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So, according to my Sky TV Guide... on Saturday 18th July 2015, CiTV are to premiere Pokemon: Mega Evolution Special (Episode 1) at 8:30am and then Pokemon: Mega Evolution Special (Episode 2) at 9:00am. As of me typing this out, there is no mention of the third special being broadcast and there is no mention of any repeat showing (although since this broadcast has been timed to coincide with the starting of the Summer Holidays, I assume one will be forthcoming... XP). Straight afterwards, CiTV are showing the four Pokemon Origins specials back-to-back (at 9:25am for Episode One, 9:50am for Episode Two, 10:15am for Episode Three and 10:45am for Episode Four~). ... I have no idea if Episode One will contain the scene that mysteriously disappeared when it was premiered in May 2014. =P Personally... I hope the Mega Evolution Specials are repeated at a friendlier time. ^^;;


Edit [21st July 2015]: Still no news on whether CiTV are set to repeat the Pokemon: Mega Evolution Specials Episodes One and Two at a better time (although if you missed them and are able to use the iTV Player, then they will be available there for a few weeks)... but on Monday 27th July 2015, it looks like CiTV are set to show Pokemon: Mega Evolution Special (Episode 3) at 5:00pm. I say "looks like" as technically it is listed as Pokemon the Series: XY (The Strongest Mega Evolution: Act III). >.>;; However, that is the Japanese name of the Special so I'm assuming that is what they are showing. -prods- (CiTV have form for this; sometimes on the episode descriptions that appear on my Sky TV Guide, they will list the Japanese names of the Characters and last week or so I'm sure they mistakenly stated that they were going to show "Ash and May! Heated Battles In Hoenn!" whilst repeating Advanced Battle. I never checked but I don't think they did as I don't think that episode has been shown outside of Japan. >.>;;) Although, as I stated in the brackets... they do sometimes say that they are going to show episodes that appear in the Japanese run of the show (the third Special follows the episode they showed yesterday~) but not neccesarily the overseas version. I guess we'll see. ^^;;


Edit [28th July 2015]: Yeah... CiTV didn't show Pokemon: Mega Evolution Special (Episode Three) on Monday 27th July 2015 after all. Just the next episode of Pokemon the Series: XY (Good Friends, Great Training~). Typical. -_-;;

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