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Character's Pokémon Changes/Evolutions/Captures *SPOILERS*

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The Librarian:
Since the old topic has now gone, I thought I might make a new one. Especially in light of the change to Ash's Pokémon. As of the latest Japanese episode; Eve of Battle! Ash's Pokémon All Together!!, his Cyndaquil has now evolved into Quilava, also learning the move Eruption. It only took it around 508 episodes to do so..

Anyway, your thoughts?

508 episodes!? My god, puts leveling up that magikarp into a gyarados into perspective. Weird he seems to be using two fire types for the league...although his chimchar line was always been a bit crappy. Maybe he's seen sense and ditched it in favour of a proper fire starter line.

Angelic Lapras King:
I'd rather he didnt ditch any of his Sinnoh Pokemon for the League, whom he's trained so hard with and even got some to their final evolutions.

Well, maybe ditch Gabite and Pikachu. :P

The Librarian:
He was always going to call some Pokémon out from Oak's though wasn't he. I mean aside from Hoenn, there hasn't been a league that he's competed in with just his main party. Also, from the look of next week's preview, he's going to bring Heracross back as he will be battling Nando with it, Staraptor and Quilava.

--- Quote from: Angelic Lapras King on June 24, 2010, 13:14 ---Well, maybe ditch Gabite
--- End quote ---

Am I missing something :P

Angelic Lapras King:
Yeah, Gabite's too recent and still in it's first evolution. I know Buizel still is, but he's been with Ash way way more long.


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