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My expanding Pokemon inventory


I've been working on preparing myself for a huge project. I'm trying to get a hold of as much as I can to take playing my games to a whole new level.

This is a list of everything I either have already, or plan to get at some point:
A DS, DS Lite and 3 3DS consoles
A 3DS capture card
Diamond in English/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Spanish
Black in English/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Spanish
Fire Red/Leaf Green/Pearl/Heart Gold/Soul Silver/White in English
Physical and digital versions of X/Omega Ruby/Sun
Physical versions of Y/Alpha Sapphire/Moon
An Action Replay for DS and 3DS
Xploder Cheatsaves/Action Replay Powersaves 3DS
A GamePRo
Various versions of Pokesav

Once I have everything, I'll be able to complete my Pokedex in English/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Korean/Spanish and help you do the same!
I can also get hidden ability Pokemon and mega stones, possibly even shiny Pokemon if my GamePRo gets any.

Should I open up a breeding/trading thread once I have everything?
I'll most likely stick to breeding in Gen 6 for a while.

I have everything now. I forgot I made this thread!

Your project has been carried out to any stage already!

I haven't played Pokemon games for ages. Maybe I should start playing again.

congratulations on your return!


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