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Title: [AD] [PA] Dreaming in the Past [F] [PW]
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What? Blaze making a non-pokemon rp? Scandalous, I know.

Plot: You're living your lives in your house in modern times when suddenly, when you are asleep/unconscious (pick one), you wake up in what seems to be an armory for a Middle Ages army. As the weapons, which have been predetermined for your character (you pick in your join form), are forced into your hands, your goal is being explained. It's your average goal, quest to the menacing castle in the distance and slay the monsters and dark forces within, plus any you encounter along the way, and shatter the dark crystal which is somewhere in there, wielded by the dark wizard (of course). That might be enough for you to wake up. Oh, did I mention you are trapped in this dream until you achieve this goal? Luckily, all of our characters are grouped together! What fun!

Follow the rules of the site (Hoped you did this already)

No god-modding (Being op or taking control of another person's character without permission from that person)

No limelighting

Keep it PG-13. Minor blood is permitted but do not go "blood and guts galore!"

Use common sense

If you have an idea for the rp, ask me about it, don't just do it.

Any questions? Don't be afraid to shoot me a pm. I won't bite...hard.

Character form:
Name: (You can't wander nameless)
Gender: (Also self-explanatory)
Age: (Teen to young adult is recommended, but as long as it makes sense, go for it)
Appearance: (What does x look like? Be descriptive and use at least 3 lines)
Personality: (Once again, what is this person like? 2 line minimum)
Class: (Stuff like: Paladin, Mage, Berserker, Cleric, Warrior, Archer, Rogue. If you have one that isn't listed, ask me. In this time, your character will wear the armor/clothing for their class. Also, just because you are one class doesn't mean you don't have something similar to another. Ex: Mage casting healing magic or a Berserker having a shield)
Weaponry: (What do you have? Don't overdo it but don't be under equipped)
Other: (Any other significant piece of info we might want to know. Ex. You can have a familiar if you are a mage, just don't make it too strong, just give it minor abilities. This part of the form is optional.)
Starter Post: (Paragraph minimum. Basically the backstory of the day/night you fall asleep/black out and end up in this mess. Your reaction to this whole mess and if you're towards the end of the joiners, your reactions to everyone else who is there so far. Be creative if you must.)

You may have up to 2 characters. You can have one, but no more than 2. Familiars, if you are a mage, are a minor part and don't take a character slot up. I would recommend different classes, unless you have a plan.

Leo Scarlett (War Monk, Breaking Blaziken)
Fay Gardener (Cleric, dragoncat)
Mira Young (Mage, dragoncat) [Small dragon familiar, Jeon]
Theo Arrie (Druid, Kpyna) [Bear cub familiar, Jasper]
Mocedad Hidalgo (Dragoon, The Macintosh Ninja: SOA CAH TOA)
Jamie McSeeley (Rouge, Waterstone)
Anna McSeeley (Archer, Waterstone)
Christiana ’Chris’ Cordom (Warrior, OpalRhea)
Andrea  'Andy'  Roberts (Ranger, OpalRhea)

Have fun and I hope you guys like it (once we start). My form will be up after a couple of people join in.
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*makes interest known because RPs are both fun but also good writing practice which I will need as I begin to write my debut novel*
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I'll count that as a reserve if it's all the same to you. If it isn't, I can fix it later. The new one is the first to throw her hat into the ring? Interesting....
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Blaze I am not new. You know me.
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You already know I'm interested, just need a little time for the character form. Mainly because I don't want to be the first ^^;
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I'll reserve you then. My form will be up....right now!

Name: Leo Scarlett
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Leo is thinly built and tall, so obviously he's going to be fast. He's stronger than most people give him credit for and slightly above average in intelligence, making him great for his High School's football team. His hair is mid-length and a golden blonde. Besides for his oddly-pointed ears (no, he isn't and won't be an elf ladies and gents), that's about it.
Personality: He is a bit smarter than some, but Leo is a geek. He's into computers, music, and video games (much like what this would be). Naturally, this will show in how he acts and talks (nope, not an excuse to reference random things at all....). Trying to hide this from all the other people on his team has made him a little more reserved, so he won't be the first to charge into battle, making him a little more careful.
Class: Mage, all the way War Monk (FE class that heals with staves and hurts with axes. Basically a cleric and berserker mixed.)
Weaponry: Your standard issue ax, a healing staff with a dark blue orb, and a dagger in case it's needed. Also he has a flute that can grant small buffs to strength, courage, speed, etc. for a short time
Other: N/A

I apologize in advance for the American Football terminology about to be put into my starter post. I've been dreaming something like this for the past few nights, before I put this up.

Starter Post: "Leo! Come on! Let's go!" His mom yelled up the stairs at him as he was finishing up a song on one of his favorite games, Guitar Hero. He was pumped that they were finally making a new game (( IRL)) after all the waiting. The yelling distracted him and it broke a perfect song up. "Damnit! Ugh. Coming...." Leo turns the game off and walks downstairs Well, let's hope I rebound from last game. Coach almost had my head for that bad drop, so did everyone else. Thankfully there was a flag on the play, letting us win with the field goal. The two walk out the door....

"Fourth Quarter, score knotted at 31 a piece. Last chance for the visiting team before overtime. The QB snaps it and it's a hail mary folks. the commentator says. "It's got plenty of air under it. It looks go- NO WAIT! INTERCEPTION!" Leo had a great read and picked the ball off. He was having the game of his life, over 200 yards receiving with 3 TD's and 1, now 2, interceptions. Now he was running for his life "PICKED BY NUMBER 18 OF THE HAWKS, LEEEOOOOO SCARLETT!" The crowd goes wild and the other team was after him, and one defender waited in the end zone in case of the worst were to happen. It looked like it was. "20! 15! 10! 5! OH..... That looks bad folks. He collides bad with number 39 of the Knights on the goal line. Officials call it...A TOUCHDOWN! Hawks win the game! Number 18 still down on the play. Stay off the field everyone, this looks bad." The paramedics were on the field as soon as they could be. Leo was breathing, but hazy. The medics nodded to each other and he was loaded onto a gurney (or whatever those are called), and Leo is able to give the crowd a thumbs-up, which they lose it over, before his arm goes down and he blacks out. The teen is barely able to hear "He's going to be ok folks. Now you may go. With this win, the Hawks go 7-3 on the season and with enough points to make the playoffs, thanks to this amazing play. That boy deserves the rest he's going to get for this.

"Ah! So you're finally awake. It's about time." A shrill voice brings Leo to life. He groans and stands up. "Wh-where the hell am I?" he asks. The figure rolls its eyes "You're in the armory, you nincompoop. Here, now put this on, quickly." Middle-age style clothing is thrown on him and the door closes. Leo stares at it. Not what I had in mind, but not a bad way to start out after a win. Is this some kind of LARPing thing? he thought. Leo quickly changes out of his football gear and puts on the clothing. He walks out the door, and once it shuts, the football gear disappears.

"It's about time! Now take this!" an ax and traveler's pack is forced into his hands. The figure is what looks like a paladin. "What is this? Some kind of role playing thing?" Leo blurts out before realizing what he said. The man looks at him in disbelief, not to mention disgust, then his face lightens and says, "You think this is a game, right?" his face goes back to the anger it was "WELL IT'S NOT!" Leo stares at the paladin, who finally calms down and then adds, "You're going on a quest. There's a mansion in the distance. You and your group, who is late, at least you showed up on time, are to go there, and exterminate the dark forces inside, since none of our other teams can do it." The paladin walks out, and a lady walks in, a cleric, but stronger.

"I'm guessing you're a cleric." Leo says. She nods "You're a sharp one. Sorry about the captain's temper, he hates lateness and the incompetence of the knights. Since your spirit has chosen this path, of a war monk, I have been sent to explain better." She explains everything and he looks at her in shock, "So you're telling me that this team that I haven't met needs to go this mansion we haven't seen and defeat an evil psycho to get home, and if we die, we die for good." The war monk nods and then adds, "To help you specifically, take this, it's old and won't do as much good, but it's better than nothing." The lady gives him a flute. She adds, "If you play a good tune, you and your companions will gain some help, like a boost in speed, courage, strength and other things like that." He nods, "Thanks, I will use it well." Leo puts it in his pack while the lady motions to the garden outside. "Wait there for everyone else, then the path forward will be revealed once everyone has gathered." Leo nods again and heads for the garden. The war cleric yells out, "Good luck, and nice ears!"

((Ok, you can have a master of your class speak to you if you wish. we will meet in the garden. Lastly, I am again sorry for the football terminology and I apologize for the many references I will likely make throughout this whole thing.))
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Bleh, sorry this took so long, I've been busy the last few days OTL
Man, I gotta stop re-using characters I am currently using in something else.

Character form:
Name: Fay Gardener
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Appearance: Fay is average height and build. She isn't particularly strong or fast, but she is somewhat agile. She has shoulder length, light brown hair and light brown eyes.
Personality: Fay is strong and determined but also compassionate. She can and will fight when needed, but she prefers to make sure everyone else stays in good shape. She's usually a little on the serious side and can't really take a joke. She doesn't let personal feeling get in the way of her doing her job, but if she doesn't like you, she'll let you know.
Class: Cleric
Weaponry: A healing staff with a shard of chrysoprase topping it, a couple odd, engraved pieces of metal used to create a barrier for a short time, a wand used to cast buffs, debuffs, and weak attacks (it is also rather pointy can could be used as a stabbing weapon as a last resort)
Other: (Any other significant piece of info we might want to know. Ex. You can have a familiar if you are a mage, just don't make it too strong, just give it minor abilities. This part of the form is optional.)

Character form:
Name: Mira Young
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: Mira is of average build and a little on the short side. She is a bit faster and stronger then you'd expect, but that's not really saying much. She isn't great at taking a hit, but she is pretty good at avoiding them in the first place. She has long black hair and dark brown eyes.
Personality: Mira has a kind and sensitive nature. She tries to avoid conflict with friends when possible, but she isn't always much of a peacemaker, though sometimes, if things are getting too out of hand, she'll try to settle a conflict, but she generally prefers to let them settle it themselves. She is a fast learner and can think on her feet. In battle, she may not be the first to charge in, but she won't be too far behind.
Class: Mage
Weaponry: A pendant with spaces for up to five magic-enhancing gemstones (these stones can be changed up if a better one is found), a dagger because not everything can be done with magic alone
Other: Small dragon familiar


Name: Jeon
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Appearance: Jeon is a small dragon, about the size of a cat. His scales are black, almost the same colour as Mira's hair, but with a slight blueish tint that is especially noticeable in bright light. He has dark blue eyes, small horns on his head, and a couple small spikes at the end of his tail.
Personality: Jeon is generally a calm little dragon, perching on his master's shoulder or on top of their head most of the time. He is loyal to his master and do whatever he can to help. During downtime, he can be quite playful, running and flying around until he wears himself out, then sleeping for several hours or until he is needed. He is naturally attracted to magic objects, but has a preference for shiny objects, regardless of how powerful they are.
Abilities: Jeon can breath small quantities of fire, can fly, is pretty good at finding objects with magic properties, and can telepathically communicate with Mira.

Starter Post: Fay sighed heavily as she stared at the massive textbook on the table in front of her. She had a bio test coming up in a few days and while biology was one of her favorite subjects, it was still tedious and painful to study. She glossed over the words on the page, not really reading them, her eyes were getting too tired for that. She rested her head on her hand and blinked slowly before deciding it was time to call it a night. She was too tired to even bother changing, she just crawled into bed and quickly fell asleep.

"Hey," a soft voice called, "are you awake yet?" Fay groaned in a tone meant to indicate she was awake but would rather not be. Her eyes flickered open and she saw the face of an unfamiliar young woman. "Here," the woman says as she handed Fay some cloths, "change into this and meet me in the armory just outside this room." She left the room to give Fay some privacy.

Fay held the cloths up to get a better look at them. The seemed to be a middle-age style, like what the strange woman was wearing. "What is this?" Fay thought, "some kind of costume party?" She changed into the unusual cloths as more questions ran through her head, "what was she talking about an armory?" "how did I get here?" "why am I here?" Once dressed, she left the room and stepped out into what she assumed was the armory. The strange girl was there waiting for her.

"Oh, that looks wonderful on you!" the woman exclaimed. "Now, let's make this as quick as possible. First, you will need this," she said as she passed Fay a staff and a bag. "You are to be a cleric, you will use that staff to heal your allies. That bag contains a few other little things that should help you."

Fay just took the things and stared in confusion. "Okay, but, what's going on here?" she asked.

"Outside, you will meet others who you are to join for this quest. You and your group are to go to a mansion some ways away from here and eliminate the dark forces residing there," the woman explained. Fay tried to ask another question, but before she could, the woman pushed her outside. "Now, go. Good luck, and stay safe!" she said before closing the door.

Mira was on her way to visit one of her friends. It was dark out and pretty foggy. Normally, she wouldn't be driving in these conditions, but her friend had called her, sounding rather upset about something. Mira wasn't sure exactly what her friend was upset about, it was hard to tell what she was saying through the sobs over the phone, but it was clear to her that she needed to be there for her friend. Because of the heavy fog, she had to pay close attention to the road, which was hard as as concerns for her friend wracked at her mind, she didn't even notice the other car barreling toward her uncontrollably. The reckless driver swiped her side, causing her to swerve off the road and wrap her car around the pole of a streetlight, knocking her unconscious.

"Ugh, wake up already, will you?" Mira heard a nearby voice say. Were they talking to her? She opened her eyes to reveal a young man in unusual looking cloths. "Oh, okay, you are awake," he said, somewhat surprised. "Finally," he added a little rudely.

Mira started to sit up. She was uninjured and unable to  remember what happened before she went unconscious. "Umm, who are you?" she asked.

"Not important," the man exclaimed. "Anyway, let's just get down to it. You must go on a quest to a distant mansion and defeat the evil that lurks within it."

"What?!" Mira nearly shouted. "Man, I just woke up and you're telling me crazy things like that? Wow, I almost believed you there."

"Whether or not you believe me now doesn't matter, you'll learn it is true once you start your quest. For now, just take this," he said as he handed her a bag. "In there you will find some clothes, a pendent, and a dagger. Change into the clothes and meet me outside," he said before leaving the room.

Mira changed into the middle-age style clothes, put on the pendent, and slit the dagger into a sheath on her waistband. She took the bag and left the room. "Okay, now what?"

"That's it. Now you must go out to the garden to meet the rest of your team."

"Oh, umm, okay."

Mira was about to leave the room before the man called out again. "Hold on, one more thing." Mira turned back toward the man as he handed her a small book, "since you are to be a mage, this should help you get started learning the ropes."

She took the book before asking, "I'm a mage? What?"

The man sighed, "a little slow on the uptake, aren't you." He waited for Mira to put the book in her bag before telling her, "one last thing, outside you will meet a... creature. You'll know him when you see him. His name is Jeon and he has chosen you to be his master."

Mira wasn't even sure what to say at this point, she decided she would just try and figure it all out as she went. She went to leave again, the man wishing her good luck as she closed the door behind her.

Fun fact: I named the dragon after my mothers cat.
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Character form:
Name: Jamie McSeeley
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Jamie dyed his hair jet black in an act of defiance towards his parents and because "it looks cool." His hair, strangely bird-like appearance and accent landed the Scot with the nickname "Raven" at school. His face is made up of sharp definition but contrasted by soft brown eyes giving him a likeable, almost innocent aura. He generally wears black clothing, not only because of his nickname but because blends in at night, Jamie's favourite time of day.
Personality: He's defiant and quirky, never really fitting in despite having no enemies among his peers. He wages war on adult-kind by sneaking out at night, skipping school and shoplifting. Despite this, he still smiles at an old ladies he passes in the street. He cares for his sister, Anna, deeply although he thinks that she's too clingy and overprotective of him.
Class: Rogue
Weaponry: A number of concealed knives including a special blade hidden in an inside pocket of his tunic-top that is imbued with a magic that ensures that the wounds it makes cannot be cauterised or clotted.
Other: N/A
Starter Post: See joint post below.

Character form:
Name: Anna McSeeley
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Appearance: Anna embraces the natural hair colour of the McSeeley family, ash blonde, keeping it styled long but pulled back into a ponytail that reaches the small of her back. She, too, has the lanky, bird-like features but is much less fit than her brother and lacks physical strength.
Personality: Best described as the chalk to her brother's cheese, Anna is quiet and attempts to get along with everyone. She is selfless, and as such she tries to keep her brother, Jamie, out of trouble with the police by accompanying him in his late night excursions. Once or twice, this has led to Anna being kept in a cell overnight for "breaking and entering" while her brother escaped. Anna enjoys the company of animals and generally being outdoors and keeps three cats, an iguana and a dog. She studies Zoology at university.
Class: Archer
Weaponry: Anna is given a huge bow, meant for a grown man and an equally large quiver. She also has a pair of short swords in case her enemies become too close for comfort.
Other: N/A

Starter Post:
"Jamie. JAMIE. There are people coming. Jamie RUN!" Anna hissed as her brother looted not only the till but several expensive watches and some quartz earrings for his mother's Birthday.
"Oh, come on, Anna. This is the fun bit." He didn't even attempt hushed tones but almost beckoned the man who owned the shop towards them so that, as usual, Jamie could get his adrenaline kick from running only at the last possible moment.
"For God's sake. When are you going to grow out of this?" Anna said as she tried to drag Jamie out of the shop before they could get caught and before 999 could be rung and before either of them could be taken to prison. Despite her best efforts, her plan also wasn't working as Jamie had clearly seen something else he liked. Anna sighed as the heavy footsteps reached the last could of stairs just beyond the back wall of the shop. "Well, you may like being caught by the police but I don't, Jamie. I can't keep covering for you." She said, as she opened the door to leave her brother behind but stopped as she heard a grunt and a thud and saw her brother, unconscious on the floor.
The jeweller brought back his fist and rounded on Anna who swore and dived towards her brother as the man's big fat knuckles connected with her face.

When Anna resurfaced it appeared to be day time as the light poured in through the windows around them. She wondered how long she had been asleep, where she was, and most importantly, why she had woken up holding her brother's hand. Jamie awoke and quickly pulled his hand away from Anna and sat up.
"Any idea where we are, genius?" Anna asked. But before either had a moment to think or answer the question a man walked in and placed clothes at their feet, gesturing for the pair of them to dress.
"Well, don't worry they're only clothes!" Said the man, reciprocating the odd looks he was receiving from the siblings. He left the room as Jamie decided to investigate the pile of… rags they had been given to wear.
"Think this is real, Anna?"
"I don't know but I suggest we play along. Now turn around while I get changed, you creep."
"HURRY UP, BONEHEADS. YOU NEED TO GET READY FOR YOUR QUEST QUICKLY." shouted a voice from outside of the room. They hurried.

Once changed, Anna and Jamie left the room where they woke up and were taken to another room that had a similar structure to the last but was much larger, an armoury in which there were other kids, none that seemed any older than Anna, being given weapons and shields and suchlike. A woman appeared in front of the pair of them and began telling them that they were here for a quest - to make their way to a large house, defeat a beastly psychopath and then return. She also explained that death upon their quest was real.
"Like some kind of weird reality videogame. I was never very good at Dungeons and Dragons." said Jamie, but before Anna could reply they were split away from each other and given specialised weapons and armour; knives and concealable weapons for Jamie and a huge bow and quiver for Anna.
"I'm guessing I'm an archer." said Anna "But you look like Rob Roy or William Wallace!" She laughed at Jamie's rogue attire until the woman who had told them about the quest came back and handed Jamie another dagger.
"Here, I have secured a dagger for you which is magically imbued with a spell that prevents the wounds it makes from cauterising and clotting. Keep it safe."
Jamie looked at it in wonder before tucking it away under his top layer of clothes.
"Now, make your way to the garden through that door" she pointed at the far end of the room "Everyone is waiting."
Anna and Jamie hurried off in the direction of the door, not wanting to bear the brunt of any military discipline required. When they stepped out into the garden they saw the other teenagers who had been inside the armoury, dressed in similar middle age style clothes and wielding various weapons. The siblings stood awkwardly at the edge of the group.

((Sorry it took so long - I had a busy weekend))
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Well, I might be tempted to make another character, but you guys look good so far. Drop a post here when you are finished. Jamie's knife sounds brutal and yeah. Let's hope he isn't a traitor. Just be careful where he points that.  ;)
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Name: Theo Arrie
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Theo is a little taller than average, standing at about five feet, seven inches tall with a slender and muscular feminine build. Her skin is deep brown, and her ebony hair in buzzed thinly against her head. Theo's hairstyle compliments her ovular face with high cheekbones, and her eyes are just as dark as her hair. In the dream, Theo is wearing a white tank top, and black leggings with black Vans.
Personality: Theo is rather sporty and a bit tomboyish in some aspects. She's never been one to turn down a fight, even if she knows she's outmatched. She can be a bit aggressive and short with people at times, but she usually just tries to keep her mouth shut if she's not trying to start anything. As a result, she can come across as quiet at times, but she's usually doing more thinking than she is speaking.
Class: Druid
Weaponry: Throwing knives
Other: Has a bear cub familiar

Name: Jasper
Gender: Male
Age: Cub
Appearance: Jasper is a small grizzly bear cub. He's only about knee height on an average person.
Personality: Jasper is a bit of a goof, and needs some encouragement to get into conflict. He tries to communicate with humans as best as he can, even though the language barrier sometimes misconstrues his intentions. He can be a bit of a coward, but that's not much of a surprise, given he's so little. However, he can get crafty to make up for it. He sticks by Theo's side almost constantly, like a cub to its mother.

Starter Post: Theo walked into her bedroom, rubbing her hair down with a towel. After she was fairly sure it was dry, she ran her hands along the tiny curls on his scalp, making sure that she was ready for bed. The hockey game she had played in earlier had left her sweaty and quite smelly, but a long hot shower left her clean and ready for bed. Tomorrow will be a day of rest, she thought to herself, disrobing and putting on a tank top and shorts for bed. She climbed into her bed, and threw a comforter over herself. She felt her cat jump on the bed, and begin to knead at the area by her feet, getting ready for another catnap by Theo's side. Theo drifted off to sleep almost the moment she shut her eyes.

Theo's brown eyes opened, looking at a dark ceiling that... didn't look anything like the white ceiling that was in her room. Still dosing a bit, Theo turned her head to the side, noticing that there was a woman in the room. Theo jolted upright, and stared wildly at the woman, trying to decide what her next woman should be. The woman quietly laughed, and put some clothes at the foot of Theo's bed, only intensifying Theo's confusion. "Don't look at me like that!" the woman said, cracking a smile. "You're alright. Just put these clothes on, and meet me in the other room." With that, the woman turned and left.

Theo got out of bed, and looked at the clothes. There were some black leggings, some undergarments, and a black top. Seriously? Black on black? Theo thought, looking down at her pajamas. I'm keeping this tank on... She began to change into her new clothes, and walked out the door to meet this mysterious woman.

When Theo closed the door behind her on the way in, there woman was standing there with a small bear cub. "I didn't want to wear black on black," Theo stated, looking down at the cub. "Is it tame?"

"Not only is it tame, this is your Spirit Bear!" She said, bending down and nudging the bear in the rump. The bear stumbled forward, and began to slowly walk next to Theo. "His name is Jasper. Don't worry, he'll get bigger!" she said, followed by a small laugh. Theo looked down at the bear, whose brown eyes were now staring into hers.

"What's going on?" Theo asked, looking back up at the woman.

"Well, your spirit, and your spirit bear of course, have been chosen to go on a wonderful journey through an old castle, filled with monsters to be slain, and at the end, you need to destroy the dark crystal," she said with a grin. "You two won't be alone though! You have some friends that are by the gardens in the courtyard, right out this door. You should go become acquainted with them!"

"So... this is a dream?" Theo asked skeptically.

"Well... kind of. But don't get too crazy, because if you do something, and if you die, then you'll die in your physical world too. But, that won't happen. Or, shouldn't happen. Not with what's in this bag," she said, taking a bag off of the ground and handing it to Theo. Theo opened it, and inside there was a belt with several full holders for throwing knives, and a few extra sheathed knives. There was also a huge book, which Theo removed and flipped through, finding that only the first few pages had anything written in it. "That's a tome," the woman informed her. "You can use any spells that manipulate the natural environment, and do a little bit of alchemy. You're no mage, but Druids need their spells too."

"Druid?" Theo asked, putting the belt on. "Also, I wish my pants had belt loops..." It hung a little off of her hips, but overall seemed snug.

"Ah, yes. You have the innate ability to commune with animals, and also a bit of spell knowledge on the natural world. Your bear will do most of the fighting for you, and you two will need to work together to reach your full potential," she explained. "But, look at me, talking your ears off. You're already late to meet the others in the garden. Move along now!" she said, motioning towards the door. Theo opened the door and walked through, her bear in tow. She could see two boys, and three girls. Theo found a stone wall that held some plants near the group, and took a seat, crossing her legs, while Jasper sat next to her, still staring up at her expectantly. Theo looked down at him and gave him a scratch between the ears, much to his pleasure.
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Alright, everyone's forms are looking good so far. Just a reminder to drop a post here when you're done so I can look it all over. Dragoncat, if you don't mind, can I just put your characters on the list on accepted ones? Even though you aren't done, it looks good enough to me.
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Sure, go ahead! Really, I'm pretty sure I'm actually done. I was going to have my two characters meet in the starter, but it's getting a little too long, so I'll just leave it where it is.
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Alright, i'll edit that in. Feel free to put that in if you want, just needed to know if you cared whether or not I put you in when you weren't done.

Anyone else who wants in, feel free to make a form.

Edit: Theo and Jasper are accepted. Also, we don't seem to have that classic warrior type yet. If no one jumps in to fill that, I shall make a second character.
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Yo Blaze. Any chance I could reserve a slot?

Also it's nice to see activity on here again.
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Rhea. My goodness, what impeccable timing you have. Of course i'll reserve you a spot, along with someone else who shot me a pm. I'll just wait for forms to finish and we shall start.
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Name: Mocedad Hidalgo
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: Mocedad stands at 6' 2'' tall, with broad shoulders and a thick neck. He'd make an excellent [American] football player, where it not for the fact he isn't exactly big on sports. He has jet black hair, brown eyes, light tan skin, and a deep voice. His hairstyle is simple; more fitting for a lawyer or a doctor than a part time programmer at a college. He has thicker stubble, which he tells people he's "growing out for charity". He wears a pair of black frame glasses; without them he has difficulty reading anything that isn't pressed against his nose. Mocedad isn't the strongest looking individual; he isn't muscular nor does he have an athlete's body, but his height and voice make him more intimidating than he really is.
Personality: Mocedad is simple. He enjoys sitting at a computer running data, or working on college assignments, or just playing games with friends. He takes his time planning his actions, from chores and tasks to how he speaks while ordering a meal. Whether this is anxiety or just him being meticulous is unknown. He is known to have a temper, though it takes a lot to get him to lash out at people. He is more likely to calm himself through other means, such as watching a TV show or playing a game. He enjoys science fiction and RPGs and regularly plays tabletop games with friends. In most games, he prefers the more melee based classes, always saying "I'm too lazy to write down and detail all the spells."
Class: Dragoon - Warriors armed with lances, spears, and swords. They specialize in striking with powerful melee attacks and can leap into the air and plunge down on foes. When not using melee, they have strong breath attacks and can even drain the life of foes in melee range. Their armor is reminiscent of a dragon, with helmets shaped like a dragon's head, spikes and wing like details.
Weaponry: A long, dark green lance with a spiral design running along the length of the weapon. He also carries a sword with a white blade and a pearl colored handle.
Other: I will avoid references to a certain Bethesda game during the RP.
Starter Post: "Okay…let's try…this!" Mocedad thought to himself. He was, in layman's terms, trying to get a huge chunk of code to do something to an image that huge chunks of code tend to do well. Unfortunately, the chunk he was dealing with was known as one of those things that is best described as "difficult to learn, difficult to master, why are you using this?". Another hour ran by with little progress. More changing numbers, researching how others ran the code, changing his numbers to their numbers, running through the tutorial, fixing something in the tutorial because the images provided weren't done the right way, checking the documentation for the code (Google translated from Russian to English it seems), then starting fresh and doing everything he did before. None of it mattered: the image wasn't turning out the way he wanted. He breathed a heavy sigh and checked his wrist watch. 1 PM, an hour after he normally takes lunch. He ran his hand through his hair, something he found a bit soothing, and put the computer he was working on to sleep. Some sustenance would do him good.
Having bought himself his favorite soda and a bag of chips to accompany the sandwich he brought from home, Mocedad thought it would be nice to lay down on a couch and eat. Perhaps, while letting his mind wander, he would come up with the solution. He would fix his code…his code….code. A code…

Mocedad awoke with a jerk and the feeling of falling, only to find himself standing in a strange looking building. There were strange symbols on the walls, and a rack of spears and lances. The room was dark, with some large torches lighting up corners. Just as the aspiring programmer started making heads and tails of the situation he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to face a group all wearing very elaborate (and sharp looking) armor.

"You must be the new recruit." one spoke. She was slender, but her armor made her look like the sort of person you wouldn't want to challenge to a fight. Her armor was more elaborate than the ones behind her and looked as if it were made of the scales of some terrifying mythical beast. Mocedad looked away in confusion. "What is your name, recruit?" she asked.

"M-Mocedad." the teen replied. At least that much he understood. He turned back to look at the armored woman. She still looked terrifyingly powerful.

"My brethren, let us welcome the newest member of our ranks: Mocedad!" the woman cried, turning to the others dressed in similar armor. They all raised swords and lances in the air with a cheer, voices of men and woman alike. Mocedad weakly cheered with them, hoping this was the correct thing to do at such a moment. The woman turned back to him. "And now we begin the ceremony to officially welcome you into our ranks! Bring out the armor and tools of our trade." A armored individual saluted, left, and came back with some armor and the weapons. The person handed both to Mocedad, who buckled slightly under their weight. The woman who spoke earlier looked to Mocedad, then shot a glance at a nearby room.

Still a bit confused, but finding himself accepting of this sudden predicament, the teen entered the room and put the armor on. The weapons, a lance and a sword, had their places on his back (there was something that made it stick) and his waist (in a sheath), respectively. The armor itself was impressive; a helmet akin to a lizard's head, with small spikes jutting out at angles from the sides of the top. The chestpiece had a strange design on it, perhaps the symbol of whatever order or group this was. The armor looked like a ribcage of sorts, except spikier. The shoulders had similar points sticking out of them, and the leggings were simple with extra metal at the knees. The armor shone with a deep purple color and was well fitting, if not heavy.

Mocedad returned to the group, who cheered once more.
"To officially join our Order, you must demonstrate your abilities in combat and your desire to protect others. There is a garden nearby. You will meet some like yourself: recruits of various guilds and orders. Your task is simple: you are to journey to a distant castle to face off against all manner of beast and foe. Use your skills to aid your allies: leap into the air and strike with great might! Inhale air and exhale the elements of nature upon your enemies! Drain your targets of their health, that you may continue to protect and defend your allies and this fair city."

"So…I'm a Warrior…of some sort?" Mocedad asked, touching the handle of his sword with newfound interest. There was some murmuring. The woman had look of slight confusion. At least, her body showed she did. It wasn't very bright in this room.

"You are a Dragoon! Of the Highwind Order! Your life is dedicated to protecting and serving the city and the land! We are the ones the city looks to in times of need!" the woman told him. Mocedad nodded. If this was a dream, he hoped he'd wake up after this grand adventure. If this wasn't a dream, then at least whatever was happening was really cool.

"Now go! Your first trial is completing this quest with your allies!" the woman reminded him. Mocedad repeated the salute he saw earlier (at least he repeated it to the best of his abilities) and turned to the door. The woman escorted him out, but stopped him as he crossed the theshold.
"The garden is just beyond the gate, a short walk away. It is easily identifiable. There is something else I feel I should mention." she began.
"What's that?" the teen asked.
"Our Order was founded to learn from dragonkind: their abilities and ours are similar. Our Code dictates the rules we follow."
"Awesome." Mocedad said quietly. This was getting better and better!
"You will be venturing into enemy territory. Should you encounter a hostile dragon, the Code demands that you slay it." the woman finished. She shut the door.
"Wait…what?!" Mocedad cried, spinning around. Too late.

((Minor edits to correct some mistakes I saw and to polish up the starter post. I wanted to make this "woman" the leader of the Order, but forgot I had her mention a "Master". Fixed))
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Well then, your character is accepted. was there really any doubt? Now we await Rhea and the new girl Chloe.
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Character form:
Name: Andrea  'Andy'  Roberts
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance:  Andy stands at about five foot two, with a wiry build.
Her curly black hair is kept clipped boyishly short (since it's impossible to manage otherwise), revealing angular bottle green eyes, set in a narrow face. A spray of freckles arches across the bridge of her nose. The skin on her face and arms is sun darkened.
Upon entering the 'dream', she's given a light linen tunic, light breeches, soft boots, and a mottled green and grey woolen cloak. She wears her quiver slung across her torso and has a double scabbard on her belt for her knives.
Personality: Andy is a very intense person. She has a habit of focusing on one thing to the exclusion of others, when it’s an interesting subject matter. In most circumstances, she has issues sitting still (she fidgets a lot), or quiet, however, when she is intent on it, she can be both silent and still for long duration.
Not entirely used to being around people consistently, Andy might try to distance herself from others. She doesn’t like it when people are cruel to animals. She also has a habit of acting angry at someone for much longer than she tends to actually be angry.  She also has a tendency to want to learn any secret that people have, even if it might be dangerous.
Class: Ranger
Weaponry: Longbow, quiver (holds 24 arrows), two knives (one shorter and balanced for throwing and the other longer (about the length of a short sword) which is designed for melee although can be thrown at an opponent), and a pair of leather wrapped brass rods weighted at each end (about one and a half times the width of her palm) called strikers.
Other: She may or may not get more hyperactive as the rp goes on (it all depends on how long her meds last). Also, I apologize in advance if I misrepresent ADHD.

Character form
Name: Christiana ’Chris’ Cordom
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Chris stands abnormally tall for a female at 6'2". She’s bulky in build with wider shoulders than is normal for a seventeen year old.
With her shoulder length ash blonde hair and dark grey eyes, people tend to believe that Chris comes from a Viking lineage (as she will neither confirm nor deny this it’s hard to tell).
The armor she is given is half plate, which protects her torso and arms, but not her legs. Underneath it, she wears a thick linen tunic and light woolen leggings. Over the top of the plate is a tabard marked with a grey lion on a blue background. Her shield is marked with the same crest. Her sword rests in a scabbard on her left hip. The dagger has a smaller scabbard on her right hip.
Personality: Chris is one of those people who can slip between roles with moderate ease. One moment she can be the brainless muscle, the next she can be the patient teacher. Without a role to play, Chris is a fairly mellow person, who will only fight to protect others.
Chris is generally open and friendly, and will always at least attempt to befriend people she’ll be in close proximity with.
Class: Warrior
Weaponry: Longsword and a kite shaped shield. Also carries a dagger for when combat gets too close for the sword.
Other: Not that I know of
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Well, seeing as if I added another character, that would make 10 and that's a little much imo, I shall not make another character, unless I have an awesome idea. Opal, please drop a post here when you finish so that I can check through it.

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Except for the second half of Chris' starter, I'm done. But it's 5.46am here, and I've yet to sleep. I'll finish ASAP. But for now, that's what I've got.
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Yeah, sleep is important. You may want to go do that, just (i'll restate again) drop a line when it's done. Also, your form says that Chris is a girl but you refer to Chris in your starter post as a guy. I'm a bit lost there.

Edit: Oh wait, I misread. Sorry about that.
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You can really tell that I rushed the ending of my starter post, it's not all it could be but at least it's finished. I had a busy weekend. Now time for some breakfast.

(Yes, Blazey-pops, I got your PM but I'm basically saying the same thing here so I didn't reply)
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Yeah, just making sure you don't forget (since many people irl seem to forget I exist half the time).

I'll add them and we just await Rhea.
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Grumble grumble growl growl.  Stupid char limit. Starter post going here since it with the form broke the character limit.

Starter Post: Sitting in the car, she remembered the one major issue with going to her father’s property in the mountains. The hours of driving required. Only an hour into the trip, Andrea Roberts sighed deeply as she looked out the window. The view almost instantly bored her, and she began to tap out a rhythm on the safety glass.
“Miss Roberts, I must insist that you don’t go through with this. Your school work will suffer, and you risk failing. And for what?” The driver asked impatiently.
“For the fact that my father’s back in town for the first time in at least a year, and if I don’t get out of the city, I’ll probably end up murdering someone. Albert, I know Mum’s paying you to keep me on track, but for Chris’sake, it’s three days, not a month.” The young woman said impatiently, and the driver sighed.
“Your mother is worried that your father might involve you in one of his… Less legal operations.”
“Dad’s operations are always legal. Some only just but… And anyway, Mum’s got her fingers in just as many pies as Dad.” Andy said calmly, and she saw the ghost of a smile on the driver’s face in the rear view mirror. “I’m going to try and get some rest. You know Dad’s gonna have me gallivanting across the property pretty much as soon as we get there.”
“Of course Miss Roberts. I’ll wake you when we cross the property line.”

“Chris, we'll see you later, alright? We just need to get ready for tonight.”
“Sure. I’ll see you guys at the scout hall.” Chris grinned to the other three girls, who nodded and went their separate ways. The blonde began to walk back to the little apartment, planning to take the shortcut through the construction site on Memorial Drive.
The crimson SUV came out of nowhere. The driver looked young, maybe too young to be driving. Chris could see his expression as he realized he wouldn’t be able to brake in time. She felt the impact echo through her core, felt herself go flying. Then… Nothing.

A rough hand was shaking her shoulder. Andy’s eyes flicked open, and she saw an older gent’s face, with a scruffy salt and pepper beard. His face was mostly obscured by the cowl he wore. When he saw Andy’s eyes open, he stepped back. She saw that they were in a dimly lit room, and that there was a bundle of objects on the table next to the rough cot she’d woken up on.
“There is not much time. What is your name, gel*?” He asked, in a rough voice.
“Andrea Roberts.” She answered hazily, her eyes already flickering about the small room.
“I guess you’ll have to do. Andrea Roberts, as your superior in the Ranger Corps, I am assigning you a mission. In the distance, there waits a mansion. Within this mansion, a mage intends to use the power of the dark crystal to tear this world apart. Your quest, and the quest of the others who you will soon meet, is to prevent this from happening. In that bundle are a Ranger’s tools, as well as some clothes that will help you to blend into this place.” The man said, and Andy’s eyes widened.
“Okay. So where am I? And for that matter, why can’t other members of the Corps attempt this venture?” She asked, already starting to unwrap the bundle.
“We have tried. We lost good men in the attempt." This caused Andy to look up in surprise. "Attempts have been made. They have all failed. No matter who attempted, all have died either at the mansion's gates, or on the way. Why you lot might be different, I don't understand but... I follow my Queen's orders."
Andy barely nibbled her lip, before nodding and turning back to the bundle. The grizzled man nodded sharply, and Andy heard the door close. Clearly he was trying to give her some privacy to get changed into the new clothing.
She found it to be both scratchy, and comfortable (and disturbingly well fitted). In a last minute burst of insight, she remembered to take the white bottle of pills out of her pocket (she couldn't help but wonder about this. Her pills had never shown up in a dream before), and shove them into a small pouch on the leather belt. There was a knock on the door, and the grizzled old man came in with barely a pause. Now that her eyes had adjusted, Andy could see that the old Ranger looked... worn down. Like an old soldier who had just finished fighting one war, and was just about to be shipped off to a new one.
"Good gel. Don't forget your weapons." He said gruffly, and she noticed the bow first, beautiful in it's simplicity. Then she saw the knives, and her eyes widened. Clearly they belonged in the double scabbard at her hip. She hefted one, and felt the superb balance, causing her to smile. There was a small leather pouch, and when she picked it up, it was quite heavy. Curious, she looked inside, and saw two leather and brass rods, almost the thickness of a roll of quarters. She buckled the pouch to her belt, and gently picked up the quiver full of black fletched arrows, laying the strap diagonally across her torso.
"They say a Ranger holds the lives of twenty-four men in his quiver. Do us proud, Ranger Roberts."
Last came the bow, and the sweet smell of beeswax on the string made Andy's heart sing. Her father always insisted on using wood bows, rather than the more modern fiberglass variations. She remembered her father carefully running a lump of beeswax up and down the string, to help protect it from harm.
She was about to sling the bow over her shoulder, when the Ranger held up a hand. He pointed to the bundle, and Andy saw the cloak, which in the dim light seemed to ripple and move. When she picked it up, it was heavy, and she realized why it seemed to move. The dye pattern formed a rudimentary camouflage effect, breaking up the outline of the cloak, especially in the dim light. She pulled it on, and instinctively flipped the corner back from her quiver. Before shouldering the bow, she also noticed the stiff leather cuff that was the arm guard, and slipped it on with a wry smile. She'd forgotten to use one once, and had never forgotten since.

With the bow simply held now, the Ranger nodded, and lead Andy out of the room, and down a series of turns. He lead her to a set of stairs, and she could see sunlight beyond them. Gently, he grabbed her by the shoulder, and said, very quietly, "In that garden, your companions wait. Each has their own skills. But understand this. If you die here, then you die in your own place as well. People will underestimate you, because you're a gel. Use that. Stealth and speed will be your allies. I'm sorry I couldn't have trained you more."

Chris felt something press against her back. She expected pain, but couldn't find any.
"You're late, cadet! Everyone else is here already!" A male voice said, and Chris shot up in instinct of the command voice,  reminiscent of her father's. "Good lass. Now take these and get changed." The man shoved a armful of clothes into Chris's arms.
"Where am I?" Chris asked quietly,  and the man grumbled something,  then spoke.
"The armory. You're the second one to show up in here and not know. Now hurry up and get changed!" He said sharply and Chris' instincts took over, honed by years of living with a military father. She pivoted, turning her back to the man. She caught a glimpse of the room,  light glinting off of shaped metal.
Quickly she changed, and when she turned back, the man gave her an approving nod. He handed her first a long shirt of chainmail, then a breastplate that glinted in the torch light. A gorget and armour for her arms followed. With impatience, he helped  Chris get the armor on and fastened. He then handed her a belt set with two scabbards. With it fastened, a younger man handed her a simply adorned longsword, and a dagger that was just about the length of her forearm.
"What is this about anyway?" Chris asked, and the man sighed.
"You and the others,  who you'll meet soon, are to be sent on a quest. There is a distant mansion.  From within,  a great evil stirs. For some reason, it's believed that you lot will be able to prevent it. You are a knight, strong and true. You will battle on the front lines to keep your allies safe." he said, as another squire came, carrying a large pack, a shield,  and a dark blue rolled cloth, which were handed to Chris.

With everything carefully positioned,  Chris looked at the man, who seemed puzzled, before realising something. He handed her a hood made of a stiff dark material, and then produced a conical helmet. Chris pulled the hood on first, following it with the helmet, which left her face mostly bare, but for a vertical bar that extended to the tip of her nose.
"I suppose that's as good as it can get. Come, I'll lead you to the garden. While you are here, have caution. You are just as mortal here as you are where you come from." He cautioned, and then began to lead Chris, who was feeling the added weight already, to a brightly lit garden area.
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Accepted. Questers! Get to your positions!

As soon as a warrior and ranger girl walk out into the garden, the huge guy who had greeted Leo from before stands in front of them. He half says, half bellows, in a sarcastic manner "Oh, nice to see you all finally showed up." Leo mutters, "I bet you're real glad to drag us from our world so you can basically kill us all because of your incompetence....." The knight seemingly doesn't notice, but there was a snicker or two behind him. "Anyways, you've been informed of your task. Begrudgingly, we had to drag you all from your world for this and you die for good if you do so here. So don't screw it up! Anyways, in your packs, you each have provisions, a map, clothing, don't ask how we found out your exact measurement, that's not my department, your gear, and possibly a few extra things depending on who your class guide was. If you'll open your maps....." The knight looked like he was waiting, then he finally said "Uh....that means open your damned maps." People shuffle in their backpacks and bring their maps out.

"As I was saying, on your maps is a spooky looking castle. Looks deadly, right? Glad we're not going there, right? Well, wrong. That's where you're going. There will be creatures of shadow that will be in your way. All of your weapons can take them out. The further from here you get, the stronger the enemy, thankfully. Now, if you get injured, thankfully we were able to pull some clerics from you, but they can't do everything. The best defense against injury is not being an idiot and avoiding attacks in the first place. The next best is killing them before they can get you. Now, all you have to do is start on the trail, which leads from the royal garden. Succeed in this mission and you not only will be sent home, but you will get an undisclosed reward. Fail, and you simply pass in both worlds. Wouldn't that be a shame? I don't expect a huge meet and greet, but you may want to be familiar with each other. Now.....get to it!" The knight leaves, giving Leo a death stare as he walks away. The war monk stays quiet and waits for someone else to speak up. He isn't really the kind to lead a discussion.
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"Well he was a real charmer, wasn't he?" Andy said dryly, as soon as the knight seemed to be out of earshot.
"And he didn't state the obvious at /all/. How was I supposed to know to try not to get hit if he hadn't been so helpful as to tell us." The voice Chris put on was both sarcastic, and poking fun at the blonde stereotype.

Andy cracked a smile at the blonde girl, and turned to look over the rest of the group. "My name's Andy. I'm not the best socially, but I can promise I won't murder you guys in your sleep."
"I'm Chris. 'parently, my job is to be in the front line and keep you guys safe. Guess I'll be getting most of the healings from the cleric." Chris said with a slight smile, noticing with mild amusement that she topped over most of the group by at least a couple of inches.
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Fay looked around at the group. After a couple others gave their introductions, Fay spoke up, "Hello, I'm Fay. I'm apparently one of the clerics mentioned before. I'll do my best to keep you all from getting killed," she said, glancing at Chris for a second. She then turned her head away and mumbled, "no pressure or anything."

Mira, by now having met her familiar, who was perched on her shoulder, stepped forward to give her introduction, "My name is Mira, and this little guy is my familiar, umm," she turned to the dragon and whispered, "what was your name again?" there was a short pause as the dragon communicated with Mira. "Oh, right, sorry," Mira turned back to the group, "his name is Jeon. Anyway, nice to meet you all."
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Mocedad managed to arrive just in time to hear a rather loud man informing the group he was questing with that they had a quest. Reduncancy aside, he also mentioned "your world", referring to the world Mocedad and likely the others came from, and "here", referring to where ever they were at the moment. The man stated that death in this world ("here") would mean death in the "real world", so that sounded like something to be avoided. With the loud knight's departure and some passage of time, the soon-to-be-questing-mates began introductions.
"Andy, archer. Chris…er…c-combat? C…close combat. Yeah." Mocedad thought to himself. Association: good way to learn names. He always had trouble with names. Hopefully he wouldn't accidentally call one of these girls "Alyssa" or "Carrie" or something.
"Fay. Like…those witches, right? No wait…they're fairies. Yeah, the 'Fay'. And fairies heal." he thought as the cleric introduced herself. On her shoulder stood a small winged lizard. A dragon. Well now. This was the perfect time for a self-introduction. Mocedad hoped he wouldn't mess this up.
"I'm Mo-Mocedad." he started with a slight stutter. He took a deep breath in and let it out. "I'm…a Dragoon apparently. I have a spear. And they told me I'm supposed to hunt dragons, but I won't hunt that one,"–he pointed to Jeon, "because I don't think I should. Preeety sure they were referrin' to the bigger ones that breath fire and are…scary…er." he continued rather quickly.
"John? Jeeon? Something. Kinda sounds like dragon. Jeon. Dreagon. Good."
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((^I dunno why, I just keep imagining your character as Markiplier. I have no clue why, I just am.))

Leo stayed back and waited for some introductions, and as they were introduced, he thought about who they seemed to be. So, we've got a ranger, warrior, a fellow healer, a mage with a dragon and someone who kills dragons. A mixed bag of nuts. The dragoon, I think that's what he is, seems like he's new to this kind of stuff. Or maybe it's a bluff for us to underestimate him so that we do most of the fighting and he coasts along without injury. He seems iffy, so I dunno what to think about him. The dragon could be useful, and the other cleric will take some pressure off me. Then there's the fighters.. Meanwhile, I have an ax that looks like it should belong to someone twice my size. This could be interesting. I hope no one makes fun of my ears. It went quiet for a bit so Leo decided to speak up, "Guess i'm next. I'm Leo and I have what looks like a healing staff and an ax that looks like it belongs to someone twice my size, then there's this weird flute, so I dunno what's going on here. I guess i'm some sort of war monk or something." he stops talking and waits for someone else to pipe up with their talk.
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"My name's Theo. I'm a druid," Theo stated blandly, seated on her low stone wall perch. She leaned forward a bit, and took a look at some of the new people who had come in. A tall tanned boy who looked a few years older than she was, a very short girl, and a tall girl. She looked at her bear, who was staring up at her, and shifting in his sitting position. "And this is my spirit... animal... bear... or whatever, Jasper." Jasper looked out at the group and let out a few happy chirps to the group.

Theo wasn't sure if she totally believed everything that was going on. She didn't usually dream this vividly, but she did remember definitely falling asleep in her bed earlier. Regardless, it seemed to her she had an interesting day ahead of her...
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Anna looked at Jamie, who didn't look as if he'd been listening to the conversation and was, in fact, combing through his hair. She sighed internally and whispered "Are you kidding me? This guy just said that if we die here, we die for real and you're sat there styling your hair?" But Jamie didn't so much as look up. There was a gap in the conversation in which Anna had subconsciously noted that people were introducing themselves.
"My name is Anna," She said quietly. She spoke up. "My name is Anna and I have a bow, so I guess that makes me an archer. This" She gestured to Jamie "is my brother Jamie. I think he's some type of rogue or thief or something."
"All you need to know is that I'm the devilishly handsome one." Jamie said, with a flicker of a smile to which his sister rolled her eyes.
Anna let out a small laugh and looked at the group. As far as she could tell, they were a pretty well rounded bunch, a number of girls as well as boys of all sizes and, she assumed, at least one of each class - though she knew very little about video game classes.
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"So we've got a viking,"
"Oi! I'm not a german pirate!" Chris said with a halfhearted glare.
Andy continued as if she hadn't heard, "A healer, some kind of dragon slayer? A mixed melee and healer type, a nature mage, a walking ego with knives, and two archers. And some kind of unknown? Seems balanced, I guess?" Andy shrugged,  looking at each party member as she mentioned their classes. Mira she gave a quizzical look to, unsure of the other girl.
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"Oh, umm, I'm a mage, I guess," Mira said, now realizing she never mentioned her actual class. "Sorry about that, I guess 'person with dragon' doesn't really indicate any actual class. Although, considering I literally have no idea how magic works, I probably won't be much more useful than just a 'person with dragon', not for a while at least."

Fay, meanwhile, decided to get to know her fellow healer. "Hey," she greeted, "Leo, right? So, you're also a healer?"
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To Leo, the group seemed pretty interesting so far. He had to bite back the urge to correct the one girl who thought Vikings were German pirates, although he did snicker at the walking ego comment. Sounds like a friend of mine at home. "Hey, Leo, right? So, you're also a healer?" the words rang in his ears. "Yes, and whoever picked our classes decided that I can swing an ax as well. I'm lucky to be able to lift the bloody thing to be honest. Not sure how the staffs or staves or whatever they're called work. I'm thinking they'll heal magically or something, but they gave us, or at least me, first-aid stuff as well. So i'm not sure here." Leo replies
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Chris looked over the group,  then meandered over to the two healers. "Look, I wanted to apologize for putting you guys on the spot. I'll make every effort to not put more of a burden on your shoulders than is already there." She said, hoping that Fay and Leo wouldn't mind the interruption.

Andy meanwhile, was partially considering going over to the other archer (Anna she reminded herself) but ended up deciding against it. The last thing she wanted to do was alienate the other girl. Absently, she started to beat out a rhythm on her leg, watching the rest of the group with blatant curiousity.
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((^I dunno why, I just keep imagining your character as Markiplier. I have no clue why, I just am.))
((Who says I'm not Markipiler?))

((I'm going to take some creative liberty in how we learn our skills if'n you don't mind. I figure we can all have unique ways to learn new abilities, but if there is to be some general method then I'll change my post accordingly.))

"Two archers. Gah. Okay, okay. Um…Anna Archer? Archer Anna. That's better. And the other one. Ah…what was i–Ashley? Andy! Archer Andy. It'll have to do. The mage. Mira. Mage Mira. ¡Mira esto! Yo soy un mago. Yeah. Sure. Why are there so many people?! Theo…er, Theo-nly magic she has is natural magic. Hehe. Nature's theo-nly one for her. Okay. Jasper the bear. That…certainly a name. Jamie. Jamie is the guy that can't keep his hands off himself. Uh, let's get back to that."

"Seems likely that they'd give us instructions or some sort of training so we're not just running out there and hoping for the best, right?" Mocedad suggested with a light chuckle. He took his pouch off and opened it up. While searching through his bag, he continued: "Scrolls for the spellcasters, materials for the fighters, maybe directions on how to use our abilities?" There was a map, some basic supplies (a few bottles of a mysterious red liquid the Dragoon figured was a Health Potion, and some other assorted goodies), and a tome of some sort with the Highwind Order symbol on it that Mocedad figured was an instruction manual. Opening it and checking the first few pages confirmed his suspicions: there were hints as to how a Dragoon could unlock the "Dragonkind abilities" that the woman in charge of the Order he was apparently joining told him about.
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((Maybe.....and I encourage people to add to it, since i'm half making it up as I go. Let's just hope Markiplier over there finds a way to remember Leo, since his class doesn't match up with his name for an alliteration, and I can't think of a pun))

"No no, we all probably needed to introduce ourselves either way." Leo replies to Chris, "We need to know what we're weak in or strong against, or who to keep a closer eye on." He said that with a faint, almost unrecognizable edge. "Like I said, kinda curious to why we have physical healing supplies as well as a magic staff." Mocedad then posed question, to which Leo replied. "Actually, that's probably what they expected, to start right away and just rain on the way. Speaking of which, who's leading this whole thing, because it's not me." he digs through his bag, which had a few informational scrolls, everything that the knight had said and a small package, with a good luck message from his class master. "Wow, my class master is a lot like my mom, nice, but a little overbearing. I wonder what's in it. Should I?"

((I'll leave it there and decide what's in it for my next post. I'm thinking some sort of sweets or whatever.))
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Fay turned her attention to Chris, "Hey, don't worry about it. I mean, healing people is going to be my job, right? Besides, if you're on at the front, you'll be keeping me from getting hit, right? I doesn't look like I'll be able to do much in the way of fighting, so pretty much everyone else, including you, is going to have to do that. The least I can do is keep everyone alive, right? Seems fair enough." She noticed Leo looking through his bag and decided to follow his lead, "Well, might be a good time to get acquainted with our supplies." She opened her bag and started digging through it. "Oh, what's this?" she pulled out a loosely bound tome and flipped it open, "looks like some kind of instruction manual. Well, that should be a huge help." Digging a little more, she found a  couple pieces of metal. She looked through the instructions to see if it said anything about this. "So, these are some kind of magic barrier?" She gave the metal coins a small toss. They suddenly began to move seemingly of their own accord, separating to a certain distance and a blue, translucent barrier forming, just high and wide enough to shield one person. "It worked!" she excitedly proclaimed, then grabbed the coins from the air, causing the barrier to dissipate. She stored them in an easy to reach pocket of her bag before going back to rummaging through it. She found some basic medical supplies, as well as a few empty containers, probably to store anything useful they may find, and a wand, which she also decided to keep in easy reach. She closed her bag and turned her attention back to Leo and Chris. "Well, nothing in there but the basics, I guess. What about you guys? Get anything interesting?"

Mira stepped away from the group. She wanted to see if she could figure out her new magic abilities, but didn't want to risk hurting anyone. She opened her bag and found a few scrolls detailing how to perform basic spells. She tried one out, one which created a strong gust of wind, since it seemed the least dangerous. It worked fairly well, if Jeon's happy chirping was any indicator. Mira tried out a couple more, then rolled the scrolls back up and placed them back in the bag. She closed the bag and looked around to see what everyone else was doing, but decided not to bother anyone quite yet. She strolled over to a nearby stone wall and sat down. Jeon jumped down off her shoulder and she absentmindedly began petting the dragon as she watched the group.
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Chris shrugged the pack off of her shoulders, undoing the toggles quickly. "Hrm. Bandages, whetstone. Flint and steel, this feels like trail rations. And some kind of  'Swordsman's Manual' it looks like it says." Chris mused, pulling out the book in question. Sitting in the bottom of the bag was a scroll in a case, but when Chris tried to open it, the case didn't budge.

Seeing that other people had started having a proper look through their packs, Andy did the same. She wasn't worried about the bow, not when her dad had been having her use one since she could draw the small hunting bow he'd given her as a kid. The knives however...
"Hrm. Spare bowstring, beeswax, whetstone. Sewing kit, pot of some kind of salve..." At this point, she'd pulled out the small pot and stuck her finger in the green goop, raising the finger to her nose. Her face squinched at the bitter herbal smell. She replaced the salve, and continued her inventory. "Resin glue, some fletching grade feathers. Roll of canvas, some rope... Ah." At this, Andy pulled out a sheaf of parchment, reading it quickly. Clearly her class master had known he wouldn't have very much time, do had tried to give her thorough notes.
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Watching the other teens milling around, talking and searching through their packs was, in a way l, entertaining to Jamie. He could see that everyone was a little lost and confused and there was no drive in any of these people to complete their quest and leave the dream. Jamie was quite surprised that some of the other teens seemed to have no idea what they were doing with themselves - surely the clerics and healers would have some experience with first aid or Saint John's Ambulance or something. The rest of them were in luck though, because Jamie (and, he guessed that he could also include Anna, at a stretch), knew exactly how to steal things.
"Let's just get our heads down, shall we?" Jamie said, standing up. He had no particular want or need to learn any names - he was here to do some stupid quest and then wake up and sort out that stupid shopkeeper.
"Our quest is to steal something or other from a heavily guarded place, which is kinda my thing anyway. I don't think anyone would have been given a class or" he looked around "... A dragon... If the people in this dream thing didn't think we could handle it. Can't we just go already?"
Anna was giving him her 'shut-up-you-stupid-show-off, you-may-be-cool-but-you're-still-my-baby-brother' look.
"Actually, William Wallace, I'd quite like a minute to make sure I can actually shoot an arrow, and I'd like to get to know the other archer... Andy?? Don't just assume everyone will listen to you because you look like some omen of death and you have more charisma than the entire House of Commons put together."
Jamie could have argued with Anna all day but that also would have been a waste of time. He went and sat back where he was, picking dirt that had somehow managed to lodge itself under his fingernails.
He was wearing his baby-brother pout which made Anna smile.
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Andy heard her name, and put the parchment pages back in the bag. She felt a leather roll as she did, and she had a sneaking suspicion what was inside it. Time enough to sort that out later. She wandered over to Anna, pretty sure that the other archer had been the one to say her name, and nodded acknowledgement, pointedly ignoring Jamie.
"Nice to meet you Anna." Andy said, mildly uncertainly.
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Leo opens the small package while everyone else milled about, and the long black haired kid who thought he was James Bond tried to take over, and it was basically what he didn't expect. It was what looked like some sort of candy. No one saw it. The elf-eared youth tried a little bit, Hey..... this is actually pretty good. I'll just stash this for later.... and put it to the side, wrapping it up. Also in there were supplies to sharpen his ax and a curious scroll, which he had 2 others of. Leo reads through it, it was a spell to repair broken equipment, and each scroll had one charge before it would disintegrate. Looking at his ax, it seemed to be a bit broken. "Weird." he mutters to himself "It's almost like she planned this." Leo reads through the spell and then gets his staff. He follows the directions and a light trails from the orb on his staff to the ax, making it look almost new. "Wow. When it said like new, they meant it." he says to himself. The boy picks up the scroll, only for it to crumble in his hands and the dust to blow away. Leo stares, wide-eyed. "Mmmmmkay then. That's enough of that." He puts his staff and newly repaired ax away, then continues to dig through his pack, finding nothing else really interesting.

Am I on drugs or something? I'm playing football and after getting decked I wake up in medieval times, have weaponry shoved into my hands and then told if I die now i'm done for good? What is this? Some sort of crazy fever dream? Maybe I can wake up from this.... Leo closes his eyes and concentrates hard. He sits there for a few good minutes, trying to leave, but he soon gives up. It's pointless trying. These people also don't seem to know what they're doing. Then again, neither do I. Unless someone takes charge. Then the rogue goes on his mini rant, only to be shot down by his sister. Scratch that, anyone but him take charge. I won't do it, i'm a horrible leader, but he's likely worse than I am. He'll get us all killed the way he's acting. Leo then shouted back at Jaime, "By the way, we're told to destroy it, not steal it!"
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Noticing that there didn't seem to be anyone willing to move forward as yet, Chris nodded to the two clerics, and began to move around the group,  passing roughly the same message around the group. "Check your kit, finish any introductions you need to. We'll head out as soon as everyone's ready."

She finished her circuit of the group back at Leo and Fay. "Hope you guys don't mind that I've done the head off call."
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Fay looked at Leo, then back to Chris, "I don't mind, whatever gets us moving. I just hope we're all ready for whatever may happen."

Mira hopped off the wall she was sitting on and walked over to the group where the two healers and the the one who had seemed to have taken charge, Chris, were. Jeon followed quickly behind her, landing on Mira's head then jumping down to her shoulder once she stopped. "Well, I'm ready whenever," she said, standing a little ways away from the group so as not to intrude too much.
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((More italic thoughts incoming! BTW, I keep spelling Jamie like Jaime. So bear with me on this as I try to correct it.))

Hearing Chris' orders, he nods, showing that he was listening. Chris? The leader? She seems able and willing, and a whole lot more sane than that other guy. What was his name? Right, Jamie. She's stronger and seems more trustworthy. Jamie would probably steal from us as soon as we turn our backs and take off. Mocedad was it? The dragoon, Mocedad, right. Mocedad seems a little better after his suggesting to search our packs. He may know some things. Anna and Andy are Archers, but Andy also can fight close range, so this should be fun. Anna will probably help keep our rogue in line. Meanwhile, Chris seems like a strong stereotypical lead, the warrior type. She should lead. Maybe I can be towards the front, giving advice and stuff. Theo is a nature mage? Druid is what it's called? Fay is a fellow healer, so I should befriend her. Mira the Mage? Easy to remember, then Jasper the bear is Theo's and Jeon the Dragon is Mira's

Leo walks over to Chris and once he has her attention, he tells her. "Real quick, back home, I have a huge interest in this kind of stuff in video games, books and stuff like that. So if advice is needed, I might have a few suggestions. Just so you know. I won't lead this whole thing, god knows how horrid of a leader I am. So you'll probably be better for that, but I can help out if you need it. I'll be packing everything up if you need me." Without waiting for an answer, he walks back to where he and Fay, the other cleric seemed to be camped out and started packing up, taking in the beautiful flowers, the oranges, pinks, reds, purples, blues and whites among many other colors. The  journey would begin soon and he was taking in the last bit of beauty before the hell that would surely come.
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Leo offered his bit of advice, suggesting that everyone's higher ups gave them some instructions and sent them on their way. Mocedad began skimming the manual he was given, glossing over some of the history and other details that weren't too important right now. The manual included the Code that the Order followed: listing several rules and mandates. Chief among them were the standard warrior/protector statements: protect those that cannot fight, support allies in combat, recognize when falling back is advisable, and so on. He turned back to the Table of Contents, checked the page number for how to activate class abilities, and turned to the page. It detailed the steps required and preparations needed for certain attacks. There weren't many skills, but the ones that there were looked to need good tactical management to pull off. Mocedad was glad he was wearing some tough looking armor.

The Dragoon (to be) heard…the guy with the axes (Leo, like lion. Claws, paws, mane, pain. Ax, facts, Lion, fangs. Axes are like fangs maybe?) talking to Close Combat Chris. He suggested she lead the group, given that she was a warrior. This was fine by the Dragoon, though he thought he should offer his two cents on the matter and support Leo in his decision to suggest Chris lead. He approached Chris.

"I agree with Lio-Leo." he started. "Curses!"
"Chances are us three will take a more frontal approach to combat. It'd be easier to give out orders and advice. 'Course, all of us can offer our ideas and advice, since we should be gettin' familiar with our abilities and stuff." he continued. His eyes widened a bit.
"N-Not to say you don't know how to lead! I mean, we all hardly know each other! But we will. Know each other that is. Ah…maybe…well…" he stopped here to rub his chin in panicked contemplation. He breathed in slowly.
"If you want to lead, I'm sure we'll follow. But we're a Party. So don't be afraid to ask for help, ya know? Took me most of my life to learn askin' for help is a great thing." He took a bit of a step back.
"Ready and waiting." he said with the sort of tone a soldier would say to a general.
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"I agree. The ones who stand in the front should take leadership initiative," Theo said with a nod. "I think designating one leader at this time would be a bad idea. Honestly, it's true we don't know each other and we don't know if we're going to be forced to split up," Theo added, noticing that the dragoon had opened his manual. Theo was already having a difficult time with the names, but she wasn't too worried. She'd learn them soon enough, for sure. Theo put the bag in her lap, and opened up the spell tome.

The first few pages were lore that explained being a druid, which Theo decided to skim over in favor of what the rest of the book held. The only two spells she had were "Wild Shape", and "Growth". Under the spell names small black handwritten notes explained the spells, followed by an incantation that Theo wasn't going to try to pronounce at the moment. Wild Shape appeared to allow her to change herself into an "appropriately" sized animal. Theo had no idea what an appropriate animal would be, but she would have to figure it out. Wait, how is this going to work with clothes? Theo realized, with a look of silent panic overcoming her face for a split second. No, I'm sure it'll all work out... she thought, continuing to read about growth, which... made plants grow.

Theo shut the book, put in in her pack, and slid off of the fence, making her way closer to the group with Jasper in tow.
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Leo packs everything quickly, in time to see Mocedad and Theo ((who I keep thinking is a boy)) talk to Chris. They seemed to agree that Chris would make a strong leader. He nods to himself. Everyone seemed to like Chris as the leader, and she didn't mind leading, seemingly. Many of the others were either packing or talking to her. Leo, meanwhile walked over to Fay and said "Would you like some help with that?"
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Fay noticed a few people gathering nearby. It looked like everyone was planning to leave soon. She heard Leo's offer for help and responded, "Oh, sure. Not much to help with though, I'm almost done packing." She sighed, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling incredibly nervous. Who knows what we will run into. I just hope we can keep everyone alive. I'm just glad there are two of us healers here, imagine how stressful it would be if there was only one."
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"I'm not as nervous about it as I should probably be. Something just....feels right about this situation, like i've been preparing for it." he says, standing by as Fay finishes packing. "Just glad there's another cleric-type person, because if everyone gets injured, it would put a lot of strain on that one person. Of course, most injuries are avoided my common sense, it's nice to have someone else to help out." Leo holds his ax in one hand and offers Fay the other one.
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((If you spelt it Jaime then it would actually be the Spanish form of the name - pronounced "Hi-me" as in Jamie Algersuari - ex-F1 driver. Just saying))

"Oh sure, when I say 'let's go!' No one listens but as soon as someone else says it everyone jumps at the opportunity like no one ever suggested it before." Jamie moaned to exasperated sighs and tuts from Anna. She had greeted the other archer, Andy, with a smile as she'd been checking her - and Jamie's - packs. They'd been very similar and contained only stuff that appeared to be standard issue.
"So, have you ever shot an arrow before, because I sure haven't." She said, directing the question at Andy.

Seeing Anna wielding a huge bow and looking confused about it made Jamie feel suddenly protective over his sister. It was clear that she and Andy would have to be stationed a little further removed from the action than everyone else in order to have clear air from which to shoot, but what would happen if some enemy somehow managed to get close to them? He still didn't quite believe that death in this dream meant real death but, he reasoned, this wasn't like normal dreams and perhaps the reason for his warrior class being such an intimate class in terms of fighting was because he had to be there to protect Anna in case something did get too close for his sister to shoot at it. Perhaps for the first time, Jamie realised that the sibling bond truly meant having each other's backs, not just Anna having his back like all the times she spent a night in jail, covering for him. Jamie sighed inwardly and put his arm around Anna.

((That was way deeper than I meant it to be lol idk))
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"Yeah," Fay responded, "I'm pretty sure I'd just freak out under the pressure if I were alone." She took his hand and pulled herself up. Letting go, she swung her bag comfortably over her shoulder. "It looks like just about everyone's ready to go. So, what do you think, should the two of us stick together while we travel, or split up to make sure at least one of us is close to everyone incase something happens?"
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Leo stands there, a bit surprised she took his hand, but shakes it off quickly. "Honestly, I don't know. If we stay together, i'll reduce the risk we get injured, but if we split up, we cover more ground. I'll be towards to front to middle because I happen to know a lot about this stuff and will be giving advice to our widely accepted leader. If you want to join me, feel free to." he says, looking out into the flowers. The boy said, half to himself, "They are pretty, aren't they?"
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With Leo and Moceda's reassurances, Chris felt a lot better about the decision she'd made. When Theo suggested that a proper leader shouldn't be chosen at this point, she nodded agreement.
"I'm happy to take point, being the one with a shield, but we're a group of complete strangers. You're probably right that we shouldn't trust just one person for the nine of us." She acknowledged thoughtfully.

At Anna's question,  Andy nodded slightly. "Yeah. My dad has a property in the mountains. He taught me how to shoot a bow. He never really held with guns. Always said that anything you're hunting should have a chance to avoid getting hit. I've got a thing of notes if you want to read over them? They might be more help to you."
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"How urgent is this quest exactly? How long will we be out there? Are we gonna need food and water? Other supplies? Hey, I wonder if we can get wooden versions of our weapons to practice with. Some sparring might help us learn our weapons better and feel more comfortable with each other. What was the name fo–Blood Brothers? Some trope."

"Does anyone know…when we have to go? You'd think we'd have more training. Or at least a chance to practice our weapons." Mocedad said. He slightly regretted saying this aloud, fearing it'd make him look cynical of the whole matter. Or eager to fight. "My boss didn't say–she only said it was an urgent quest. But if this is anything like a video game we have as much time as we need to grind." he added. He chuckled slightly, though his expression was more of a "eh? maybe?".
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Leo snaps out of his little trance from the flowers to respond to Mocedad, "I would think they would at least give us that luxury, but from the looks of it, it's going to be trial and error with melee weaponists. Andy, Anna, Theo and..." He trails off as he takes a moment to remember the last name. "Mira have the chance to practice. The rest of us, well, let's just hope we learn quickly."
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"Well.. it might be possible to make practice weapons if we can find some decently long pieces of wood. I don't know how to imitate an axe with that method though..." Chris suggested mildly, looking briefly at the weapons she could see, and trying to guess their respective lengths
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"I suppose you're right." Leo responds, but he suddenly gets an idea. "Well, if we can find some smaller sticks as well as some twine or rope or something, that could work out. Sadly, I don't have either."
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"Well, if anyone gets hurt, I guess it will give me a chance to practice healing," Fay pointed out, "though I don't suggest purposely hurting anyone."

Mira decided to speak up, "If the melee types are going to be training, maybe us long-range fighters should do some target practice?" she suggested.
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"Honestly, that's a great idea and all, however, I think we should do that once we make camp for the night. We should probably get going." Leo says. He was itching to leave the garden so they could go home. "I mean we could stay here but we may want to start while we still have daylight."
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"Lion makes a point." Mocedad said. "It's entirely possible that this world has a longer or shorter day, so we should move and find some shelter closer to the big scary castle we'll be adventuring in."
He took his map out of his pack and opened it. It was larger than he expected, but had enough landmarks that he figured they wouldn't get hopelessly lost. He studied it for some time, turned 90 degrees, looked around, turned 180 degrees, looked around some more, then found a landmark on a route that looked safe.
"Looks like there's a bridge some ways that way. Should start us on our journey. I think..."
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Anna quickly grasped the noted that Andy had held out to her and scanned them. The hand writing was easily legible and before long Anna had gathered a few tips for aiming on top of the things she's already learnt from films like Brave and Robin Hood. The writing on part of the page was written over several times in emulation of a bold font: "Always aim a little above your target to accommodate gravity, and, if there is wind adjust your aim into the wind a little." The notes read.
"Hmm. Kinda like golf on the Wii." Anna mused before passing the notes back to Andy. "Hey, thanks. Those notes were a big help."

Jamie had been awfully quiet, but he, like others was studying the map for different routes, places with high vantage and places that looked as if they could easily conceal some sort of monster. He was simultaneously attempting to keep up with the main conversation. People were discussing practicing weaponry but Jamie had always been more in favour of learning on the job: he agreed that the team should leave before dark. Once Anna had finished reading the other archer's notes he relayed the details he could remember from the main conversation.
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"Lion?" Leo raises an eyebrow at Mocedad. He starts digging through his bag for his map and starts looking through it then nods. "Our resident nicknamer is right. There is a bridge nearby and we don't know how long each day is here. It also seems to be our best path at this point." Leo puts his map away. "Ready when you are, boss lady." he says, adding the last part jokingly.
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Andy took the notes back, and replaced them in her pack. She saw the others seemed to be fully ready, then looked at the warrior, who'd seemed to take point position.

Chris glanced around the group, then spoke up. "Jamie, can we trust you to be a forward scout? You seem to be the best among us for stealth. And thieves have sharp eyes and steady hands." She said, then continued.
"Mocedad, Leo, would you be willing to stand with me as front rank? Theo, Anna and Mira, are you willing to be our middle rank? Fay, can you and Andy form our back line?"
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Leo shakes his head. "I agree with you mostly, except for the back rank. Fay is a cleric, meaning she has weaker weapons if any, so unless she fancies using her staff like one, which isn't the best idea, she may want to be more towards the middle. Andy is more suited for long ranged combat with the bow and the throwing knife, although she can go melee with whatever else she has, so Andy could stay back there." Leo says. "I would recommend switching Fay with either Theo or Mira, or at least have one of the two float closer towards the back to make up for the lost offense. Some group of things could ambush us from the back and it could be one or more on basically one. Although we could notice, it could already be too late. That's at least how I see it."

Wow, who knew wasting away my life reading fantasy novels, roleplaying and playing Fire Emblem would actually come in handy?
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"A forward scout?" Jamie's ears pricked up with the mention of his name. "Yeah, I can handle that." He looked at the rest of the collective.

Anna considered the position of being a part of the middle rank, which she would have been fine with - being part of the pack and therefore more secure from outside attacks and ambushes. Except she had no close combat weapons, unless she took one of Jamie's blades, which would actually make sense seeing as he had enough knives accommodate a large dinner party. How hard could melee fighting actually be?

She imagined she would find out.
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Fay signed, "Leo's probably right. Besides, taking the middle, I should be able to reach more people if anyone needs me to heal them." She looked apologetically at Chris, "I hope this doesn't mess up any plans you had too much."

"I wouldn't mind taking the back," Mira responded to Leo's suggestion, "unless Theo has a preference. I'm fine either way."
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"I'm not trying to undermine you or anything, but we don't know what's out there and it's better to be safe than sorry." Leo says. "Thinking logically, like Fay said, if she was in the middle, she would have equal access to everyone in case someone needed healing, and be protected from attack since she isn't an attacker or quite as heavily armored say you or I. It's a risk either way, but this is less of one than if we have Fay in the back."

I'm really hoping she isn't offended by my suggestion.
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((Out of curiosity, is there some game whose combat system we'll adopt? Or will this be a more realistic non-turn based deal?))

"I'm fine with taking point." Mocedad said. "I've got a spear. I can…poke stuff from a bit further than point blank. Plus, according to my manual, I can do some good damage from a distance with some of my skills. We should have our Theif up front when we venture into places that could have traps though." he continued. He turned to Anna, who seemed deep in thought.
"You can detect traps, right?" Mocedad asked Anna. He then noticed the fairly large bow she had with her. He also remembered his association: Archer Anna. Hopefully these mistakes would become less common as they continued to venture.
"Wait. No, you're the theif. Or Rogue. Yeah!" he quickly said, turning to Jamie. "You take point in dungeons maybe. If you can sense traps."
"Jamie…jank? Jack. Jamie jacks. Like steal. Alright."
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"You can detect traps, right" a boy nearby said. Anna recalled he had a name, she just couldn't be sure what it was... maybe it began with an M? - she thought it might have been long. Either way, she resolved simply to wait until she heard someone else say his name.
Anna guessed the pair of them were even though, because he was looking directly at her, with her bow and quiver in tow and had failed to recognise her as an archer. Anna the archer. In fact, the M-guy appeared to have completely mistaken her for her brother, despite the notable differences in their genders and appearances. She shrugged it off, she was having trouble remembering people too.
"Yeah, no, Raven boy over there is the detecty-trapsy-stealthy-thief one. I usually just make sure that if the Police are about, Jamie doesn't get the blame..." Having said this, Anna felt she ought to explain Jamie's delinquency "he's kind of a rogue outside of this weird dream too."
Anna called Jamie over from where he'd gone back to being some sort of dark and arrogant hermit and introduced him to the M-guy.
"You want to talk strategy, Dragoon?" Jamie asked.
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"Let's not take too long if possible." Leo advised. Well, looks like everyone is forming their little groups and stuff. Andy and Anna, Chris and I, Mocedad and Jaime, all talking strategy and stuff. Well, at least we aren't arguing. Moving Fay to the middle means that she can focus on healing instead on defending herself, allowing us to mount an offensive even easier, without worrying about her getting overwhelmed. With Jaime taking traps out, that makes it even easier on us, but puts him at a risk. If he does his job well, things will move even quicker since he'll also be scouting for a way ahead, meaning, shortcuts. Chris and Mocedad leading the way, since they're likely the strongest of all of us. Theo, being a druid, and Jasper was it...? Anyway, likely will be a good navigator and well help is find edible plants and even poisonous plants for weaponry if needed. Andy and Anna will cover us from a distance and can help hunt wild game, and Andy also has those close range weapons. Mira and Jeon will be a bit of a wild card, magic can be helpful if given enough time to develop, but that's more long range based, then again it works short range as well. Meanwhile, I'm sorta strong with this ax and can heal. I think things are going nicely. Leo, unknowningly, was muttering it to himself as he thought it out.
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Mocedad saw the 'Raven-boy' approach and request to talk strategy. According to Anna (who sounded a bit irritated that she was confused for the person who was the theif. In his defense, archers are sometimes 'Rangers', and rangers have some trap finding skill.
"It's likely that castle will have some traps and pitfalls and stuff like that. So I figure you should take point, just ahead of Chris and I so you can see any traps. Once the path is safe in that sense, Chris and I can go on the offensive and scare off anything that aims to hurt us. We get Anna," he stressed her name here, trying to make up for mistaking her class for Jamie's, "and (started with an A…) Andr–Andy to fire off arrows from a distance, Leo over there can do Support or Offense as the situation calls, and we get heals, buffs, and ranged attakcs from Fay and Theo." Mocedad told Jamie.
"Was that all right? Did I get the right names? 'least I didn't say 'lion' instead of 'Leo' this time. Shouldn't Chris be here talking strategy? Maybe I'm getting too detailed."
"Oh yeah. Mira. She can fire off some spells. Magic missile and stuff. You cool with going up ahead? Don't want you thinking we're treating you like a meat shield. You're just better at seeing the stuff the rest of us might not. Since you're a…Rogue and all." He avoided using the word "Theif". Negative connotation. If they were to all work as a team, it'd be best to not get on someone's bad side.
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((Macintosh, I forgot about your question, it's going to be more realistic and not turn based))

Wait. Am I mumbling my thoughts again. Ugh. Where's the filter when you need it? Focus Leo. Wait, Leo....Lion. That's how he got that! Focus you moron, do something to deflect the attention away from your planning and strategies. I've never played an instrument outside of a video game, maybe this flute is magic or something. Leo had realized that he was muttering his strategic plans under his breath and had stopped talking for a second. The boy takes the flute out from his pack. "I'll confess, i've never played in an instrument that isn't in a video game. Let's hope this works out." The war monk attempts to play the flute and ends up playing a pretty little tune out on it ((what is it? I'll never tell)). "Guess it is magic, since I probably wouldn't be this good back home." He laughs a little nervously at that comment and keeps playing, trying to figure out how to get buffs and stuff to start working on it.

((If anyone wants a slight buff for the time being, first person to say they want it can pick which kind of stat and take it.))
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Chris nibbled her lip in thought. They're right. Besides,  if Leo's on the front line, and Fay were on the back and got hurt there's the chance he couldn't get there in time. If Theo and Mira are in the back, they can provide cover, and the bear, Jasper I think, can act as sweeper if Theo is willing. Fay can be in range to cover them from return shots, and heal if required. I want the thie- rogue, to be where Anna can keep an eye on him, when he's not scouting. Hm. Mocedad and I can cover Leo, and he's more suited for melee than distance so he needs to be here. Anna can take out things that threaten Fay, while she keeps the back rank at least healthy. I should have realised the possibility of us getting blindsided from behind. She thought rapidly,  then nodded curtly.
"You're right. Mira, Theo, can you two run back rank with Andy? Fay, you're willing to be in the middle of the party?"

((I'm headcanoning that he played the Song of Time from OoT))
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Leo stops playing for a second to think it through. So we're moving Theo and Mira, not to mention Jeon and that cute little cub Jasper. That means it would be 3-2-3 not counting Jamie, who will probably be in the middle so that he's kept in check by Anna. That makes it still 3-3-3. Fay is kept safe and we have more offense in the back, and the middle is covered since we have Anna the archer there, and our thief, which is what it's really called, not saying that out loud, that much, can probably, probably being the key here, throw knives, and has the speed to take enemies out quickly. Still keeping an eye on him, if he tries stealing, i'll show him why I play football. Meaning Chris, Mocedad and I take the front, two of us ar- who am I kidding, all 3 of us are melee fighters. We're all strong melee fighters, though, so that checks out. Ok, I think this is more sound than what we had before, we're good to go. He nods. "I think that this is a better plan. If we need traveling music, I can handle that. Ready when you are." says Leo.
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"Well," Jamie said "it sounds like as a whole we have the strategy pretty much down, and I'm completely fine with going up front alone - I was never that good at working in a team anyway." He shot a covert glance at Anna, who'd always insisted on teaming up with him. She caught his eye and frowned but then the moment passed and Leo was talking about being ready to go.

Anna and Jamie started shuffling like a pair of kids waiting for their parents to be ready. They checked and rechecked their packs while they were waiting.
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((Just a small bridge as I prepare a larger post))

"Well, seeing as your sister is here with you, I suspect some team play was probably the cause of it." Leo eventually retorts, which is uncharacteristic of him. He put down his flute long enough to check his pack and secure his staff correctly, then secure the ax, as the flute required two hands. "Now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to be the pied piper minus the rats and the death, hopefully." he takes his place up front and to the left of Chris and continues to play an assortment of music.
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"Yeah, that should be fine," Fay replied to Chris. She walked over to Anna. She figured that since they would be in the middle together, she may as well join her now. "Hey, so I guess we'll be traveling together, right?"

Mira also replied to Chris, "As long as they are fine with having me around, I'm fine with it." She took a place close to where Chris and Leo were, a short distance behind them, waiting for the rest of the party.
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"I don't mind taking the back. It doesn't make a difference to me," Theo said to Mira, but her gaze shifted off to the rest of the group towards the end of her statement. "I think Jasper will be able to sense danger from behind fairly easily," she added, looking down at her bear. He was sprawled out on the ground with his eyes closed, clearly uninterested in all the the tactic-speak that was happening around him. "I'm also going to read a bit of this tome, so it's probably best nobody gets stuck behind me."
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With the marching order established,  Andy strolled over to the people she'd be sharing a line with, almost bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement to get moving. For some reason she couldn't describe, it felt right to be here. She slung her pack (it was really more like a satchel,  probably so it wouldn't interfere with the bow or quiver), back over her shoulder, and held the bow comfortably.

Chris looked around the group carefully. It was quite possible that not everyone would make it home. She'd do everything in her power to prevent that, but they were being thrown to the wolves with basically no training besides whatever they'd learned at home.
"Right. If everyone's in agreement about their positions, we should head out. If anyone's getting to the point where they can't continue, just speak up and we'll do whatever is possible to help you out." She said, shrugging her shield down her arm and into her hand.
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He plays until Chris speaks up and nods. However, Leo's feet felt like he could climb a mountain in record time. He just felt faster. Woah.... awesome flute... Leo stows the flute in one of the pockets of his robes and unstraps his ax and holds it in his dominant hand. "Aye! Ready when you are ma'am." Leo says.
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Some of the others looked ready to set out on adventure. They were rocking on their heels, or getting their equipment set, or awaiting a command. Chris seemed to be taking the leadership position well.

"Well everyone looks ready. The map says we should head out that way. Let's get a move on; we're burning daylight." Mocedad said. He started walking toward the path, but stopped to wait for the others. He'd hate to face the first encounter alone.

((Should we just advance the story a bit? Kinda seems like we're all standing around saying we're ready or thinking of strategy.))
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((I agree with you, on that, once everyone goes off, me might just timeskip on an agreed upon time. If anyone has a suggestion for that, tell me, because I have no idea))

Leo was starting to get a little impatient. I wonder what kind of monsters are out there. Will they be classic medieval monsters? Will they by shadow imps a bit like those from Kingdom Hearts? What are we facing? I just hope that we start out easy with the monsters because I don't want to be bossrushed as soon as we step onto the path. I don't feel like dying tonight. I hope they hurry up, I want to get on with this.
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Chris looked around the group one last time, then nodded and began to walk. "Come on people, we're wastin daylight!" she called over her shoulder, trusting that everyone would follow.

Andy started moving as soon as Anna, Jamie and Fay were on their way, positioning herself between Mira and Theo, to have the best coverage for front and back. Besides,  marching order could be reformed later. As if inspired by Leo, she started to whistle a song, not feeling the need for stealth as yet.

((sorry for group gmod. Blaze told me to get things moving since Chris does leadership position))
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((And I did. It's fine, as it allows me to make a more plot relevant post))

The groups starts through a forest. Oh look, a good stereotypical first place to start a journey. It's a pretty forest that doesn't at all seem very threatening at all. So it lulls Leo into a bit of a hypnotic daze as he walks on, admiring the scenery. Enough time passes with idle chit chat as they walk through the woods that Leo gets very bored.

Unluckily, that was about to change.

A bush nearby rustled and it jolted Leo to his senses. He looks around, but nothing else really happened. Weird...... The group keeps walking for a couple more minutes, then another bush rustles. Suddenly, a weird and slightly ugly looking creature steps out, holding a stick, in front of Leo, who stops. "Um, guys, what the hell is a goblin wielding a stick doing in the forest?" he asks. The goblin stares at him, puzzling.

Then it charges him.

He barely brings his ax down to block the attack with the flat side. "I guess that's what." Leo finds himself staring at the goblin, who stared back at him. "He seems to be alone." It strikes again with the stick, and it connects with his leg, and a small pain shoots up it. Now he realizes that stick had thorns on the end, much like a spiked club. Leo didn't know if he was bleeding, but he knew it poked a hole in his robes and ripped a part in the pants underneath. "Well damn. It seems like I have been spiked. Little punk." Leo takes his ax and hits it in the head with the flat. It's dazed. Then he slices at it, connecting with its arm. The goblin didn't like that and fled. "Done already?" he half asked, half taunted. It goes quiet for a moment, and five more goblins step in front of the group, along with an orc. "Ok.... well. Nice to see the stereotypical enemies of any rpg out to attack. Guys, I hope you're ready to fight." They start for the group.

((Ok, hope they learn quick. Opal, if you're reading this, I know this isn't how we planned it, but I kinda forgot how it went so I just made it up. Everyone just know that not every monster is suicidal, so most will flee if you do enough damage to them. K? K.))
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The goblins chattered about with their ugly words, and the goblins spread out a bit in a weak flanking attempt. Theo's heart was pounding, and she glanced down at Jasper to see him staring at the ogre, absolutely terrified by its size. "It's alright Jasper, we'll just get some of the goblins..." She focused her vision on the goblin the most of the edge of the group, and noticed a vine falling from one of the overgrown trees. Uhh... I'm not sure how to use this magic... Theo thought, reaching her open hand forward. "Alright... bolg gréine," she muttered under her breath, as the vine began to grow down. The goblin seemed unaware that Theo was making the vine move, so it was easy for her to manipulate the vine around the goblin's ankle. Theo clenched her fist, making the vine wrap around the goblins foot tightly. Crap! I can't pull him up or anything! I don't know a spell for that!

"Jasper, attack that goblin!" Theo commanded. Jasper looked at the thorned stick, and then back at Theo. "Just do it! You'll be fine!"

 Jasper ran forward, and the goblin began to whack Jasper with the stick, but Jasper's fur was too thick to cause anything but blunt damage to him. Jasper went for a bite on the goblin's ankles, which the goblin reacted to with a whack of his stick to Jasper's head as Jasper bit down on the unchained ankle. Jasper took the hit with a whimper, but when the goblin struck again, Jasper caught the stick in his mouth. Jasper yanked the stick out from the goblin's hand, throwing it in Theo's direction. Panicking, the goblin lunged forward towards his weapon, tripping himself on the vine wrapped around his ankle. The goblin fell face first to the ground, causing Jasper to react by jumping onto the goblin's back. Jasper mauled him as best as a small bear cub could, meaning he caused some bites and scratches. The goblin kept yanking his leg that was attached to the vine, eventually breaking free. The goblin fought the force of the bear cub off of his back, returning to two feet, and running back into the jungle.

"Good job Jasper!" Theo said to her bear, who immediately took off after the running goblin. "Jasper, no, return here! There's more!" Jasper immediately did a one eighty, and stood at attention for Theo's next order.
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"A fitting place," Mocedad thought "to be ambushed. Let's see if I can hold my end of the bargin." The Dragoon looked around to see the goblins and an orc spreading themselves around the party. They'd be flanking them if they weren't outnumbered. Mocedad stepped in front of some of the group and lifted his spear in a ready stance.

"I'm ready for some combat." Mocedad called back to Leo. One of the goblins raised something that looked like a small club and rushed at the Dragoon with a battle cry. Mocedad lunged forward, holding his spear out towards him. Just before coming into range, he spun around, turning his stabbing attack into an attack in a wide arc in front of him. The goblin was caught off guard and knocked down. It had a gash on the side of its face where the edge of Mocedad's spear had struck it, though it wasn't a deep cut as the Dragoon hadn't hit him with the blade.

"Hrah! That'll show ya!" Mocedad jeered.
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While everyone else hurried off to fight their first enemies, Leo quickly checked what goblin number 1 left him with. Hm..... It's mostly a scratch, it is bleeding, but that must be the slowest trickle i've ever seen. It'll clot quickly, then I can clean it up. Just gotta hide it until then.... It didn't look like anything major that would impede his progress, so he left it. However, the new goblin that approached his side of the group intended to leave more lasting wounds, and it had the weapon do to it. An even bigger stick, this time without thorns. "Aww..... that's want to battle?" he taunted. The goblin charged at him, attempting to sweep at his feet. Leo jumped and kicked it with his left foot. It stumbled towards the middle of the pack. He smirked for a few moments, then his smirk turned to a look of horror. D-did I just hit that thing towards Fay? After I made it a point of putting her towards the middle? Am I that stupid? Leo went back after it.