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Can Unreal Tournament be played on a Hamachi server?


I'm referring to the Unreal Tournament that was released in 1999.

I often play Minecraft with a friend over a Hamachi server. Can I play Unreal Tournament over a Hamachi server too?

I'd like to play Unreal Tournament with real people again, instead of playing against bots. The bots are too easy! If I can work out how to set everything up, would anyone like to join me?

Also, I've noticed Unreal Tournament runs a little slow on my Windows 10 laptop when playing on certain levels. I'm wondering whether the problem I'm having is because of my laptop, or Windows 10 itself, considering how old the game is.

You can download Unreal Tournament from GOG. I can provide you with the levels I play on. I play with the Jailbreak game mode.

I don't see a reason why UT wouldn't be playable on Hamachi. I don't have any first-hand experience though so I could be wrong. Did you manage to set this up, Petzbreeder? I'd love to join you for a game or two. I used to play UT a lot back in the day.

I haven't tried it yet. I can't even remember how Hamachi works these days.

I'm not all that good when playing against other people, I sometimes struggle against the bots on novice difficulty when I'm tired.


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