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14-15 nfl thread

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the bread dragon:
its about time for this, i figured
romo is coming back tonight iirc, cba to watch it though

ive been real disappointed with espns coverage of the preseason, I dont know whats going on or whos doin well
doesnt matter a /whole/ lot but still there seems to be nothing but little league baseball and the latest lebron soap opera on espn nowadays

Lord Raven:
espn's coverage kinda sucks in general

our special teams look good, i didnt catch our first team offense but they looked good on the last two drives I saw them in.

Well, Josh Gordon's out for the season.....

and we still suck. That's Cleveland for ya. On the bright side, the rookie LB out of Iowa is looking pretty good so far.

the bread dragon:
weve got another tight end for when gronk goes down (again!! :']) at the cost of one of logan mankins, a very good guard


Lord Raven:
So basically, like Sudfield.


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