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Johto Journeys Getting DVD Rerelease!


Angelic Lapras King:
Viz Media has confirmed on Facebook it intends to rerelease Johto Journeys on DVD in America. While no date has been confirmed, an estimate date of Late 2014 to early 2015 was given.

Since I know a fair few of you have asked me in the past about this... ;)

I'd rather see a re-release of Hoenn on DVD as that season far more enjoyable. Also give the remakes coming out, its the perfect time anyway.

Angelic Lapras King:
Well, it's finally happening! ;)

LOL, on the cover they include Brock's useless Zubat instead of Totodile? They put Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Heracross there, but don't include Totodile? And they show Brock's Zubat...something that barely ever appeared and people completely forget about?

Who designs these covers.


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