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Title: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
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Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!

First of all, welcome back to those of you who remember our Unova challenge with Brian and Avalon. Those of you whom we do not recognise, or have yet to read our BW Nuzlocke, we greet you with open arms and invite you to warm yourself by the warm hearth of our new story. Introducing Adam and Danika's Nuzlocke adventure around Johto!


Danika’s Diary

This diary is turning more and more into a dream log. And I think that’s a good thing. My life is so boring that it makes it more interesting to read back, when I write about the dreams I have. When I’m 90, I’ll look back at my fifteen year old self and wonder why I had such screwed up nightmares.

In my dream, I was standing outside, and it was dead quiet. Usually, you can hear the Hoothoot calling to each other, or the sound of the sea in the distance. But in my dream, it was silent.

Then I could hear the stars speaking to me. It’s weird, I couldn’t tell you how I knew, I just did. The stars were talking to me, but I didn’t understand the language they were speaking. I got the impression they were getting fed up with me, because they stopped speaking with the mind-words (telekathy, is it?) and started showing me mind-pictures instead; deep underwater, endless submerged corridors, and the knowledge that something was down there with me, watching me.


And then I woke up, and it was just a usual, boring day in New Bark Town. Anyway, signing off now, I have planssssssss this morning!


Well, this will be an exciting update! I have my very first Pokemon! It’s not completely mine though, Professor Elm leant it to me...I’m getting ahead of myself! ^^; (My teacher tells me off for writing smilies – she says they’re supposed to stay on the screen, and aren’t for work books – but this is my diary, so idc! =D)

So, as per my usual Friday tradition, I went down to the Professor’s to help out, and there was this guy there, Adam, or something, and the Professor asked HIM to run an errand to Mr. Pokemon’s house. And he gave him a Pokemon, the CUTEST Totodile ever.

Naturally, I was upset by this and caused a bit of a scene – and so Professor Elm gave me a Totodile too!! So now we BOTH have one.


We go to Cherrygrove, get accosted by some weird old man that tries to give me his shoes, and then get to Mr. Pokemon’s (which is a TREK, by the way x_x ) and guess who’s there?


Not really, it was Professor Oak – which is still just as awesome to be honest. Anyway, he said he saw ‘Great Potential’ in me and gave me a Pokedex – and he gave one to Adam too (who’s pretty strange by the way. I don’t think he likes me. He spent the whole journey talking to his Totodile, which is a shame, because I’ve seen him at school, and he seems really nice.)

Anyway, Mr. Pokemon gave us two eggs to take back to Professor Elm, and then him and Professor Oak have just started chatting all philosophical and deep – Oak’s all “I believe that this world of ours is a chaotic, spinning ball of determinism,” and Mr. Pokemon says “Indeed – I sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason.” Which is why I’m now writing in my diary, because I just can’t keep up with this kind of heavy stuff ^^;

So! After we’ve finished this cuppa, me and Adam are going back home and giving the eggs to the Professor. Ossum!


Okay shiz just got srs. Not even sure how I’m going to write all this, but I really have to before I forget or change bits of it.

So me and Adam leave Mr. Pokemon’s house, and immediately his phone starts ringing – it’s Professor Elm. ((Don’t even get me started on the fact that Adam has Elm’s number and I don’t. Favouritism rite thar.)) Apparently, some dude has stolen his Chikorita from his lab and is heading towards Cherrygrove.

So me and Adam run the distance, and it’s starting to get dark now, and it’s feeling all moody, and I was getting quite excited to be honest, because I’ve never really done anything this exciting before.

Anyway, we get to Cherrygrove and see this PROPER shady looking guy with a hench Chikorita, standing near the Pokemon centre. Adam starts acting the tough man, and is all “there’s a lot riding on this battle Danika, we’ll double team him and take back Chikorita!” and makes me release my Totodile.
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The battle was bangin. My Toto hadn’t levelled up enough, so it was just using Scratch, while Adam’s was using Water Gun (which wasn’t really doing much tbh.)

And then the /worst/ thing happened. Chikorita used this sharp leaf attack thing, and Totodile just fell over and stopped moving.

I didn’t know what to do. I had run to pick up Totodile (like I’d seen real trainers do on the TV when their Pokemon faints) but the way he felt in my arms was different to what he should have felt like. He didn’t stir and look up at me, expecting a smile of reassurance – he just laid there, not moving at all.

I looked up to see if Adam had noticed, but he was holding his Totodile just like me, and we looked at each other, and I think we both knew – our Totodiles had actually /died./

I dunno if the Chikorita-thief had realised what he’d done, but he smirked and told us we were pathetic, and began walking off – and that was when Adam’s egg started hatching, and this little beak appeared, and guess who hatched out..?

No, it wasn’t Dumbedore, but a Doduo. Anyway, in this like, last act of desperation to stop this guy and get Chikorita back, he tells his new Pokemon to use Peck – and it does, like pretty much FLYING across the grass and nipping Chikorita right on its leaf – and it knocked it out. 

Well, this shady dude (who stupidly told his name which I’m totes telling the police – he’s called Jeriko. Or Jericko. Jerry-ko is how you say it, whatever) flipped out and ran off, after calling his stolen Pokemon back into its Poke Ball.

Anyway, Adam was all “we have to get back to the Professor” and I’m all “dude I don’t have a Pokemon.” He told me to try and heal our Totodile at a Pokemon Centre, but I think he just wanted to give me something to do so I wasn’t thinking about it or something, idk. So he went to the Professor to see if he was okay and to tell him about his Totodile.

I go to the Pokemon Centre, and the nurse tells me that Elm’s Totodiles are definitely dead, and I’m like “woah I didn’t think Pokemon DIED in Pokemon battles” and she gives me this REALLY nasty look and I’m like “woah calm down /I/ didn’t kill them” and I think she’s gone to phone the police on me. =( So not only have I managed to let my Pokemon DIE, but this chick thinks I killed them.

But then my egg hatched and out came THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER ADGJSAGDFKSJDHG – it was  a Teddiursa =33 who I have named Kio. You say it like “key-oh.” Like “Oh I found my keyo.” He doesn’t know about the two Totodile, and my Mum says you shouldn’t let babies see bad things, so I won’t tell him. HE will be my Pokemon from now on.

So...I’m sitting in the Pokemon centre and I’m thinking of running away before the police get here and arrest me for not saving the Totodile. Yeah. I’ll do that. Signing off. Bye.


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Everything had happened so fast after we left Mr. Pokemon's house. The battle with Jericho was a blur of emotion, and now I found myself running beside the newly hatched Doduo back to New Bark Town as quickly as my feet could carry me. Doduo was running much faster than I was, though, and kept stopping and waiting for me to catch up to him.

I rushed into New Bark Town and pushed the door to Elm's lab open, my chest heaving heavily as I fought to catch my breath. "We found him, Professor!" I nearly shouted, trying to regain my composure. A police officer stood near Elm and I told him about our encounter with Jericho, explaining that he'd used Chikorita in his battle with Danika and I, and we only won because of my new Pokemon, who was wandering around Elm's lab, curiously inspecting gadgets. The officer left once he'd gathered enough information, and Elm leveled me with a stern look.

"Where is the Totodile I gave you earlier?" He tilted his head and crossed his arms, waiting for my response, but I did not know how to tell him I'd failed him. Before I could answer, my PokeGear was ringing.

"Hey Danika... what do you mean they're dead?!" I shouted, seeing Elm's eyes widen. I dropped the PokeGear and fell to my knees, sobbing. Doduo walked over to me and nudged me with both heads and I embraced his furry body. I could feel Elm watching over me and I looked up at him. "The Totodile are dead... he killed them." I spoke with bitter tears falling from my face.

"Adam, listen to me. I have a feeling that you and Danika may be in serious danger" Elm said, holding his hand out to pull me up. "Pokemon don't usually die from losing in battle, even from taking heavy damage from attacks. I have heard of a story like this before; two boys from a very distant region were cursed somehow, and every Pokemon that they owned that fainted in battle... actually died." He said, straightening his stance.

"What do I do?" I asked desperately, drying my eyes. "You can give up now... or you can get stronger. Professor Oak and I have seen something in you, and I know you're not going to give up. Go now, Adam. You're about to learn something that very few Trainers can ever fully realize."

Outside of Elm's lab, I looked up at the stars as Doduo and I walked slowly towards Route 29. "I promise, Doduo, I won't fail you. You're very important to me, I'm not going to let you die, okay?" Doduo's heads were still aimed at the heavens, and I couldn't tell whether or not it was paying attention. "I'm gonna call you Terry" I said, smiling, before returning my attention to what was in front of me - Danika. I watched as she snapped a Hoothoot into a Pokeball, accompanied by a Teddiursa beside her.

"Danika!" I shouted, running over to her, lowering my head as I approached her. "We need to talk, Danika"



LV 5
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Oh wow this is quite interesting already! Great to see the return of some of the best nuzlockers here XD

I like how Danika is almost the opposite to Adam, which is a nice touch to the nuzlocke. Also, the relevant mention of the Unova Nuzlocke is a nice touch as well. I forgot how good nuzlockes were actually...good luck and nice "starter" choices too.
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Oh wow this is quite interesting already! Great to see the return of some of the best nuzlockers here XD

I like how Danika is almost the opposite to Adam, which is a nice touch to the nuzlocke. Also, the relevant mention of the Unova Nuzlocke is a nice touch as well. I forgot how good nuzlockes were actually...good luck and nice "starter" choices too.

Aw, cheers! Yeah, it's good fun having two completely opposite characters =3


Danika's Diary

So I’ve had like the best day ever!!
I have caught SO MANY POKEMONS!
So, after I left the Pokemon centre to run away from the police, I found the most awesome Pokemon ever, who I just knew I would catch – a Hoothoot, which I have called Eli. He’s a lovely little bird, does the cutest thing where he blushes when I tell him good he did in battle!
Then Adam comes running up to me, and starts telling me some stuff about Pokemon dying in battle and I’m like “dude, I know, I totally saw what happened to Totodile” and he’s all ~you’re not taking this srsly at all x_x; ~ and I’m all “Uh, I am, I’m taking it so srs that I’m RUNNING FROM THE POLICE GDI”
I think he got bored and ended up going off towards Cherrygrove. I didn’t care, because even though he’s nice, he’s way too srs for me. Kio was really upset though. He was riding on Adam’s Doduo’s back and was like having the best ever time and was SO SAD when they left.
So I went to some other place and captured...
No it wasn’t really, it was a Geodude, which I captured and called Roxie because it’s a rock and Roxie sounds like rock.
But yeah, Roxie is AMAZING. Everything’s all TACKLE and she’s like NU-UH and then wins SHE’S SO AMAZING X-X;
So then we went and played up in the grass passed Cherrygrove (and we saw Adam and I really did try my best not to spy on him BUT IT’S SO EASY GDI ) but then this Ledyba appeared, so I caught him and called him Hilton, because it’s got five stars on its back and me and my mum stayed in a hotel called the Hilton and it was a five star hotel so that’s why! =D
So then we went a bit further up and I found a Rattata which is SO HARD TO PRONOUNCE OMG so I called him Ratter which is so much easier to say.
And then I saw something moving in this cave, so I went in and it was proper dark, so I went out again, but this Geodude came and attacked me, so I captured that too and called it Mason, because there are these things called stone masons and Geodude is a stone, so yeah.
So now I have two Geodudes but Roxie is so much better omg she’s so good x_x
And then it started getting dark, so I just laid down in the grass to watch the clouds change colour and I started writing my diary. Before it gets proper dark, I’m going to go and find somewhere to sleep – I can see some lights in the distance and I think it’s a gate, so there might be a town – I know there’s one close by. I can’t go back to Cherrygrove because of the police.



LV 9 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 11 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 8 Eli (Hoothoot)
LV 3 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)
LV 2 Mason (Geodude)
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Danika seemed nervous when we talked. I don't think she was actually taking this as seriously as I was; she seemed more worried about the police coming after her. I told her that probably wouldn't happen, but she refused to believe me. We sat in the grass together and I explained what Professor Elm had told me earlier. Her Teddiursa had climbed on top of Terry's back and the two began playing together cheerfully, but I had begun losing my patience with the girl, and we went on ahead. "She won't make it, Terry. I don't expect we'll be seeing Kio again," I said, and the bird's heads lowered.

We encountered a Hoothoot just like Danika did, but Terry defeated it in battle. I wasn't interested in having another bird, so we turned onto a side-route, and found a Rattata. It was an easy capture. I've named her Ninian.

Returning to Cherrygrove brought painful memories with it. Totodile had never even gotten a name... he never had a chance to evolve. I walked quickly through the small city and made my way onto Route 30, where I found a Spinarak. While training Ninian, I accidentally killed the poor spider. Ninian isn't as powerful as Terry, but she tries really hard. The two seem to get along pretty well, so I'm content.

I came across a dark cave, which gets the creative naming award for being called Dark Cave. I caught a Zubat there, but many more swarmed Terry and I, so we got out of there quickly. I've named her Mariah, but MY GOD is she weak. I don't think I'll be using this one at all...

Just before Violet City, Terry's heads began squaking. A small Bellsprout laid on the ground, unconscious. I picked the small Pokemon up, and his body was limp. I jumped on Terry's back and he ran as quickly as he could into Violet City, running into the Pokemon Center. The nurse told me that the Pokemon's health was unstable. She kept it in her care, and I left the Pokemon Center, deciding to train in Sprout Tower. I won't write all of what happened here, because it mostly consisted of defeating Sages that all had Bellsprout, however I did manage to find a Gastly and capture her. I've named her Agatha, after a famous ex-Elite Four member. She's gotten on Terry's nerves, though, spooking him at every turn. It's gotten annoying, and I've kept her in her Pokeball. Not sure how much use she'll see...

I saw Jericho again, and he defeated the leader of these Sages. He saw me and said something condescending, and when I went after him, he threw a rope out the window and descended down the building. I challenged the leader while I was there, and we won easily. He gave me a Flash TM, and I made my way out of the building, climbing down the same rope that Jericho did, admittedly just to prove to myself that I could.

I went back to the Pokemon Center where the nurse told me that Bellsprout was feeling better, but needed someone to look after him. I accepted the Pokemon, and named him Marcus, after a knight in a book I once read. Hopefully he'll feel tougher with a good name.

Falkner's Gym was absolutely terrifying. He's a bird trainer, so I found it fitting to use Terry against him. His Pidgey went down in one hit, but his Pidgeotto had a fierce battle with my Doduo. We beat him, just barely, and got our first badge. Terry seems more confident than ever, and for the first time, I feel like a good Trainer to my Pokemon.

South of Violet City, I captured a Wooper and named him Liam. He's so adorable - he tries hard to prove he's powerful, but he keeps falling over! He gets back up, though, and pretends it didn't happen. I like him quite a lot.

And now I sit in Union Cave. I've captured a Geodude here and named her Danika - the two of them both have pretty thick heads. I don't expect she'll be very useful, but we'll see what happens.



Lv. 14 Terry (Doduo)
Lv. 12 Ninian (Rattata)
Lv. 12 Agatha (Gastly)
Lv. 11 Marcus (Bellsprout)
Lv. 11 Liam (Wooper)
Lv. 11 Danika (Geodude)
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This well written and I love it. Hands down amazing.
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Again, the character's attitudes are well written here, good stuff!

I really like Adam's team a lot, not too sure about Danika's team. Two Geodudes will serve well in a Johto nuzlocke, they're damn amazing and really helpful! Wait until it gets Magnitude...
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Wow, you guys, you are great writers and your characters are so interesting. Keep up the great work!!!
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Haha, cheers very much guys! This Nuzlocke hasn't been TOO hard yet...I have had one loss though. You'll see in the update after this. x_x;


Danika's Diary

So I had the most super busy day I’ve ever had in SUCH a long time.

Right, so I went to this place called Sprout Tower which is like a huge tower and it sways a lot so it’s like a Bellsprout so I guess that’s why it’s called that and there were LOADS of trainers in there, with all these Bellsprouts (which I think is really coincidental personally.)

Eli was amazing. He was all PECK and they were all *omg faint x_x* and THEN we were at the top, and I was there to see ADAM – and he like, totally destroyed the head sage – three guesses what the sage was using?


So then he’s all dude and jumps out the window and I’m like “pht I can do that” so I went to follow him and the sage was all “battle me for flash?” and I’m like “woah pervert” but it turns out he was actually giving me a Technical Machine, which I got after WE TOTALLY BEAT HIM.

Anyway, there were these two guys who were training up there and they were like “woah dude I totally saw the champion the other day” and the other one was all “no way you mean RED?!” and he’s like “no dude that other guy, but he’s got red hair but he’s not CALLED Red” and I’m like WHO ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT

So then I was going back down the tower (I was too scared to use the rope that Adam used) and I was like “I bet the champion can do whatever he likes” and I thought “actually, even if the champion had let two Totodile die, he wouldn’t even need to run away from the police because he’s the champion”


I should be the Champion.

So I’m like “omg I’m going to that Gym and I’m going to get a badge RITE NAO.”

So I did JUST THAT and went down to this gym that’s there and beat the trainers – well, I didn’t personally, Roxie did, with her AWESOME Rock Throw (which she only just learned =3333)

And then I had to fight FALKNER HIMSELF!! *drums*

I thought it was gonna be super easy, because I’d like, beaten all the Pidgey before using Rock Throw, and then he’s all go “GO PIDGEY” and I’m all “LOL ROCK THROW”

But OMG SAND ATTACK ADFJHSREKJSRFKJTH – Roxie kept on missing and my face was literally ;_;

So then I just kept on using Rock Attack and he kept on using Sand Attack but it didn’t even matter because eventually I hit and killed him and I’m like “OMG YAY BADGE” and then he’s all “NUH-UH GO PIDGEOTTO” and I’m like x_x

So I’m like “GDI HERE WE GO MISSING AGAIN” and I used Rock Throw AND IT HIT! And I won.

So I’m like a whole one eighth of a way to being the champion. How. Cool.


LV 12 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 12 Eli (Hoothoot)
LV 14 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 8 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 2 Mason (Geodude)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)

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HOORAY!!! =D Hopefully this goes a damnsight better than mine ended up =] Will definitely be keeping up with this =]
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Thanks guys, we really do appreciate the interest! I hope you're enjoying it so far! ^_^


Making my way through Union Cave wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but certainly not as difficult as one would think. The cave was fairly short and the Trainers wandering inside were no challenge at all. The only thing making it difficult are the damned Zubat that never stop. Danika the Geodude has proven herself, though; she picks up huge rocks and smashes the Zubat with them! She's much more powerful than I gave her credit for, that's for sure.

I'm sitting in the grass outside of Union Cave as I write this. Terry has collapsed himself... or himselves(?) in the grass. He's all tuckered out, and I don't blame him. For the first time on our journey, I've recalled him to his Pokeball, releasing Ninian to walk with me instead. "I can tell you're trying very hard, Ninian. You're a good Pokemon, you know that? I appreciate you, and I'm not going to let you down. You're the first Pokemon I ever caught, and I value that. You're not just another Rattata to me," I said, smiling down to her. She had been good with Terry, and the two of them were inseperable, really. She was more of a leader than he was, truth be told.

Azelea Town was quiet. I strolled through the empty roads and eventually found the Gym, which was closed. Ninian sniffed around and led me to a house. I knocked on the door, but no answer came. "Girl, I don't think anyone's he-" Before I knew what happened, I was dragged into the house. I fell on the floor and looked up to see an elderly man looking down at me. Ninian jumped onto my chest and stood up to him, bearing her teeth.

After talking for a while, the man (whose name was Kurt) told me that Team Rocket had invaded Azelea Town a few days ago and began cutting the tails off of innocent Slowpoke for money, which is why no one dared step outside any longer. He was planning to go after Team Rocket. I agreed to help him and he led me to the well, where we saw a Team Rocket member loitering. Kurt ran after him, chasing him into the well, and I followed after them. After descending the ladder, I found Kurt laying on the cold ground floor.

"I took a nasty tumble... I'll be alright, but I'm in no condition to fight," Kurt said through a pained voice. I nodded and Ninian led the charge into the cave, blitzing through Team Rocket Grunts easily until we came to the leader, Proton. I was in no mood to hear his lecture, and Ninian wasn't either. After a brief and pointless battle, victory was mine, and Team Rocket left the well. Kurt took me back to his house and thanked me for helping him. With Team Rocket gone from this small town, I headed for the Gym.

Inside I met Bugsy, a boy who specialized in Bug type Pokemon. It is here that Danika proved her real worth, smashing the boy's bugs with Rock Throw attacks ruthlessly, taking almost no damage as he did so. I hate to say it... but Danika may well be the most reliable Pokemon I have at this point. The battle was so short that I will not even bother writing about it in great detail, but I will say that Bugsy's main strategy is sacrificing his weaker Pokemon to keep his strongest one alive. It disgusts me, to be entirely honest.

After earning our second badge, Terry and I made our way through the Ilex Forest, and I was beginning to feel a real sense of pride as a Pokemon Trainer. I had a full team of Pokemon... no, a full team of friends that I could count on.

Terry and I strolled through Goldenrod with a sense of wonder. I'd always heard about Goldenrod, being the biggest city on Johto, but it really is something you have to experience for yourself to understand. The lights from buildings illuminated the night, and the city was still very much alive.

I found a rather large Radio Tower that gave me a radio card for my PokeGear. I tuned into Pokemon March, and Terry became quite excited at that, and began marching all through the city. I'll admit, this has put me in a pleasant mood, but as we approached the Goldenrod Gym, I switched the music off.

I'd heard rumblings of this city recently getting a new Gym Leader, and when I found her, she definitely was not what I was expecting. Hers was a Gym of Normal type Pokemon, so once again I found myself sending Danika into the fray. She led with Clefairy and I smirked. The poor pink fairy slapped Geodude at the command of her obviously unskilled Trainer, and I had Danika Rock Polish, then Defense Curl.

Just then, Whitney commanded her Clefairy to Metronome. My heart stopped as I waited to see what attack it would summon. The fairy spit out a weak Ember attack, and I breathed a sigh of relief, but now I knew that there was no time to waste. "Magnitude!" I shouted, and Geodude shook the ground beneath Clefairy, damaging the Pokemon, but after taking the damage, both the Pokemon and her Trainer grinned. "Mimic!" Whitney shouted, and Clefairy sent a Magnitude attack back at Danika. The Geodude shook it off and used the attack once more, putting an end to her fairy Pokemon. She quickly replaced it with a Miltank, but this one was much less threatening, despite being larger. It couldn't deal any significant damage to Danika, and after just three powerful Magnitudes, the Miltank fell.

We exited the Gym with a tear-stained Plain Badge. I've decided to rest here for the night. I wonder... is human Danika alright?



Lv. 17 Terry (Doduo)
Lv. 16 Ninian (Rattata)
Lv. 16 Agatha (Gastly)
Lv. 16 Marcus (Bellsprout)
Lv. 16 Liam (Wooper)
Lv. 18 Danika (Geodude)
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Wow, some big and great updates here! Again, Danika is useful, (told you so XD) and I like how you both describe your relationships between your Pokemon.

I laughed at: the sage was all “battle me for flash?” and I’m like “woah pervert” but it turns out he was actually giving me a Technical Machine, which I got after WE TOTALLY BEAT HIM.

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Post by: Enigma on February 26, 2013, 12:36
haha, I'm glad! Danika is so much fun to write xD But incredibly annoying IRL, I should imagine.


Danika's Diary

So I'm at Azalea Pokemon centre now I HAVE TRAVELLED SOOOO FAR TODAY.

After we beat Falkner, we went for a walk and I found these awesome ruins and there were all these guys in white coats looking around with their notebooks and stuff SO. I went into one of the ruins when they weren't looking and there was this puzzle on the wall and it was all taped up like they didn't want anyone to solve it but them (my mum's like that with crosswords) so I'm like "LOL NOOB" so I put the puzzle back together


But it was cool because I fell on the cutest pokemon ever (not as cute as Kio okay but still proper cute) - it was like a little eye thing and all squiggly, so I captured it. The Pokedex doesn't know what it's called (it just says its unown) so I've called her Cleo.

So I found my way out of the ruins and ran away quick before the whitecoat men knew I'd completed their puzzle and went to this really pretty route. Well it would have been pretty if it wasn't for the GIANT TRAIN BRIDGE that ran right over the top

There were loads of trainers that I met and we all battled and were all having the most awesome of times ever and then I found this cave and I caught a Zubat and put her in the box and put Mason in the box as well (WHO NEEDS TWO GEODUDE LOL) and got out Cleo.

She's really cool, she's only got one attack at that moment, and she glows really bright and then goes BOOM and all the grass around her shoots ENERGY BEAMS OMG at whatever she's fighting. She's awesome.

So we got through the cave and to the other side and I saw a load of guys in black climbing out the well and they were all "woah that guy was really powerful" and "I've never seen a Rattata like that" and I was like "omg it's Joey!" (who has the top percentage of Rattata he was telling me yesterday) and I went to go and meet him.

I got to the well and was about to go in, but someone was coming out of the top - guess who it was? (It wasn't Joey)


It was Adam.

So I was like, super embarrassed that I'd made a mistake so I hid and watched him go to the Pokemon centre and so I didn't embarrass myself MORE I just went into the Pokemon Gym and had some fun riding on the Spinarak things

And then I had a battle with Bugsy and I was like "HAH NO SAND ATTACK" because he only had Harden, so I just had Roxie use Rock Throw over and over and she COMPLETELY destroyed his stupid bug pokemon.

So then I go out the Pokemon Centre and who should I see?


Jokes it wasn't Draco, but it was someone EVEN WORSE =OOO

It was that Jericho guy who killed Totodile. So I'm like "if I beat him in a Pokemon battle and maybe knock him unconcious or something (ROCK THROW LOLZ) then I can take him to the police and I won't NEED to be champion!)

So I go up to him and he tries to run away from me, but we had this amazing battle and I thought he was going to kill MORE of my Pokemon, but thanks to Hilton's Reflect and Light Screen, his attacks didn't really do all that much damage.

But then when I beat him, he ran away into the forest. I'm going to chase after him just as soon as I've finished resting becuase I've been walking so much today and I'm like really tired x_x


LV 14 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 14 Eli (Hoothoot)
LV 18 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 15 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 10 Cleo (UNOWN????)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Richard and Blaziken on February 28, 2013, 05:59
I exited Goldenrod through the northern exit with Liam by my side. He walked with confidence, making a conscious effort not to fall down. Watching him was pretty amusing - from the way he walked, you'd think he was a Tyranitar, intimidating everything in his path. We battled a few Trainers, but nothing worth writing about. We have really become a solid team. We came upon a strange tree in the middle of the road and Wooper bounced up to it, inspecting it alongside a young girl. "Ah, perfect! Little Wooper, could you use Water Gun on this tree for me?" The girl asked, and Wooper nodded cheerfully, spraying water on the tree. My heart jumped into my throat as the tree opened it's eyes and swung it's arms at Liam, sending him flying backwards onto the ground.

I could feel panic rush through me and I began operating on instinct, rushing in front of Liam and holding the Sudowoodo's arms as it fought to attack both myself and Liam. "Mud Shot!" I shouted, and Liam ran under my legs and shot mud at Sudowoodo's feet, sticking him in place. I jumped back and commanded another Water Gun, which brought the tree crashing down. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief and called Liam back to his Pokeball, turning to the girl.

"How dare you put my Pokemon in danger? That Wooper is my friend, not your Pokemon." I screamed in a fit of rage. I watched as her face twisted into the image of sorrow, hurt deeply by my words. But I stormed past her without regret. Who was she to put Liam in danger? No one will take my friends from me. Not the way Totodile was taken from me... I won't allow it.

I released Danika from her ball to accompany me. Danika's not very chatty, but she's very reliable. If we run into trouble, I'd trust her to take care of herself. Upon entering a building, a man gave me an HM to teach the Surf attack. Being one of the most powerful attacks, I quickly taught it to Liam, instantly making him one of the most powerful friends I had.

Upon entering the Burnt Tower of Ecruteak, I found two men staring down at three large beasts through a hole in the floor. One of the men, Eusine, told me that he'd been chasing the blue one for years, and has never been closer to it. Just then, all three Pokemon looked up and roared. With blinding speed, the three of them darted from the tower, leaving no trace that they were ever there to begin with.

The door busted open with a loud crash, and Jericho came strolling in. I immediately went after him and he tossed a Pokeball forward, releasing a Gastly. I released mine as well, and the two Ghosts circled each other for a moment. Then, there was only a dark void. Night Shade attacks sent the arena into a void. As the void got bigger, both Jericho and I were sucked inside, losing control of ourselves as the two Pokemon launched their attacks, expanding the void. I could tell that Agatha was on the losing end of this battle, and I began to panic. Fumbling with her Pokeball, I  held it out and withdrew her, tossing Ninian's Pokeball into battle. She jumped out and bit Gastly, fainting it and causing the void to dissipate, sending us crashing back down to the floor, which collapsed beneath us, sending us reeling to the basement floor.

"Magnemite, Spark!" He screamed, sending the Steely Electric Pokemon into battle as he regained his footing. I quickly recalled Ninian, sending Liam to absorb the hit. A Mud Shot was enough to bring the magnetic Pokemon to the ground. He sent out a Zubat, but Liam knocked that out with a powerful Surf attack, jumping and cheering at his new-found power. In an act of rage, he sent out his Bayleef, gritting his teeth and clenching his fists. "Razor Leaf," he commanded, and the words sent my mind into panic, recalling the death of Totodile once more. I screamed and recalled Liam, sending Terry out to take the attack. The Doduo shrieked as it stomped over to Bayleef through the sharp leaves and pecked with both heads.

Jericho recalled his Bayleef as it fell to the ground and his face displayed what could only be pure hatred. "You weakling... you'll never understand what it means to be truly powerful. You're a coward who doesn't trust his Pokemon to deal with challenges, always ensuring that you have a type advantage. You're pathetic, and your Pokemon will suffer as a result," He spat as he climbed a ladder and exited the tower. Just then, Liam evolved into Quagsire, smiling at me.

I sit now in a patch of grass in town. I've had time to think about it, and Jericho is wrong. I maintain my type advantages to ensure that my friends don't die. I teach them the most powerful moves to ensure a fast and decisive victory, and that is why I have not had a single casualty since Totodile. I've just taught Ninian Sucker Punch after my last battle with Jericho, replacing the old, weak Bite attack. I'm ready to take Morty head on, and there will be nothing he can do to damage Ninian with his Ghost attacks.

Upon entering the Gym, I was given a candle that barely let me see in front of me. I could see the candles held by other Trainers in the Gym and I approached the first one. She sent out a Gastly, as I predicted, and Ninian stepped forward. "Time to try out your new move, Ninian! Sucker Punch!" I commanded, but Ninian did nothing. The Gastly used Mean Look and Ninian began to tremble. "Come on Ninian, Sucker Punch!" I screamed, and yet, she sat there. "Spite," The medium hissed, and Ninian turned to me to do something. I felt my heart jump into my throat as it hit me - Ninian didn't know Bite anymore. She didn't have any attacks to damage the Gastly. "Curse" The medium smiled as she said it, and both Ninian and Gastly screamed in pain.

"Her life energy will be drained slowly... and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I tried to recall Ninian to her Pokeball, tried to get to her, but the Gastly stopped me. I fell to my knees and sobbed as I watched Ninian look at me for help, with me unable to do anything to save her. Potions only prolonged the inevitable... I watched as Ninian died a long, slow, painful death. Terry released himself from his Pokeball and pecked vigorously through his own tears, defeating the Trainer.

I am a terrible person. Jericho was completely right about me... about everything. I only cared about power... about type advantages... look what it has done for me. I need to stop. If I quit now, my friends won't suffer because of me.



Lv. 19 Terry (Doduo)
Lv. 19 Agatha (Gastly)
Lv. 18 Marcus (Bellsprout)
Lv. 20 Liam (Quagsire)
Lv. 20 Danika (Geodude)

Those that have passed...
Ninian the Rattata
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Z:illyhoo on February 28, 2013, 07:27
Niniaaaaannnn Q-Q

Oh man I nearly cried there, you wrote it so well. Also I looove how Danika constantly makes those Harry Potter references, I swear I'll never get sick of it xD

Keep it up you guys!!
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Legacy on March 01, 2013, 12:42
I nearly had a similar issue with one of my Pokemon in my Nuzlocke. I was lucky enough to switch out on the turn they used Mean Look though, and so I was aware from that point onwards. Poor Ninian apparently wasn't so lucky :( Well written guys, keep up the good work.
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Enigma on March 01, 2013, 23:37
Oh god poor Ninian ;_;

I'm's kinda the same for Danika >_<


Danika's Diary

So today has been like a really difficult day for me and for everyone. But I'll get to that bit in a bit because it's going to take me a little while to write everything. It's really hard to write when you're crying!

Right so we went into the forest and found a new Pokemon, a Weedle that I called Charlotte because I read this book about a spider and she had a web and was called Charlotte and Weedle might not be a spider but it is a bug which is like a spider I guess so I called her Charlotte.

So then we found this guy who was trying to catch some Farfetch'd which I did for him because he totally failed at it and I'm like "hun plz" and I just went up to it to catch it


And it totally flew away from me. So I tried again and snuck up proper quiet and I was literally right behind him until


so I'm like "OH MY GOOOOOOOD" and ran up to him and was WAY TOO QUICK FOR THEM and the guy gave me a Cut HM and I'm like "DUDE I'M NOT EMO" and he's like "dudette cut trees not wrists" so I taught it to Kio (because his name sounds like Emo JOKES) and he cut down this tree which was awesome.

Anyway we got to Goldenrod City after loads of trainer battles and this guy was like "wow your Hoothoot is amazing" and I'm like "bro I totally know" and he's like "that burd gonna evolve soon" and I'm like "NO WAY!"

I mean, since Hilton evolved into a Ledian, he's been amazing - and now Eli might evolve too!?!?  ((BTW HILTON EVOLVED IN THE FOREST ZOMG))

So I went into the Gym to look for Jericho but they were really strong in there and he wasn't there anyway, so I carried on and went up the road to the park because it was a nice day and I wanted to lay in some grass

And then it happened. This guy battled me and he had these really derp looking Pokemon called Magmarz and I was like "pht Eli can beat them AND THEN EVOLVE ZOMG"

So Eli uses Hypnosis. And misses. And then Magmarz uses Ember. And hits - like, really hard. REALLY hard. And Eli didn't get up.

And my face was literally =o

I'm thinking "if I had a timeturner I could go back and not battle this guy" but I DON'T have a timeturner, and Dumbledore's not here to tell me in his office that everything's gonna be okay. Because it's not okay. Eli's dead.

The guy was really sorry he'd killed my Pokemon and he's all "i don't know how this happened" and I'm like "YOU SET MY BURD ON FIRE MAYBE!?!?" and I just hit him and ran away with Eli in my arms.

So I'm sitting in the park and it's getting dark now and I don't really know what I'm doing. Some woman gave me a really funny look a minute ago which I don't blame her for because I'm just sitting here with a dead Hoothoot in my lap.

I think I'll sleep out here tonight.



LV 18 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 21 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 20 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 12 Cleo (UNOWN????)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)

Those who have passed...
Eli the Hoothoot
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Spriter on March 03, 2013, 16:01
Oh god Danika being a twit with the Unown joke XD First time I've seen someone use that as a joke.

Sorry for both of your losses though...Ninian's death was so damn painful to read...

Keep it up though guys!
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Richard and Blaziken on March 04, 2013, 00:59
Visions of Ninian flooded my dreams... I dare not recount the brutal images that plague my mind. It's early in the morning as I write this... I've left Ecruteak and headed west. This grassy route is very serene and beautiful. No other people are around yet, and the Pokemon all seem to have hidden themselves away. I really am unsure of what to do... I don't want to be responsible for the death of more Pokemon...

While writing the above, I looked up and found a Tauros roaming the field. It didn't seem to notice me, but my heart dropped as I watched it. Tauros are incredibly powerful, but incredibly dangerous. I released Liam and commanded him to use Mud Shot at the bull, sticking him in place as I threw a Great Ball. When it stopped shaking, I could feel the excitement rush through me. I had captured a rare, powerful Pokemon.

After going back to the Pokemon Center, I taught Shane, my new Tauros, Payback via a TM I'd acquired. I can't tell you exactly how I knew, but I knew that this was destiny. Ninian must be avenged, I cannot give up here. Storming back into the Gym, Shane and I blitzed through every Ghost type Trainer the place had to offer until we found our way to Morty. He released a Gastly and Shane immediately knocked it out in one single shot. He sent out a Haunter and used Spite, but was quickly KO'd. His next Haunter laid a Curse on Shane before being knocked out, and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. He was trying to employ the same strategy that killed Ninian. His final Pokemon, Gengar, appeared and grinned menacingly at Shane. It used Sucker Punch and Shane was knocked down, taking heavy damage. I screamed out at Shane, and Morty tilted his head to the side. "You should learn from your mistakes. Your Rattata died when it had no moves left to harm our superior Ghost types, and now Tauros is in the same prediciment," He said as Gengar approached the bull Pokemon.

From the corner of my eye, I could see something rising from the depths of the swirling abyss beneath the Gym. My breath caught in my throat as I watched an ethereal Rattata rushing straight at Shane and enter his body. The Tauros rose up and cried out loudly, charging full speed at the Gengar , and smashed through the Pokemon, making it go up in a puff of smoke. I wiped my eyes from the tears that had flooded them, and saw Ninian sitting on Tauros' back. I could swear she was smiling at me, and I could not fight back the tears any longer.

We left Morty's Gym, and I have regained my resolve. I will never give up on my Pokemon, because they are a part of me now.

We've made our way to Olivine, but the Gym Leader isn't here. After climbing a long lighthouse and battling many Trainers, I've found her. She's caring for a sick Pokemon that is on the verge of death. I'll be damned if I let any Pokemon die, so Liam has agreed to swim across the sea with me. For as slow as he is on land, he swims like a motorboat across the water. We battled a couple Trainers, and after knocking out a Trainer's Staryu, Marcus has evolved! I'm so proud of him... when I found him, he was on the verge of death too, but now he's growing up.

After surfing for most of the day, we've arrived in Cianwood and entered the pharmacy. The clerk was quick to hand over the Secretpotion after hearing our plight. As I left, I sent Liam back out to swim me back across the sea, but it was beginning to get dark, and Liam was tired from swimming all day. A woman came up to me and told me that if I beat the Gym Leader, she'd give me an HM that would teach my Pokemon to fly. With time against my side, I agreed and entered the Gym.

Inside, a rather large man was sitting beneath a waterfall, competely unresponsive to my demands for a Gym battle. Terry and Agatha managed to beat all the small-time trainers in the Gym, and Agatha evolved into Haunter! We turned the cranks and the waterfall stopped. Making my way back down, Chuck was finally ready to battle. I sent Agatha into the battle, and he began with Primeape. Agatha began launching Shadow Balls, learned from a TM Morty gave me. Even as they struck the Primeape, he continued forward, scooping rocks into his arms and leaping high into the air, throwing the rocks down and smashing them over Agatha. The attack was incredibly powerful, and Agatha fell to the ground, sinking through it.

"Agatha!" I cried out in panic, feeling my arms shaking and my eyes welling up. I had done it again... another Pokemon had died because of me. Or so I thought. Agatha rose up behind the Primeape and before Chuck could say anything, it attacked with a flurry of Shadow Balls, laughing as Primeape hit the ground, unable to get back up. Chuck recalled his Pokemon and gritted his teeth. "Let's see how you handle my toughest Pokemon, Poliwrath!" He shouted, sending the Pokemon onto the field. It was quite an impressive looking Pokemon, to be sure. "Surf!" He commanded, and I immediately held out Agatha's Pokeball, recalling her and sending Liam into the arena. As the water on the ground rose into a wave and crashed over Liam, the Pokemon got up and cried out joyfully, feeling refreshed.

"Body Slam!" Chuck called out as I commanded Liam to use Mud Shot. The mud hit the Poliwrath dead-center, but it powered through and slammed Liam to the ground. As it held Liam down, Chuck commanded the Pokemon to use Focus Punch. My eyes widened and I recalled Liam to his ball just before the punch landed, which cracked the Gym floor. Agatha returned to the battle, and Poliwrath used Surf again. I continued switching between the two until Poliwrath exhausted itself, unable to attack again. I sent Marcus into the battle and put the Poliwrath to sleep with Sleep Powder, before whipping it with Vine Whip, securing victory for myself. I smiled, feeling a sense of pride; smart switching and type advantages had saved my friends. Jericho is wrong.

As I left the Gym, I saw Suicune standing at the end of the beach. I approached it, and it stared me in the eye for a moment, before darting across the sea. Eusine came running behind me, watching as Suicune sped away. "Wow, you got so close to it, closer than even I have!" He said excitedly as Suicune disappeared from sight. "Let's have a battle, I want to see what kind of Trainer you are!" He smiled, sending out a Drowzee. Honestly, after all of the battles I've written about today, I don't feel like explaining this one, but Danika destroyed him, and immediately evolved afterwards. I feel so powerful now. Eusine explained that he'd keep chasing Suicune. He explained that the three legendary beasts are said to impart lost knowledge to the ones it chooses, and he believes he's Suicune's chosen one. I don't know about that, but I used that Zubat I caught a while back to Fly back to Olivine and deliver the medicine. Jasmine says I saved Amphy just in time, and I smiled at the Pokemon as it beamed light out across the ocean.

I've decided to rest here for the night because we're all exhausted. Tomorrow, we take on Jasmine.



Lv. 24 Terry (Doduo)
Lv. 25 Agatha (Haunter)
Lv. 23 Marcus (Weepinbell)
Lv. 25 Liam (Quagsire)
Lv. 25 Danika (Graveler)
Lv. 24 Shane (Tauros)

Those that have passed...
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Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Enigma on March 04, 2013, 02:44
Heh, glad everyone's enjoying this. It's so much fun writing up Nuzlocke's - but the losses really hit you hard, because you really get a bond with the Pokemon you're training with ;_;


Danika's Diary

Charlotte the Weedle has tried really hard today and has really cheered me up after my SUPER AWFUL day yesterday when we lost Eli – Charlotte has evolved twice and is now a Beedrill! She’s still super weak though but I don’t care because I actually have my first Pokemon that’s evolved into it’s FINAL FORM. HOW GD AM I!?

I’ve been training up Cleo – she STILL hasn’t learnt any new moves, so I’m trying to level her up as much as possible – some guy told me his Magikarp wouldn’t learn any new moves until it evolved, so I’m gonna do the same for Cleo. She tries really hard though <3

So this morning I went and battled Whitney and beat her stupid Clefairy that kept on using Metronome to use all these weird attacks. Roxie was just like “NUP” and shut her down though which was amazing. Kio’s super weak at the moment, he’s just not doing much in battle. I think he’s upset at losing Eli too. :(

So yeah we totally beat Whitney (she’s a total cow GEDDIT SHE HAS A MILTANK WHICH IS A COW LOLZ) and then we went and found LOADS of new Pokemon:

I went up to this cool place called Ecruteak and didn’t go in ANY HOUSES because people ALWAYS try and battle you when you’re not expecting it – and since losing Eli, I’m trying to avoid difficult battles. So we went and captured lots of Pokemonz.

First we captured a Pidgeotto that tried to blow me away using Whirlwind, but I captured it instead and called it Oz because Dorothy had this Pokemon and I think it was called Pidgeotto .

And then I went to this cool place called Mt. Mortar and captured a Machop and I called it Morty because we were in Mt. Mortar.

And then Kio was having fun headbutting trees outside and I found a SPEAROW and captured it, and I called her Sheila because she doesn’t shut up, and my mum has this friend whose a lesbian called Sheila and she says “that woman doesn’t shut up” so I figured that made sense

And then I went into this burned down tower and the guy (IT WAS THE GYM LEADER I FOUND OUT LATER =O ) was all “this is Burned Tower” and I’m like LOL IMAGINATVE and I found a Koffing so I captured it and called it Betsy because Betsy is Sheila’s lesbian girlfriend and my mum says “everything that comes out that woman’s mouth is poison” because my mum actually hates her and I was like “omg Koffing has poison coming out of its mouth” so I called her betsy like my mum’s lesbian’s friend’s girlfriend.

AND THEN I caught a Magnemite in some grass and called it iMagnet because it’s a magnet with just one eye.

So we’re training loads and loads because I want to try and battle the Gym Leader. He told me to come back later when I was stronger and meet him at his gym WHICH I’M TOTALLY GONNA DO D<



LV 20 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 24 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 21 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 14 Cleo (UNOWN????)
LV 10 Charlotte (Beedrill)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)

Those who have passed...
Eli the Hoothoot
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: OpallapO on March 04, 2013, 17:30
I'm loving this :) Danika is so funny to read, but Adam is more serious so it's nice to keep changing between the two. I almost cried when Ninian died as well, and Eli's death was so sad :'( Carry on guys, this is brilliant...!
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Richard and Blaziken on March 06, 2013, 00:38
For the first time in a while, I slept soundly. My dreams weren't plagued with nightmares of Totodile or Ninian - in fact, I don't recall dreaming at all. I slept restfully and peacefully... until I heard voices in the night.

"The light's back on, the lighthouse Pokemon must have gotten better," One voice spoke, though in the dead of night I could not see where the voice came from. "What incredible luck, we can use it for the generator! Let's just take it and go," Another voice spoke. Before I knew what happened, the lighthouse was illuminated, and the sound of windows crashing could be heard. Electricity filled the room, and I saw members of Team Rocket in the room, about eight of them. "Danika!" I shouted, releasing Graveler. The members finally took notice of me and half of them went for me. We faced down a Muk, Golbat, Raticate and Weezing. The Golbat dove at Danika with poisonous fangs bared, but she grabbed and threw it into the Raticate without much effort. The Muk lifted itself up and locked arms with the Graveler, the two struggling against each other, but as the Weezing began breathing poisonous gas, she began to lose the struggle. To even the match, I released Agatha and she took on Weezing, giving Danika a chance to overtake the Muk with Rollout, completely flattening it.

The other Rocket Grunts had overpowered Amphy with sheer numbers and I rushed over to fight back against their attack.  The Rocket Grunts I'd beaten before came running back over with new Pokemon released - about 3 more each. I'd become surrounded from every side with mostly Poison type Pokemon. Just then, Jasmine rushed into the room with two Magnemite accompanying her, firing Thundershocks at the grunts and their Pokemon. We fought side-by-side for what seemed like an hour, and I found myself rotating through each of my Pokemon multiple times, giving injured ones a break while others fought on. Jasmine was down to only one Magnemite by this point, and it seemed like we would still lose the battle. I could hear Amphy crying out in pain, and I knew there was only one way I could clear the rest of the opposing Pokemon from the field. "Magnitude!" I commanded, and Danika smashed the floor, causing large cracks in it, knocking out a majority of the opposing Pokemon, and Jasmine's Magnemite, while Agatha continued her Shadow Ball assault on anything that flew or levitated.

As it neared 6 AM, daylight was beginning to creep into the night, and Team Rocket had found themselves outmatched. With no other option, they escaped through a window in an act of desperation, and we rushed to check on Amphy, who had collapsed in the center of the room. Jasmine placed her head and hands on it, and within seconds, I could hear the panic in her accelerated breathing. She turned to me, immediately bursting into tears. "You killed him!" She shouted through her tears, running at me and knocking me down. "You used Magnitude! You killed Amphy!" She kept screaming at me through sobs. She held Amphy's lifeless body, crying onto him and I laid motionless on the cold floor. She got up and climbed out the window without another word, and I felt the tower beginning to rumble. Scrambling to my feet, I too climbed out the window onto the walkway to see a massive Steelix wrapped around the entire lighthouse. Jasmine had a look of hatred in her eyes as tears ran down her cheeks. "Iron Head!" She commanded, and the Steelix smashed its head into the lighthouse, sending debris crashing into the ocean.

"Liam, Mud Shot!" I shouted through panic, releasing Liam from his ball. As he shot mud at the Steelix, Jasmine commanded the Steelix to use Dragonbreath. The enourmous mouth of the Pokemon exhaled, blowing the mud back at Liam. It splattered in his eyes, and Liam was knocked back, tumbling off the walkway. I screamed out as I watched him fall, unable to do anything to save him. "Iron Tail," Jasmine said coldly, and the Steelix uncoiled the bottom half of itself from the lighthouse, smacking Liam powerfully as he fell, sending him reeling far into the ocean. I felt the rage overtake me, and I could only see red. I threw Danika's ball onto Steelix's back and screamed for her to use Magnitude. The Graveler smashed into the Steelix with incredible power and it roared out in pain, which could be heard throughout the small city. Steelix bucked Danika off of him and she fell onto the ground near the entrance of the lighthouse, creating a large crater in the ground. Jasmine climbed onto the Steelix and I felt my heart pound in my chest. "You killed my best friend... Steelix, Iron Head. Kill him," She said through a pained voice. Steelix turned his head to the side, however, and looked out at the ocean. I turned to see an enourmous wave rising from the ocean with Liam riding the wave. It smashed into the lighthouse, and Steelix fell. I ran forward and grabbed Jasmine's hand while her Pokemon crashed loudly into the ocean.

"Jasmine, I was trying to save him, you know that! We were outnumbered by Team Rocket! If you want to hate anyone, hate them!" I screamed, feeling the strain on my voice taking it's toll. I pulled her up and held her as she cried. For the first time in a long time, I could relate to another human being. I knew exactly how she felt, losing a Pokemon, and no one should have to go through that.

It's been a few hours since the mayhem. My Pokemon are resting now, but they're all okay. They've been exhausted again after the long day. Jasmine apologized to me about a thousand times, and I've forgiven her. When you lose a friend like that, you don't think straight. We have given Amphy a proper burial behind the lighthouse, which is now both in need of repairs, and a Pokemon to light it.



Lv. 26 Terry (Doduo)
Lv. 27 Agatha (Haunter)
Lv. 24 Marcus (Weepinbell)
Lv. 28 Liam (Quagsire)
Lv. 27 Danika (Graveler)
Lv. 25 Shane (Tauros)

Those that have passed...
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Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Z:illyhoo on March 06, 2013, 03:30
Whoah, man, talk about intense O_O

You two have been doing such a fantastic job! I really enjoy reading these two characters! Keep up the great work!
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Spriter on March 11, 2013, 21:58 That was intense stuff! Shows just how you are a great writer, please continue going on with this, great stuff.
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Enigma on March 12, 2013, 01:46
Danika's Diary

K so today has been the worst day SO FAR ;_____________________; (<- this is how upset I am right now)

So we got up really early in the morning and battled Morty - which was super easy because I found this TM called Shadow Claw which I taught Kio and Kio was all "Scratch attack BUT WITH SHADOWS LOL" and completely nobbed all over Morty's stupid ghost Pokemon (which kept trying to Hypnotise Kio TO MAKE HIM DO WHAT I DUNNO!?!?)

So that was awesome because we won like, really easily and Roxie evolved into this EVEN BIGGER ROCK. And then this cool guy gave me an HM which is like a TM but begins with H instead and it's got Surf in it, so I gave it to Roosevelt (the Slowpoke I caught ALL THE WAY BACK at Slowpoke Well) who I'd started training BECAUSE HE'S JUST SO CUTE =3

Anyway, we got to this place called Olivine which is by the sea and I tried out this Surf HM thing by sitting on Roosevelt and he pulled me into the sea - and we were like literally A STEP away from the beach and this MAHOOSIVE Tentacruel just BOOMS out the water and goes for my poor little Roosevelt!

So then Kio comes along and just smacks it around a bit and guess what? WE CAUGHT THE TENTACRUEL.

So I called her Ursula from the Little Mermaid, but I won't lie, I was REALLY scared about going in the sea and this guy that was there was all "but you have to go across the sea if you're collecting badges" and I'm like "SAKE"

So I thought I'd just go for a walk and train up my Pokemon - I had this feeling that Cleo the Unown Pokemon was going to evolve really soon (i could just feel it you know?) and so we went for this MASSIVE walk

And I found myself back in Goldenrod, and I found this little stream and I thought I'd try riding on Ursula's back AND SHE'S SO GOOD AT SWIMMING AND CARRYING ME and we were having like, the best time ever -

and then THEY showed up.

They were these three girls, all with water type Pokemon. I thought they might want to see my water Pokemon so I showed them Ursula and they said she was super ugly, so I challenged them to a battle.

And that's when it all went wrong. Their Seaking and Starmie ganged up on Oz, and my poor little Pideotto got hit by a critical hit from Swift and...

Yeah. I REALLY cried when I was surfing back to the Pokemon centre. I didn't know what to do so I phoned Adam (I don't even know why IT'S NOT BECAUSE I LIKE HIM LIKE THAT OMG) and he was like "omg Danika I totes wouldn't stand for that, you should totes go back and teach them a lesson" and I'm like "dude you're totes right, I WILL DO IT IN MEMORY OF OZ"

And so I turn up and their oldest sister was Really. Really. Strong.

She had a Cloyster. And I thought I would use Cleo's awesome grass attack - and Cloyster used this rainbow aurora beam thing and Cleo wouldn't get back up...and while I was trying to make Cleo wake up again, Roosevelt got REALLY angry and tried to attack it - but then he got hit too...

So then Kio completely lost it and runs up to the Cloyster and I'm like "DUDE NO GET BACK" and then he starts SHINING and evolves and

TEARS THE CLOYSTER IN HALF O)O <- my face when he did it

So...yeah. I'm sitting in Goldenrod, writing this now. Three Pokemon died today. Oz, Cleo and Roosevelt. I won't forgive myself - but at the same time, I can't help but feel SO FRICKIN ANGRY at Adam. If it wasn't for him, I would have only lost one partner today, not three...I bet HE doesn't know how it feels to watch your friends DIE.

That guy on the beach said that Chuck was like, super strong, so i'm going to train up loads and use him to get stronger. I won't let any more of my Pokemon die. ;-;

I've put some new Pokemon in my team that I caught previously. I hope I can make them strong before they have to fight any really hard battles :(


LV 30 Kio (Ursaring)
LV 28 Roxie (Graveler)
LV 24 Hilton (Ledian)
LV 26 Ursula (Tentacruel)
LV 16 Morty (Machop)
LV 10 Sheila (Spearow)

Those that have passed...
Eli the Hoothoot
Oz the Pidgeotto
Cleo the Unown
Roosevelt the Slowpoke
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: OpallapO on March 15, 2013, 14:55
So sad :( RIP to Oz, Cleo and Roosevelt... Hopefully Sheila and Morty will fit in with your team well, but... oh my... I can't believe you lost three in one day. So, so sad... anyway, try to keep smiling and you'll get stronger! :)
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Richard and Blaziken on March 18, 2013, 12:30
Leaving Olivine was difficult for me. The first person I could connect to was one that was going through heartbreak, and I had to leave. I offered to stay with her, but she sent me off. I could see it in her eyes... all she could see in me was pain, even after everything. I don't blame her.

Terry and I made our way back north and walked through Ecruteak. I could feel the thoughts of Ninian creeping into my mind, and my eyes began to well with tears again. As I wiped them away, the Pokegear's phone rang. Danika screamed into the phone about losing her Pokemon to some girls on a beach and whined to me about giving up. I could feel my blood boiling beneath my skin as I stared at the Ecruteak Gym. I can't recall my exact words, but I could feel them scathing Danika through her end of the phone. To give up after losing a Pokemon... to not honor the death of a friend with the complete domination of the ones who took them from you is pathetic. Morty will never be forgiven for what he took from me.

After hanging up I was still seething from the conversation. Terry's heads nudged me and I could see it... we needed a break after everything we've been through recently. I decided to spend some time in Goldenrod.

It is here that I found Danika sitting in the Pokemon Center. We sat for a while, and she initially tried to blame me for her losses, but I wouldn't have it. I told her that the only way we could protect our friends would be through strengthening our Pokemon. I traded Agatha and Danika to her (she was pretty upset by Graveler's nickname, but after today, I'm convinced that it was the right choice) and she traded me her Graveler to evolve them.

After that, I found the new game in town: Voltorb Flip. The prizes looked really good... I wanted both Ice Beam and Thunderbolt... so I sat down and played. For six straight hours I flipped cards, eventually developing a system that earned me enough coins for the prizes I coveted. Agatha has learned Thunderbolt, and Liam learned Ice Beam. Night has set in, and we're resting for the day. Danika spent the day training her new Pokemon, showing resolve I've not seen in her before, and we've decided to sleep in the Pokemon Center for the night.


In the morning, I woke up determined. I've left Danika behind in Goldenrod, quickly making my way through Ecruteak once more and pressed onward to Mahogany Town. It had begun raining lightly when I left, but by the time I'd entered town, the downpour had me drenched. There was a lot of commotion about something happening at the Lake of Rage, just north of town. After healing my Pokemon, I set out to see what was happening.

When I got there, a group of spectators were gathered around the lake, all watching something amazing: a red Gyarados was thrashing inside of the lake, with many regular Gyarados attacking it, all being defeated one after the other. It had created a massive Twister inside the lake that stretched into the clouds, and from here, it was launching devastating attacks, far stronger than anything I'd ever seen. A few Trainers had sent their Pokemon out to try to halt the beast's assault, but they were all quickly defeated. I released Agatha and Liam from their  Pokeballs with a strategy in mind.

Gengar held onto Quagsire and began levitating in the air, using Quagsire as a shield from the Hydro Pumps that Gyarados blasted at the Pokemon, Liam happily absorbing the water. "Thunderbolt," I commanded. The dark sky crackled with electricity and it began filling the twister, creating a blinding and dangerous effect as lightning spewed from the vortex. When all went quiet, the Twister dissipated and Gyarados fell, crashing half onto the land. I had my Pokeball ready, but the Gyarados began glowing a bright red, before disappearing entirely. I looked up to see some guy with spiky red hair, riding a Dragonite and holding a diamond-encrusted Pokeball. He dismounted and grinned at me, congratulating me for quelling the beast, but said I would not be able to control such a violent Pokemon. As much as the words angered me, his tone sounded completely sincere. He bent down and picked up a scale from the Gyarados that had chipped off when the beast fell, handing to me.

"I have a feeling that you will need this far more than the actual Pokemon," He said, grinning, though it looked as if his smile came from a joke that I didn't understand. "I can see you're quite a powerful Trainer, but your power does not come from sheer strength, it comes from your will to do what is necessary. But what is it that drives you to go further?" He said, not actually asking me as he looked out to the lake.

He turned to me with a more serious expression. "I've just driven Team Rocket out of Mahogany Town before I got here. That Gyarados is the unfortunate side-effect of something they caused to happen. I'm lucky you were here while I dealt with them at their base, but I fear this won't be the last we see of them. I'll take good care of Gyarados and make sure it calms down. I expect we'll meet again if you keep pursuing what you're after... but remember that what you think you're after may lead you down a road you never intended to take. Farewell"

And that's how he left. I mean... he kind of stole my Pokemon and said a bunch of cryptic things, but I don't think he was entirely wrong... maybe. I don't know. There's nothing I can do about it now, so I've headed back to Mahogany Town to face the Gym Leader. After skating around his Gym, I finally got to him. Pryce was an old man, definitely not what I was expecting from a Gym Leader, but I was ready for anything by this point.

He began with Seel, and I was ready with Agatha. A single Thunderbolt put Seel away, and he tried Dewgong, but it ended the same. Then... he sent out Piloswine. I tried another Thunderbolt, but it didn't seem to faze the Pokemon, who then used Blizzard, freezing my Gengar in place. I quickly called her back, and I could feel the chill of the ball in my hands. I sent Liam onto the field, but another Blizzard made him cry in pain. I healed him with a Hyper Potion, but the Blizzard kept coming. Through the attack, Pryce stood straight and expressionless, but the attack was wearing me and my Pokemon down thoroughly. While spraying my Quagsire with my last Hyper Potion, I commanded him to use Surf. Liam summoned a mighty wave that crashed over not only Piloswine, but Pryce as well. I cannot imagine how cold that must have felt, but even for an Ice type, Piloswine couldn't take it and fell, earning us victory.

As I left Mahogany Town, dark clouds still hung overhead. I stopped to stare at them for a moment, and then I saw nothing but light, followed by the loudest crashing sound I'd ever heard. I fell backwards and held my head. The sound felt like it shattered my eardrums and I felt my body shaking. As I opened my eyes, I came face-to-face with the legendary Pokemon Raikou, staring me down.



Lv. 29 Terry (Doduo)
Lv. 32 Agatha (Gengar)
Lv. 29 Marcus (Weepinbell)
Lv. 31 Liam (Quagsire)
Lv. 30 Danika (Golem)
Lv. 28 Shane (Tauros)

Those that have passed...
Ninian the Rattata
~Amphy the Ampharos~
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Spriter on March 18, 2013, 16:10
Nice stuff yet again! I feel that both characters are doing less things to anger each other now, but still somethings are being done...but good news that you didn't lose anyone in that entry.
Title: Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
Post by: Enigma on March 28, 2013, 00:53
So it's been ages since I wrote, but I've been SO BUSY OMG

Last time I wrote, we'd lost a load of our friends. I won't lie, it has been SO hard living without them - they were my friends, you know? And I met up with Adam, and it turns out he's lost a lot of Pokemon - like, permanently - and he was really nice and I felt a bit guilty for being so SUPER mean to him. We both evolved our Gravelers (HE NAMED HIS AFTER ME =33333 I pretended to be super mad but I'm like OMG he fancies me *swoon* )

Anyway, I decided I'd train up Sheila who just won't shut up - she just squawks all the time and I reckon she'll evolve into something really pretty - so I trained her up against all the Tentacools that are in the sea on the way to Cianwood AND SHE DID EVOLVE

And now she squawks even louder x_X


She was absolutely amazing and DESTROYED Chuck. He was all "IMMA DOUBLE TEAM" and I'm all "SHEILA USE AERIAL ACE" and she's all "IMMA HIT WITH AERIAL ACE"



It was amazing.

So then this chick gave me Fly AND OMG - it's so cool. I can ride on Sheila's back and she flies me everywhere and I think she's my new favourite Pokemon ^_^

And then I went to Mahogany and there was this gym run by DUMBLEPryce, who was really strong; but Morty the Machop managed to evolve into Machoke which was super helpful - he just threw Pyce's Pokemon at the walls and we WON.

So now I'm back in Goldenrod, because Whitney phoned me up and was all "baw Team Rocket" and I'm like "I love the slots so I can swing by and help out maybe!?!?!?" so yeah! Here I am. Going to bed now. =]


So it's still today, but loads of stuff has happened. Again. x_x;

I got woken up in the night by TEAM ROCKET coming into the Pokemon Centre and being REALLY loud and threateny (like they were threatning the nUrse and stuff) so I managed to scare them off and knocked one of them out. And I was like "omg these clothes would totes fit me" so I dressed up as one of them to see how cool dI'd look AND THEN THIS ADMIN COMES IN and is all "ermagherd you're late for the takeover we need to go to the Radio Tower" and I'm like "yeah I'm totes a Team Rocket member herp"

So then I'm in the Radio Tower and Team Rocket are trying to take over and I'm like "imma be a spy" and then JERICHO OMG shows up and is all "DANIKA YOU'RE NOT TEAM ROCKET" *facepalm*

So I have to go on the offensive and start beating the hell out of Team Rocket

And that's when it happens

This Weezing uses Explosion. And hits Roxie the Golem.

And she faints.

I was in a massive rage, and I decided there and then that I would single handedly destroy every single Team Rocket member there.

So I end up in the basement of the shopping centre (don't ask how it's boring) and Sheila is literally shredding EVERYONE - and then a Koffing uses Selfdestruct....

and in like an hour, two more of my friends have gone.

I don't...even know how I got here, but I'm in the Game Corner. Team Rocket have left the city, and Kio keeps touching my arm all gently like he's asking if I'm okay. The guy running the Voltorb Flips asked me if I was okay after my ordeal, but I don't think I rememebr what he's talkinga bout. TEam Rocket's gone, so everything's okay, right? What does it matter how they were driven away?

So now I'm sat here. I don't think I want to train Pokemon any more. I'm going to just sit here forever, playing this Voltorb Flip game, until I win big and can move to Unova or something. I bet this kind of thing doesn't happen there. :(



LV32 Kio (Ursaring)
LV 26 Hilton (Ledian)
LV 29 Ursula (Tentacruel)
LV 28 Morty (Machoke)

Those that have passed...

Eli the Hoothoot
Oz the Pidgeotto
Cleo the Unown
Roosevelt the Slowpoke
Roxie the Golem
Sheila the Fearow
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Post by: Spriter on March 28, 2013, 15:56
Ouch >.< That sucks, but you've definitely written everything well and in character. Kio is a boss though...good luck on the next part!
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Post by: SirBlaziken on April 12, 2013, 23:02
I love it so far, please continue!