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Man I don't normally look at forums but this is an exception. Hello everyone!


        I'm probably not gonna be active on here but I just wanted to say hello and the backstory of my username!

        So the backstory of my name... It's quite simple really. I have a fakemon (which is a steel-type eeveelution) called Bronzeon. I have this story planned out in my head, and well, to keep things short, these scientists set up this project called "Project Bronzeon." The goal of this project is to create the perfect steel-type eeveelution. A weapon.
        Welp that's enough of my blabbering, I hope everyone has an amazing day:D !

Welcome to the site.

Bronzeon sounds cool. You could always write a story in the Your Art section of the forum. I'd like to see that.

Welcome!! Some of us are still around, but I think the Discord is more active.

Also I'm like, near certain we'll get a steel type Eeveelution soonish. Steeleon. I mean, it's gotta be - we had leafeon and glaceon so I don't think we're going to get any surprises.

Welcome :) Bronzeon sounds really cool, I'd love to see any drawings of it that you may be willing to share.


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