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Private Delano Donut:
uh?? whoa yeah. this is just some of the scribblies i've done in the past month or two.

some animal oc scribbles i did because a random generator told me to

not all of them are serious. i thought they were sort of cute, even the one with the human butt. uh?? i drew these because i suddenly remembered my dead gramma's ashes are right behind me and she really liked frogs.
i didn't really like her.
is that?? gonna be a problem omg i dont want to be a problem by posting my froggie with a human butt

there are some homestuck sprite edits in there.

a blobby thing i made up while trying to DRAW THE ANIMES. i think a lot of people can relate i know i can

i made sure to cut off meenah before it got nsfw but there is blood?? its colorful tho its hard to take colorful blood seriously right

and then theres the bloody halo soldier i did with a color palette?

a feferi with a tiny neck (??? idk) that i drew a while ago i liked her face even tho i never finished it cause im a lazy butt.
so yeah??? man lots of images i hope thats


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