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The Magnificent and Majestic Tournament


The Magnificent and Majestic Tournament

Hello my PKMN.NET friends, and anyone else who falls out this category.   Sun and Moon have been for a month now and since I haven't done this for years how about a big tournament?

Yessir, a lovely tournament to bring out that rush of adrenaline and noradrenaline to the extent your body thinks it's staring down a massive bear.  What can be better?

Let's start with some questions I just know you have!

So let's begin..
A tournament is a structured contests where parties agree on terms their conduct is bound by ('the rules') sometimes for a prize both material and non-material.

Okay I have that..

What are the rules my good lady?

What are the rules, indeed.   For the time being, and because it's a cute novelty, let's only use Pokemon in the Aloha dex,  even if this tournament runs past Bank's update.  So basically, anything that is in the Aloha dex, expect, of course, uber, like that Bat thing and that Cat thing that looks like a fire type but it's not really a fire type but it should be a fire type.

(The Bat and the Cat? Oooooh I get it now.)

Single Battle.  The battle of kings (and queens.)

Item clause, species clause, all that stuff.

The number of participates will be decided once I gauge how much interest is in this, but I'll try to limit it down to an even number.    To enter, simply post your name, typically available times, a unique single or double digit number and I will do the rest.

How will match up times be decided?

I understand many of us live on the other side of the world from each other and obviously many of us are adults with jobs, and work and stuff and even younger people have school commitments.  So when the pair ups are revealed, the two will have a week to battle each other (can be extend if both parties agree,  you must make it observable though – post in this topic).  If one party fails to make a reasonable effort and fall out from the time limit they will be disqualified. If both, I may disqualify both, try to find a replacement or I dunno, I'll think of something.

To join this, you really must consider if you can spare at least half an hour once a week. 

What is the structure of the tournament?
In the word's of Pater Gabriel 'Games Without Frontiers'  It's a knock out.  One round, sudden death, can be best two out of three, post if you'd like to see that on your initial application and we can defiantly do that.

So Casual, competitive?
Not gonna lie.  Gonna have to probably use competitive Pokemon, I've certainly EV and IV bred mine.

What will the winner recive.
Same as the loser.

Which is..?

Oh alright.  You will be taken to an elevated plateau where crowds upon crowds will watch your majestic accession to the land's royalty.  In the winter low-hanging sun, you will gaze upon the endless frosty green under the cliff and proudly reflect, with a small tear in your eye, the struggles, the trials and the blood and sweat you went through to reach here.

OK that's-
Don't be silly x. you'll probably receive a good bred Pokemon If I ever get round to doing it.  Also you can tell your friends and family that you managed to win a video game tournament with probably less than 20 people. 

Besides, battling with other members is fun, right? .. Right..?

Voice chat?
If agreed by both parties.

Can I upload my battles to YouTube or livestream or something like that.
If agreed between both parties.  Agreement must be observable so post here.

I don't see my question here and I've read through at least once.  Promise.  Can I ask it.

Oh Good because I wanted to kno-


Ah whatever.  Feel free.

Happy Battling!

The Shrub Dragon:
my gal my pal i love a good tournament BUT i have not finished moon let alone started training competitively (she says, as though she has ever had the patience to train competitive pokémon) - when do u think this will begin?

Not sure if I will join in all honesty, as soon as I beat Sun i'm moving on to play Bravely Second. I can try to hurry and beat the game and then switch over to Sun for the tourney. Not sure.

Makoto Niijima:
I would love to join in the tournament :3


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