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PKMN.net monthly prize tournament! This round: NU!

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Richard and Blaziken:
So after some interest was shown in the idea topic, I've decided to setup a monthly tournament open to anyone to enter (except me). Why enter? Well here's why! The prize for each tournament will be a clone of something on my list! I may do themed prizes to fit with the tournament theme, but we'll see how much interest this drums up.

All you have to do to enter is simply put your Showdown name, timezone, and available times. To avoid people signing up and not following through, I will be allowing two days of signups and then you'll be paired up for battles. If any problems occur, please PM me and I will sort them out as best as I can. The aim is to try to finish these tournaments before a motnh passes, so please try to get battles done as soon as possible.

Check the below post often, as it will be updated with all the information needed every time there is a new tournament.

Richard and Blaziken:
This round will be an NU tournament! This means that any Pokemon from the NU tier only are allowed to participate! Matches will be best 2/3, and saving replays is recommended if you'd like proof of your victory.

The prize for this round, to kickstart this with as much hype as possible, will be ANYTHING FROM MY LIST! So build your teams good, folks, and good luck!

Lord Raven
Bad Wolf
Hahex and Oshawott

Lord Raven:
i am in bring it

timezone:  GMT-8 (-7 if DST is in effect)

days available:  wednesday after 4, friday mornings

pokemon showdown name:  lraven17

Token loser enters the tournament xox

Name: Wolstenholme
Timezone: GMT
Available from 3 - 10 PM most days.

I'll enter this, I'd better start studying NU ;)

Name: JSM
Free, most of the time during the day and evenings. Starting university soon, will update if necessary.


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