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Author Topic: rby Progress Thread  (Read 1226 times)

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rby Progress Thread
« on: February 26, 2017, 21:41 »
Post the progress of your Red/Blue/yellow teams here, if you want to. Since it's come out on the virtual console, I can imagine some of y'all might be doing some reruns like me. I'm personally aiming to grab all of the legends for transfer reasons, but also raise a nice team I can transfer over!

As for me... I went with pokemon that I either don't stick with /or/ pokemon that I just like.

Ignis, Level 30 Charmeleon - Took a while to get up to par at the beginning. Well, at least for the first two gyms. Grinded up to level 25 /before/ Misty, but that was simply because I wouldn't be using them until Erica. I picked Charmander because of transfer reasons, but I didn't get to use the lil' guy a lot, anyway.

Druid, Level 30 Vileplume - Started off weak, but fills the role for a grass type nicely in the early-game absence of anything else. Only evolved it once I got to Celadon, though. I never really use Oddish because there's no need to usually but there wasn't a huge choice of grass types in RBy by Misty... so there we go. May replace if I find a better Grass type.

Triangle (Name WIP), Level 30 Dugtrio - Originally caught a level 21 Diglett, but then I found a level 29 Dugtrio during grinding and caught this instead. Promptly beat up Gym 3 with no problem. Dig remains OP. I'm probably gonna keep this guy. He's not got the best move set, but dig & scratch seem to be all he needs right now. wat. Anyway, I never ever use this guy usually so I caught him this time.

Fish, Level 30 Gyarados - Fish is a monster. May swap him out for a starmie if the option becomes available later. I usually grab a Gyarados and ditch it by level 40 but... I'll probably try to keep Fish for longer than that. Main problem is Fish's tiny movepool, but like Triangle, Fish works well with what they have.

Vice, Level 28 Nidoking - Powerhouse. I'm starting to see a theme of awful movepools. Anyway, at least I know Nido's a quick fix. Probably gonna be the strength slave later if I don't stick it on anyone else. I actually use him pretty often in playthroughs buuut... Sheer Force is great and so he's going over.

Moon, Level 27 Clefable - Good for defensive, bad for p much anything else. Other than the occasional sleep (OP in gen 1) and help for catching. Replacing with the Celadon Eevee, which'll become a jolteon, since I've got a thunderbolt tm and thunderstone already. May become a reserve pokemon if I start struggling in the E4, but with the team I'm going to have, well... I don't think so. Anyhoo, I usually use Vaporeon or Espeon/Umbreon when I get an Eevee, or just don't use it at all, so bam. Jolteon time.

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