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Playing through Fire Red and Leaf Green to complete the Pokedex

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For absolutely ages, I've been wanting to not only complete Fire Red and Leaf green, but the Pokedex too.

I've gathered a lot of resources to help me out.
Walkthrough - I can't get very far if I don't know where to go and what I can catch!
Pokedex - Knowing all the moves a Pokemon can learn and when they learn them will definitely help me a lot.
Version exclusive list - I don't want to spend ages looking for a Pokemon, only to find that I'm playing the wrong game!
Cheat codes - I'm probably not going to use many of these. The Safari Zone ones will certainly be useful though.
Glitches - Not all of them are for Fire Red/Leaf Green, but some might still be useful.

I'll update the thread as I progress.

The way I'll be playing
Fire Red
My "main" game
Storyline completion
Pokedex completion

Leaf Green
Version exclusive obtaining and trading
Alternate choices (Other starters, Fossils, Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee, etc)
Porygon (Nugget glitch)

The Journey Begins
(Early July)

If you're playing a ROM on an emulator or similar, you might want to run it through a randomiser without the randomisation. Those programs can still apply useful tweaks like removing trade-only evolutions and porting later gen features to Gen 3 games.

Good luck!

I'm going to play using both my Gameboy Advance SP consoles. I've been chatting with my dad about ways I can go about it. That's why I haven't started recording yet, even though I wrote yesterday that I'd start today. Maybe my Canon video camera connected to my PC via a HDMI cable and OBS Studio could work.

Honestly, it's probably not worth trying to record on the original hardware. Those screens don't transfer well and you're more likely to just spoil your own experience. A phone running an emulator or using the virtual console on modern hardware might be better for recording.

I want to complete my Pokedex in all my games from Fire Red/Leaf Green onwards, then transfer them from one generation to the next until I have them all on X/Y. Fire Red/Leaf Green seemed like a good place to start. I want the summary screen of every pokemon to say that I caught them in the region they were first made available in. I will need to play them on the actual cartridges for that.

Though I could just play on my own without sharing my playthroughs, I just thought it would be nice to share it with others.
I have to be honest, Fire Red and Leaf Green are two games that I've never completed before (storyline or Pokedex for that matter) so maybe I should just do a personal playthrough, at least until I get to know the storyline of the game much better and learn where all the Pokemon can be found.

I wont need to keep checking the website I've been using while I play them then.


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