bare minimum, it needs to keep Stench.

Design-wise, I thought about getting rid of the "trash horns", but I figured it'd look pretty boring without them. Just not sure what else to put there, haha.
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