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Just for fun ORAS OU Tourney!

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So there's been pretty much no competitive discussion here for a while so I figured why not try to start a tourney? We're doing this on Pokemon Showdown, which is a battle simulator that anyone can access (unless you're banned) and use. It's a lot of fun to tinker around with so i'd give it a try.

So here's the rules and clauses in effect:

-6 pokemon are advised but not required

-Your 6 pokemon must come from the OU tier or any tier below that (UU, RU, NU, PU, LC, LC Ubers and NFE pokemon as well as the borderline tiers between them). If you have mega rayquaza (AG) or anything from Ubers, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, you will be automatically disqualified (and possibly shunned). To find out what pokemon are banned, here's the ubers

-You must arrange a time and battle each other within the timeframe given. If you can't make the time, pm me and your opponent and maybe something can be worked out. If you randomly disappear without explanation, you'll be disqualified

-Be respectful. No one likes a sore loser or a braggart of a winner.

-Once your team is used in a battle you can't use another team for the rest of the tournament

-Submit replays to my pm box. No replay = No battle.

Sleep Clause: No more than 1 pokemon can be put to sleep by the other team at a time (rest doesn't count against this total)

Freeze Clause will not be in play due to the super low chances of occurring (though if you freeze 2 mons on the other team at the same time you have the right to mock the other person mercilessly)

Endless Battle Clause: Any combination of moves and items that can force a never ending battle are banned

Species Clause: Having more than one pokemon of the same species is banned (no different rotom forms either)

Evasion Clause: Having evasion boosting moves are banned

OHKO Clause: Using OHKO moves (like Sheer Cold) is banned

Moody Clause: Pokemon can't have the ability Moody

Users Registered:

Round 1:
ShinyBlaziken2000 vs. dragoncat
JSM vs. Poison2007

sans the skeleton:
i'll sign up, if only to test out some teams i have planned

Alright, you've been added.

Well, why not, it'll give me a chance to make a new team. I'll join.

Alright you've been registered. I'm deciding between a balance team I just made or this hyper offense team that i've had. Decisions decisions.

If someone still wants in there's still space.


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