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Pokémon Showdown - OU Tourney with a twist

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I don't know how many of you may have played STABmons in gen V, but basically a Pokémon has all it's regular moves, as well as any move of it's type. Dual-types become not only important for their offensive and defensive synergy, but also the moves they open up. Just to sort of give potential entrants a few ideas of what's possible:

Sableye & Prankster Dark Void
Tyranitar & Sucker Punch
Arcanine & V-Create
Malamar & Contrary Psycho Boost

Suddenly Pokémon become even more useful than before, and people have to be very careful of potential moves due to the very expansive movepools that every Pokémon now has. Anyway, enough of the description, on to the rules:


Sleep Clause - No more than one opposing Pokeon can be put to Sleep by one of your Pokemon at a time. If they use a move to put their own Pokemon to sleep, this does not activate Sleep Clause

This is put in place because EVERY grass type can learn spore, and so sleep becomes a little bit silly if no limit is put in place

OHKO Clause - OHKO moves such as Sheer Cold, Horn Drill and Fissure are banned

No one likes hax. Hax sucks. This gets rid of it. This is good. Be nice to it.

Species Clause - No more than one Pokemon that share the same species name can participate in a team. This means that even alternate forms, such as Rotom, cannot be on the same team as well

You know what's more overpowered than Choice Scarf MoxieMence? Six of them. Yeah, that's banned.

Evasion Clause - Moves and Items that increase evasion are banned. Snow Cloak and Sand Veil are only banned when used on the same team as Hail or Sandstorm respectively

Ice Beam is 100% accurate. Your Garchomp is no exception to this rule. Don't win by hax, it's not good.


Blaziken (speed boost & mega only)
Deoxys (all formes)
Giratina (both formes)
Gengarite (only when held by Gengar xD)
Kangaskhanite (but only when held by kangaskhan)
Kyurem (Black & White only)
Shaymin Sky
Talonflame (Gale Wings only)

Other Rules

-> Matches will be best of three, which means you battle them twice, and if you've won one each you battle a third time to determine the winner.

-> Pokémon must have only moves they can naturally learn or moves of their type! Pikachu cannot learn Frenzy Plant xD!

-> Please make sure you don't select 'Alakazam-Mega' or whatever when choosing megas, you select 'alakazam' then give it Alakazite to hold ^^

-> This tournament will be held in round-robin style (you battle everyone and the person who won the most wins), so please record how much you win by, not just if you win or not! (E.g. If you win 1-0 or 6-0, because if it comes to a draw that's how a winner will be judged!) This is done so that we don't need a power of 2 to start, as is the case with elimination.


If you've got any questions about the tourney before you decide if you want to sign up, feel free to ask them either here or over PM!

Um.... are you still interested in hosting this? If so, i'd be happy to sign up.

Yeah - I'm happy to host this if we can get like 4 entrants at least ^^

Alright, I think I can cobble some people together.

this sounds like funnnnnnnnnn


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