Author Topic: I want to build up a monster collection! Can you help?  (Read 2842 times)

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My favourite PS1 game is Monster Rancher 2. I want to get as many different monsters as I can.

To get different monsters, you put a CD in your Playstation when the game tells you to, and a hidden code on the CD is able to be read by the game and can turn it into a monster. I can change the monster I get by changing the hidden code.

To do this, I need .ccd files. Sharing them shouldn't be considered illegal, because the only thing they contain is a bunch of code. I can't obtain the original content of the CD with just the code. See an example .ccd file here. Open it in Notepad.

I need you to get some CDs and rip them with a program called Clone CD. Download it here.
When you rip the CDs, you will get 3 files. One called IMAGE.img, one called IMAGE.sub, and another called IMAGE.ccd. Share the .ccd files with me.

Rename the .ccd file to the name of the CD you ripped it from and delete the other files. Renaming the file will make getting copies of the same CDs from different people become a lot less likely. Be sure to rename the .ccd file before you rip another CD, or it will be overwritten every time.

I'm interested to see what monsters everyone's .ccd files give me!

Edit: I'm making monsters with various subcodes shared by other people elsewhere. To make monsters, I'll need to know what monster the CD creates before you send me the .ccd files instead of having to guess. That unfortunately means you have to emulate it. I'm not linking to anything.
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