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PKMN.NET Official Meet 2015

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Me and Kelly would like to come!

Will there be a special PKMN.NET meet card 2015?  This is important to know for us!

Yes, I will be looking to go to this.

Guttingly, I actually have to work that day now :( though I am at the Science Museum, so if you guys are in Hyde Park I could potentially venture over on my lunch break for a little bit, and if anyone's sticking around in the early evening I can catch up with you then!

i'm definitely coming now - don't know if it'll be an overnight stay or a very very late getting home. My younger brother is also coming with me (he's 16, my mum actually suggested it so we've got permission yo).

an idea of where we might be meeting would be good so I can order train tickets beforehand - that or I can meet some other people at x station :y

Somewhere inside central London - we don't announce where publically.

A ticket to any central London station should work, you can use Oyster or a travelcard to get around after that.


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