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Title: I need Minecraft trap ideas
Post by: Petzbreeder on September 08, 2017, 22:52
I'm working on a Minecraft book of traps, some of my traps are a bit simple and obvious though. I need ideas for making traps with these mods ( for 1.7.10. The Forge installer is included.

You can apparently send files directly to my Dropbox account ( without one of your own. Videos of how the traps work would be useful to me.

The traps I've come up with so far are:
A room with turrets (Utility Mobs) on an Ice/Soul Sand floor.
A disappearing bridge (ToggleBlocks) with an invisible Pressure Plate (InvisiBlocks) in the middle of it and a lava pool underneath.
A gravity trap (Gravity Science) with Diamond Spikes (Extra Utilities) around it which are enchanted with Sharpness X (SuperEnchants).
An Insta-kill trap made with a Lens type:STAR Shock Panel (Expanded Redstone) and a pressure plate above it.

I'll make videos showing you how these traps work tomorrow. I'm a bit too tired to do anything for now.