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Captain Jigglypuff:
The closest thing I've found about why most stories say genies can only grant three wishes is info given from the Monster High franchise before its reboot. Gigi and Whisp's Diaries both state that genies are capable of granting three wishes but there are some that can grant only one wish per master and the more powerful and older the genie, the more wishing powers they can grant their master. Three wish genies just seem to be the most common type out there.

At risk of sounding rude these would be my wishes:

1) I wish for an experimental organism (animal, virus, whatever) to be released "accidentally" on specific places so that most of the victims of any potential disaster/catastrophe caused by the organism (if any) would be those useless individuals that serve no purpose other than insulting and degrading President Trump and his family (or simply criminals since they are almost the same demographic)

2) I wish for a scientific revolution that would enhance the quality and functionality of augmentations/robotic prosthetics (even if this, somehow causes casualties somewhere at some point or causes certain corporations to incur in dubious conducts) that hopefully would make topics such as religion less important as a side effect. Also, having them (augmentations/prosthetics) more available to the public would be nice since that would reduce their costs.

3) If allowed I would like to wish for another object with similar characteristics so I could summon another genie. Else I think I would like to wish for enhanced mental/cerebral capabilities so that acquiring the knowledge needed in order to perform certain tasks is no longer a problem for me.

Can I wish for somebody to turn into a genie or that would be against the "genie law"?


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