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--- Quote ---i do still reccommend you vote even if its for a 3rd party or you Deliberately Spoil your ballot or whatnot for protest reasons cos they are largely counting on people being Ambivalent/Too Depressed with it all to not vote. i mean i wont like, hate you if you dont. but its that whole thing about being able to go "dont blame me, *i* voted for kodos! //whipcrack//". i dont really know how voting works over there (you register as a democrat or republican voter or something? we just get a poll card we take down and we vote whoever) so idk.
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yeah, i might just write in bernie and hope for the best, but voting takes hours so i think it's largely gonna depend on how i feel in november. i did already vote, i voted in the NH primary for Bernie, which he won. and yeah you have to register as one party or the other in order to vote. i'm really kind of between either voting or just switching my alignment back from democrat to independent if bernie doesn't get the nom. cuz that takes 5 minutes not counting driving to the town hall.

the thing is, i don't remember 2004 that well, i just remember my dad asking who i wanted to be president to get my lil 7 year old opinion on politics. i said john kerry just because all i knew was Bush went meddling and killing not only a variety of brown people but also americans by sending them to war in the first place, which made me real confused and disappointed when he got elected... you know your country is messed up when you're 7 years old and already starting to hate the system. i know now that kerry is pretty much an idiot from what he's done in his short stint as secretary of state, but anyways i feel like it is just a massive amount of ignorance and money that gets people elected...

like i've actually never met a hillary supporter who supports her based on anything in her political career. all i've heard is "it'd be like the 90s all over again" (like we're gonna see how many young boys hillary can sexually assault now?), or "it's time for a woman president". it sounds stupid as hell and it seems like those aren't things people would actually say but before i got my mom on the bernie bus those were both things she was saying. the "it's time for a woman president" is the worst one though because it's honestly so lowkey sexist, it's time for a president who's not under investigation by the FBI jesus christ. i want my first woman president to be someone who actually has a record that's not absolutely filthy, because i feel like if hillary sucks enough people are just gonna start being like, "looks like president just isn't a job women can do" and we're gonna have to wait another 20 years for the misogyny to blow over and we miss out on good female candidates, ie Elizabeth Warren or Jill Stein. Although Elizabeth Warren and i are fighting because she didn't endorse Bernie before the massachusetts primary.

oh and just gonna tie this up by giving you all an article with a clip from when Hillary came to my school and a girl asked her about her husband's rape allegations and she laughed and couldn't give a straight answer.

JK i'm gonna minirant about how i'm sick of being referred to as a "bernie bro" and implied i have "internalized misogyny" and other crap when hillary is actually just not pro-civil rights, and bernie is way more of a feminist than she is.

EDIT: HOL' UP, just wanted to say by the way trump has some OK ideas on mexico. there's definitely ways i'd like to go about it, i'm really more interested in just helping the mexican people, but the united states really is getting screwed by mexico's inability to get it's collective crap together. not the mexican people at all, but the mexican government is so corrupt and they don't care about their people. most immigrant workers are just wiring money back home because their families can't afford to eat, and they pretty much just allow the cartel to be a thing.

the wall is really just a bargaining chip. in my opinion, the price is impossibly high to expect mexico to pay for it. what it will do though is if we put the squeeze on mexico by making life difficult for the elite, like making it difficult for THEM to come to america. i really don't think we even need a wall. mexico just really needs a wake up call that they can't keep on being just awful to the people that live there, and then make their people's only recourse to come mooch off of us so their kids don't get sick and die. if they just made their country a better place to live instead of turning the other cheek to the needs of their people, they wouldn't be literally risking their lives to come here.

really with all the things he should be angry about it's not right mexico is the thing he's most angry about (especially since his angle is such a selfish position) but he's not totally wrong with his basic general direction. i think his end goal is to bring the mexican economy to a crash which i mean, that's gonna suck for mexicans for a while but i think that's the only way to make progress into fixing the mexican government itself.

yeah there's other ways we could try to fix it, or we could just accept mexicans wanna be here and give them legal pathways to be here which is the cool thing to do. i feel like there's no good answer with mexico TBH

just a disclaimer, i hate hate hate hate trump on everything that isn't income inequality or punishing mexico. just like how i hate hillary on everything that's not planned parenthood and abortions. which sounds insignificant but those are actually two positions i'm always going to care a lot about. even though planned parenthood and i are fighting because they endorsed hillary and gave her a ton of money. i'm gonna steal all their condoms and make balloon animals out of them as payback when i get home.


--- Quote ---i've become so ambivalent, i don't want hillary, i don't want trump. people assure you trump would be a disaster, but i'm not so sure hillary would be much better.
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It must suck getting the choice of really only two people. Here we vote for a representative of a constituency (of which there are about 650 in the UK) and the party with the most representatives in the House of Commons gets power, with the party's leader being Prime Minister.

Gives you much more choice on your ballot paper, but really it's between Labour and the Conservatives every five years.


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