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Lord Raven:
Did anyone watch the presentation?

I'm preordering it now. The way they showed Breath of the Wild was THE HYPEST THING.

The Hooded Trainer:
Preordered it earlier today just in case there was a sudden rush after the presentation.

Not a lot of launch titles - i imagine thatll be disappointing for some people, but all i need is zelda to carry me through the rest of the year anyway so whatev. Mario odyssey looks weird, sort of sonic adventurish with an added touch of minish cap, but im into it. Xenoblade 2 looks interesting as well, but as much as i enjoyed the last ones i didnt get anywhere close to finishing them, so im not sure if ill buy it.

Also, kudos to that ea dude who managed to tell the story of how he loves nintendo games so much he gave his firstborn son "luigi" as a middle name, all without cracking a smile and in the same tone i imagine a businessman would talk about stocks.

I was really excited for the presentation but like... there's no games at launch (I didn't actually watch the presentation, just read a summary because it was at like 3am GMT lmao). Like if you love Zelda then it's good but otherwise, it's another weak launch. I'll probably wait a year before getting the Switch, see if the lineup improves a bit, especially wait for a possible Mario Kart 9 (although MK8 deluxe makes this less likely I guess)!

Mario Odyssey looks really cool though, and Splatoon 2 is nice to have in the future lineup. Yooka-Laylee looks sort of interesting, but that doesn't even have a rough release date yet!

Captain Jigglypuff:
The Pokémon games they mentioned I think will be side games like another Pokken or even a Mystery Dungeon. Definitely not a main series game quite yet and it won't be a Coliseum type game either.

I woke up to watch the presentation then went back to bed. Looks really cool but I agree with the "weak launch" opinions. Zelda looks super cool though.

Preordered the grey version and Zelda when I woke up, I'm looking forward to a lot of what they showed during the presentation, I just hope it doesn't take 50000000 years for stuff to come out, but it seems like a lot of stuff will be out before the end of the year which is coolio.

Also super glad that Nintendo are finally introducing paid online if you want to play online, just what they were missing to bring them into the current gen. Woohoo!!!


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