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So I got this idea from another site, something anyone can do in Paint: Take a picture of a Pokemon and stretch  it around enough so that it's barely recognizable. Once it's distorted enough, take a look at the results and draw a new Pokemon based off that mess.

I did a couple myself:

I personally like how this one came out. It's like a cute little Electric/Steel robot with Levitate or something.

This one was hard to skew into something workable, and I admit I got lazy with my execution, but it's bizarre enough that I can't hate it. Pales in comparison to the one above, though, imo.

Anyone else bored enough to give this a shot? =P

i'm definitely really mediocre at drawing nowadays, but this just looks so fun i can't resist

i took a lot of creative liberty on this one but i mean

i'll probably draw a ton of these since the turkey at least was a blast

Richard and Blaziken:
This looks amazing, but I have no artistic talent whatsoever, HOWEVER

I would like to say that I really like that turkey, echo! c:

Also, mechavantula is really cool! 8D

Yes, the turkey is amazing! I almost didn't figure out what the original Pokemon was, so good job on the scramble, too.

--- Quote from: Richard and Blaziken on August 19, 2012, 00:06 ---Also, mechavantula is really cool! 8D
--- End quote ---
Thank you, Richard! ;D

I might have some free time tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do next? (Of course, anyone else is welcome to try their own hand at it still!)

Richard and Blaziken:
I say you should scramble Derpface monkey Infernape up into something that doesn't look hideous and disfigured! 8D


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