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I could start a Gen 5 OU tourney.


I just want to see how many people would be interested if I were to hold a Gen 5 OU tournament, using showdown. Weather would be banned, as well as the usual clauses. Who would want to join in?

not chloe:
I've not played competitive for a long time and I'm rubbish anyway but I'm a harlot for this kind of stuff so count me in. Will probs use the competitive team I have IG on Alpha Saph.

Neither have I, but i'm trying to get back into it. All i've got so far is mega venusaur.....

I say if you want to start one go for it, I'd enter =P
(Although probably lose because I barely play now)

I don't think anyone really plays right now, so it comes down to who bullcraps it the best. Unless a certain someone shows up, but I seriously doubt that


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