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trading hoopa for ideal natured shiny houndour or...


sans the skeleton:
or any of these pokemon, please let me knwo if any relevant IVs and EVs and whatever else might be handy

shiny electrike
shiny shinx
shiny espurr (female)
shiny furfrou
shiny houndoom
shiny litleo
shiny lapras (normal lapras ok if all IVs 31 & ideal nature)
shiny noibat (stats need to be perf tho sorry)
shiny poochyena (Needs one of the elemental fangs as egg move, preferably ice and thunder.

probably more, too. i'll likely have two hoopas to offer, but one per person unless you'll be trading two of the wishlist. they're to appear in an upcoming poke 'fic and I need to get them to train ingame for writing inspiration. the trainer likes canine pokemon the best, tho.

Well, I kinda need something relatively simple to do while I write (both my short story for my portfolio and a fanfic I'm working on. Doing other things helps me keep my mind focused) so I could try and get one for you. Any preference for which one? And do you know what nature you'd want?

sans the skeleton:
uhh, preference goes from the top i think, houndour/houndoom at the top - modest and timid would be the two natures i'm after for that one, it really depends on which pokemon it is

EDIT: also if its a pokemon fanfic hit me up because i'm totes up for being a reader

sans the skeleton:
oops the hoopas in a cherish ball im silly sorr nm


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